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Sannie's Jack In Scrog

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This thread started in spring 2006,this will be the english compilation!


My goal is looking for the ideaal jack herrer witch is perfect for my way off growing.

I shall let the pics do the work caus my english is not optimal!


It all begin with 150 jack herrer seeds.(self made)...the most nice seedlings remained.

Foto=4NI7XRBB.jpg Foto=JHQ7J6OP.jpg


Some pics from the jacks in full glorie;

Foto=RH84JLKU.jpg Foto=U8PRRMIP.jpg


Foto=8PCY3F3D.jpg Foto=ZLJKWKMR.jpg


This is the choosen jack herrer ;)

Foto=3NTGVN6E.jpg Foto=NYDQPKIR.jpg


When the choise was made,the new choosen mother can be cut.

Foto=ZMS87R8D.jpg Foto=KYV7NPJT.jpg


After i knew what was the best jack,i took cuttings to fill up my growroom to grow this jack in a scrogg set up.

The first round with jack in scrogg gave me an incredible result.

Foto=3YRCOGBE.jpg Foto=QXCNZ6I8.jpg


And this is the new jack in scrogg witch is going even better as the first time ;)

Foto=7ZU3HLB3.jpg Foto=QFT3ACI3.jpg

Foto=NVKMHOMT.jpg Foto=PRX4T8UQ.jpg


So that was quite some work :P

I keep you updated with how it goes with the jack in scrogg.


Plants are having the time off there live,and have no probs at all with there scrogg situation.

3 weeks flower



A net full off happy little buds :wacko:


Foto=U8TJWFP3.jpg Foto=UAM6KCLW.jpg

Still 9 weeks to go ;)


Update :smoke


Plants are around 4 weeks in flowering.

Foto=CHAAORSC.jpg Foto=6QROXMT6.jpg


Foto=W6AS3DO7.jpg Foto=ZDKDTIGA.jpg


The jacks are going and going...........


Foto=SH7GHZ4F.jpg Foto=6RV8GOEZ.jpg


The 2 shacks are also doing there best

Foto=XE83BWAC.jpg Foto=K8GABKVX.jpg


The 2 shack phenos realy doing there best :j


Fresh update off 6.5weeks flowering,


Foto=ONTZEWJ7.jpg Foto=6H8OFP6R.jpg


Foto=RL3OF3G6.jpg Foto=MUK7CUUP.jpg


still going strong :no


greetz sannie

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Fresh update :wacko:


Foto=PGFFLQOJ.jpg Foto=BYL8Q6KD.jpg


Foto=GDC6IRON.jpg Foto=7LFSW3ZL.jpg


8 weeks flowering


Foto=GN6I8TPT.jpg Foto=KHCPJZIA.jpg


Foto=ENJQUKRO.jpg Foto=U37VPKQ7.jpg


Foto=U3RNRKHZ.jpg Foto=GQU4N7SL.jpg


Still 5 weeks to go


Fresh update off 9 weeks off flowering

Foto=464ZEVWK.jpg Foto=TQHE8XSC.jpg


Foto=DPRDJQMG.jpg Foto=N4KOSLFF.jpg



Foto=C63QMV4L.jpg Foto=GQ6UV7RL.jpg

This pheno smells like jack with quite some terpine(diesel) in there ;)




One week to go for shack2,2 more weeks to go for shack1 ans around 3-4 weeks foor the jacks :smoke




The jacks heve to do another 3 weeks minimal.

Foto=QYXQ4BZS.jpg Foto=WDM6PSJZ.jpg


some budshots

Foto=4XPVYBT4.jpg Foto=YXPOWMMN.jpg


Shack 2 is going down in acupple off days :no

Foto=VALMVRID.jpg Foto=Z8SSAWVZ.jpg


Shack1 for another 1.5 week,this lovely lady vant stop growing ;)

Foto=KKZOGSXC.jpg Foto=XCDZYQA3.jpg


Keep you updated


Shack2 is down

10 weeks off flowering and still wants to grow flowers

1 plant

Foto=F7YH8PEU.jpg Foto=THW6HG4E.jpg


1 bud totaly manacured and a nice tric-pic



next week shack1


greetz sannie

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Update 11 weeks flowering

Foto=XTMEYZUR.jpg Foto=3AD4PDQ7.jpg


Foto=ZNVZFPF8.jpg Foto=6Q7KSRPJ.jpg


Shack1 is going down in the end off the week

Foto=M7W7ZA8E.jpg Foto=MZQO4WR7.jpg


The buds are falling down cause off there weight,but dont want to stop with flowering


Mold on the shack1 :no

I saw it quick so i hope that it stays with that little spot.


