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Music Clips/post Your Favorite Players

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thought since we (you can tell I moved right in "we" :bier )are going international maybe a way to learn a little more about each other might be thru the music we enjoy



here is a couple of one of my favorite blues players



Rory Gallagher (Taste)- Gambling Blues ( Live-isle of wight)



Rory Gallagher - Walkin' Blues



it is always good to start your day with a song


RIP Rory you will be missed always ;)



all the best and enjoy the day




Edit : Aad

Because of the popularity of this topic(nice one Dequelo) and i think it's indeed a good way to get to know each other in a very good way i pinned it!Because sometimes videos get removed from youtube etc. i'd like to ask you all if you revisit this topic to check if your entries are still available and if neccesary edit it out/replace it to avoid disappointments,thanks in advance!end edit

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I'll join in ;) .


Take Five-Dave Brubeck,alltime can't sit still number.

More recent and a "bit " louder. :bier

Ultimate sundaymorningwakeupsong

I have a pretty varied taste ;) and love all kinds of music.

I wish i could find the original by The Buoys(anyone please) but i could only find this cover,but that's pretty good so:

(starts for real at 1.02 min.)


Grtz. Aad

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this is taking off nice


some great songs thanks for sharing with us :bier


a little herbie for the ears


Herbie Hancock - Jazz Fusion Cantelope Island



Miles Davis - Herbie Hancock - Wayne Shorter - Ron Carter -




all the best my musics loving friends and May Jah Bless



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Sannie that is a great tune


I saw them do the wall at Nassau Coliseum New York with David Gilmour it was mind expanding


DisMars nice of you to drop by and Welcome to this wonderful place


enjoy the sounds and sights :bier



peace all



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While it's not a video site & ya gotta sign up to listen....but free concerts archived by Bill Graham Productions delivered in streaming audio here...

Woflgangs Vault...


Here's a partial list of performers:

# The Allman Brothers Band

# B.B. King

# The Band

# The Beach Boys

# Black Sabbath

# Bob Marley

# Bruce Springsteen

# The Byrds

# Chicago

# The Clash

# Cream

# Creedence Clearwater …

# Crosby, Stills, Nash …

# David Bowie

# The Doobie Brothers

# Duran Duran

# Electric Flag

# Electric Light Orchestra

# Elton John

# Elvis Costello & the …

# Eric Clapton

# Fleetwood Mac

# Genesis

# Grateful Dead

# Humble Pie

# Iggy Pop

# James Taylor

# Jimi Hendrix

# Jimmy Buffett

# Led Zeppelin

# Little Feat

# Lynyrd Skynyrd

# Miles Davis

# Peter Frampton

# Pink Floyd

# The Police

# Quicksilver Messenger…

# The Ramones

# Randy Newman

# The Rolling Stones

# Ry Cooder

# Santana

# Sly & the Family Stone

# Steve Miller

# Stevie Ray Vaughan

# Tom Petty

# Traffic

# U2

# Van Morrison

# The Who


I'm currently listening to:


The Allman Brothers Band


Filmore East





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Dunno if anybody likes what I like but these are probably my alltime favorites!


-Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars

-Reamonn - Supergirl

-Reamonn - Allright

-Devildriver - End of the Line

-AFI - Silver and Cold

-Bleeding Trough - Line in the Sand

-Goo Goo Dolls - Iris

-Nearly every song from Rammstein

-Joe Cocker - You Are So Beautiful


(sanne from lebbis, a dutch comedian...) That song is about a little girl that get's fucked up by society from the first day on... Well, the song is very deep... Very beautiful song. If anybody would want to hear it PM me and I'll upload it somewhere since I'm the only one in the world probably with the MP3 version of it!


The song is called "Wij gaan jou verpesten" which translates to something like "Were going to infect/ruin you".


And if you know any of these songs you can probably tell alot more about my personality when I tell you that nearly all of these songs has to do with a girl in some way, most of them make me think of happy times, some of them about crappy break ups... Though they all make me emotional in some way... I have a very interesting psyche you know... I normally do not reveal alot about myself, well I do, but there is about 100x more to me than you would think upon a first meeting with me...



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this is what is great about a thread like this you good people are turnning me on to all kinds of great tunes/music that I would have never heard


thanks so much and keep them coming


I am listen to this right now


10/31/91 (Thu) Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum - Oakland, CA


from here http://deadshow.org/Dan/


they have a bunch of good shows from 1977



enjoy your day and be safe



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@LordQuas: gotta love madvilian!! nice one...


, salsa version of kraftwerks robots!


, some nice laid-back music from new zealand. My favorite song and band atm


, not a bad song, but u gotta watch the clip with the milk carton!


cheers and enjoy!

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A little something from the day



J.J. Cale, and Eric Clapton


Mr. Cale has wrote a lot of great songs, and he's still writing, and playing




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Thanks HD!


JJ is a great writer...here's a couple of local boys playin together...JJ & Leon Russell

The both got homes & studios close by...

JJ Cale & Leon Russel - Same Ole Blues

JJ & Leon


JJ & Leon again...



Some other guys I like to listen to...Commander Cody & the Lost Planet Airmen...

Everybodys doin it...


Not CC, but one of their songs...a good arrangement...

Down to Seeds & Stems Again Blues


Peter Rowan

Panama Red



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@wdw: love the cocaine song! :bier JJ Cale is cool!


Michael Franti and Spearhead - Ganja Girl


, misschien kennen sommige dj vadim, russische hiphop...


btw i think jj cale once did a cover of a nine inch nails song, anyone knows the title?? Been after that one for a while now...




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Johnny Cash was a very respected man, and did not live all that far from where I am...... " Sunday Morning Coming Down" written by Chris Christoffersen sp?? Is one, that I can relate to very well......Nashville can be a very fun town, and I've partied with several Dutch Countryman down on Broadway, where most of the tourist come to listen, and bar hop.....



Good to meet you, Bon, and look forward to growing along side you here at Opengrow!!!


All the Best



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