Foto=PHGC4EMM.jpg Foto=6THY3PSZ.jpg


The jacks has to flower for another 2 weeks


Maybe the last update with the jacks standing right up ;)

The buds are leanig and hanging against eache-other.

Foto=AORYANSS.jpg Foto=3U37YACS.jpg


The bigger colas are keep on making new flowers.

Foto=YDODIOFV.jpg Foto=OD4QDWJO.jpg


The little buds are more ready to take off.

Foto=O8M7V4G6.jpg Foto=6WMIMKUN.jpg


They only getting water in the last week.



12.5 weeks flowering

Time to do some work :wacko:

Foto=EPGPK4Q4.jpg Foto=GWPBTCEP.jpg


It was worth all the effort :smoke

Foto=ZD6LKDUL.jpg Foto=BF7U63EL.jpg

Foto=7WDN6TZM.jpg Foto=JUMT3HWD.jpg

Foto=U3HEPJMZ.jpg Foto=IONBAHV8.jpg

I hope we have enough till next harvest ;)


I want to thanx everybody for the time to read this thread


Next project is waiting


greetz sannie

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Your worK my friend is absolutely stellar and the photos are beautiful


thanks for putting you grow up for us to see I love to see what and how other growers are doing things


I will have to place and order and send you a letter about some seeds


I can not wait to get into my grow boxes in three or four weeks and speard out and try some new things


you folks can grow some weed and for me that is why I come here to talk shop


in the shit hole country I live in they will give you years in jail for growing weed like that but you can drive your car drunk and kill someone do probation


I am still working on figuring out some of the nutes and products you all use


but it is just reading


all the best and stay free



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Absolutely beautiful!!!


I have some JH...hmmmm



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Thx for the kind words dude's :bier

I like to document my grow's for myself and for my customers,a real forum junk ;)


greetz sannie

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The only plants i have with jack in them are some jack herer x nl, which are in the seedling stage, and needs to be up potted to some bigger containers........


Everything, that I've read about Jack, is that it is one the better quality plants, and a carbon scrubber is surely needed by the reports as for the growing....


Most of the reports, i've read from others, was it hits around a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10 in the potency department...


The seedlings, or small vegging plants I have now, which is only 4 of them are very robust, and have grown very well..


Sannie, your thread with the Jack is stunning, and I doubt I'll get what you have, but I'm gonna have fun trying...



All the Best



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Excellent thread! Looks like I may have to get some JH. I have been looking for a strong male to cross with some clone only cuts I have and that looks like a winner!


Holy shit Batman! You got some skills Sannie!

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what an awesome grow! I'm really impressed by your work Sannie. Been looking around for some seeds to expand my vegcab with, and you'r JH and RebelShack would be an honour to grow! I'll be in touch!



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You were sent to earth to grow marijauna right?

this is an amazing grow diary woow sannie I think i will try grow some of your jack.

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consistently impressive sannie,always a good show,u shoulda been called "the flying dutchman",shame it's already taken!

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We do our best :popcorn:

The taste is like jack suposed to be


greetz sannie

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I just looked at this thread again. Wow, it makes me rethink soil growing completely. So many strains, so little time...


You have amazing grow skills man.

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Excerlent real good work!.I'm thinking of doing LST or SCROG and my question is does it matter wether you push the stems under and OVER or Over and UNDER lol.Sorry peep's me a little confused ??? :verrygood

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Hey bodderas... I was browsing wietforum a while ago and found some really good scrog threads that I think might help you out a lot!


I haven't ever done it myself (would love to) but I think they are letting the branches go through the net after strategically guiding them and then tying them back to the net... Here are three really really really good topics for scrogging from wietforum... so just through the net, then tie back on the top of the net...


Scrog topic in Wietforum Growguide < -- you have to click the numbers to get the pictures, you'll know what I mean when you click the link


Really crazy Herijuana scrog


Reallllly good tutorial thread with reallly good explanation pictures


I can't speak a lick of Dutch so if you want to know what they're saying you will have to ask one of the nice Dutchies around here :verrygood

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