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Bopms - Breed One Plant Multiples Strains

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After this discussion here.


I will make fall, much from bad ideas on the subject : Can the Cannabis pollen swimming ?


All started when i was under aero this year with 3xB52 (behind left) and 1xBig-Ugly(B52xRuderalis) (my first cross, behind right) my project is to make a cubing with this cross... I become sannie seeds, and i added 3 sannies plants after growing (sexe unknow), in front from left to right, the Rebelshack, the KOK3, the NYCD-F2, and one Big-Ugly (BU-F1) clones males for the Cubing, here :




here, the famous KOK3, i make things with him of them :j :j :


And here my BU female



After a part day in 12/12 all sannie plants were to remove and repot in soil, because they are males :o :o



And the BU are alone :P



But when come the blooming time, i covered the male plan with plastic bag and that because i want smoke some of my B52 and BU (...)



The pollen that i use, just those of the central trunk...





Day 12/12+[16-20]

I dilute the fresh pollen with rain water, pure raine water


and pollinate some branches of alls plants



Day 12/12+[26-30], the first result can see :




here just a BU flower :j



Day 12/12+[46-50]





I can wait i put two BU-F2 to germinated




Day 12/12+[46-50] i added B52xBU





Day 12/12+[51-55]

here the surprise



The First BOPMS seed...




Day 12/12+[61-65], the first plant obtained with the BOPMS method



Are the seeds viable if they would made via the BOPMS method ?

I think, YES !!

:D :D

Here some others germinated BOPMS-seeds :




Which method use the pollen to survive ?


This is simply the natural self defense of all pollen plants.

They use sometime the rain water like vector (to survive for exemple).

The water becomes the conveyor (...)

Like clouds in the blue sky...

Are this right ? Exactly I don't know, i think natural...



For me the questions in suspend to resolve are now :


- are the pollen viable when i not finish (with pK) the blooming time with the plant ?

- are the pollen viable in other liquid ? The pollen recogniz water ?

- Rain water contain a messenger ?

- How long time is the pollen viable in the rain water, that depend on the strains ?




But if you want make seed :


- to breeding One Plant Multiple Strains

- to obtain seeds


Try plastic sac, brush ..., with BOPMS method, your sure that the pollen do not fly away it's swim !!!

Use the BOPMS method it's simply, and stock the pollen in fridge !

Was this method used for breeding at this time ? I think not, but i hope i serve your for yours futurs breedings






- Use pure, fresh rain water, DO NOT ADJUST the pH, DO NOTHING, But TRY DIFFERENT RAIN WATER (NORTH, EAST, ...)

- I have better result if i dilute in rain water just the pollen and not the pistil, also do not add green with the pollen in water...

- Spray the plant with the rain water before you want to breed, because your (so me) when i breed the plan are fatty...

- You can store the pollen in the fridge, directly after you take it in the tube, i breed with pollen which have 3 days.

- For storing in fridge, does not put tons of pollens in water.

- Use a good concentration of pollen in your pipette to breed, the pollen "on stroke not" it runs at the bottom.




Exemple what you can obtained in one shoot :


One Plant (BU-F2)




One Plant A (in 1L pot)







Update coming soon with more pics and answers of questions ...


Happy to share JP

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Thank you for sharing that technique w/ us JP!!! :D



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:D JP thx so much for sharing that knowledge. I personally do plan on gathering me some rain water and giving this method a try. :D

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Hello guys,


I added somes importants informations ...

And thank a lot, i'm happy that you too !!!


:j :D :P :D





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This is very cool. I wonder if RO water would work, ( no chlorine) since it doesn't rain where I live too much.

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Thank you blowfish thank Joker, this is honor for me.


Would you explain please what a RO water Jok ?

The rain water contain nothing (EC=0) and maybe the best water is distilled water...

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hey J.P.



next i am clueless why the water doesn't kill the pollen viability. most spray down a pollinated plant with water after pollination to kill off any unwanted pollen.


So please tell me how the rain water does the trick . if u siad it in this theread already , sorry if i missed it. so tell a cave man what the secret is.


also u have some very excellent pictures of what you did. very kewl .


How did u even think of doing this , are u a master grower or just a high I.Q. stoner ? B) :D


P.S.A what is Big Ugly cvan u tyell me about that strain . thx.

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Thank for you compliments i am honored.


Speedily, ...

I think, and whe speak only from cannabis plant or family, that because the pollinisation use a fatty method, the membrane of the pollen is hydrophobic, contains lipidiques barrier that protect against water.

i would published my method, because nobody before me had to think that ...!!??


In my work i added, interrest and curiosity, respekt of the earth & nature, and very very much love SCD. Much, much human forget this in its job.

Another criteria, i do not believe in alls, at several times i was disappointed, I had opportunity of making it, then, I did it (...)

Love is the master word in the Eden Garden !


I never heard this, brings me some examples... And if they make, it's propably a killer additif in the water.


It's simply (Ruderalis x B52)

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hi J.P. ,

THX. for the reply . Yup you should publish your findings . too bad weed is illegal most places cause u could paptent the process maybe lol.


i understnd most of what you said , little language barrier . i'm sure u speak far better english than i speak ur native tongue anyway lol.


So, because of what you said . i have to come to the conclusion when folks spray down theri plants to kill pollen, it's mainly killed because of the journey it undergoes as it's washed off the plant onto the floor or whatever . i can't think of anything else .


those under water photos are kewl , they remind me of J. Cousteu the dude who had the T.V. SHOW watched that shit endlessly as a child . thx.

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No SCD, I say nothing, i say : I never heard this, brings me some examples... (...)

Do u want to try my method ? What u interrest on this method ?


You think probably at J.J Cousteau the only man on this planet who have think at preservation of Antartica ?

I do not know how I must take this ???


peace and smoke some weed

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High, J.P and everyone...


I just found this thread today, yesterday I trashed 2 AK47 boys, 2 weeks blooming.


Your tecnique now gives me the courage to give breading a go.


I have 3, 2 week old (S) Heris sprouting and 5 (S) KO Kush & 5 (S) Jack in shot glasses (yesterday). One of them has got to be a male! What the hell.


AK47/Heri.. who knows!


Any way, GREAT THREAD. Thank you. :yummy:

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Awesome thread, bro!! I'm glad this is stickied for the duration, fellas, this is some good stuff!! Save a lot of hit and miss, thats for sure!!

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Thank a lot for alls the likes i received..


This is a very good method :

-I also use a spray (at 1 euro) to scatter pollen, and be careful of dilution (water/pollen)...

- And do not forget that she (the cannabis mother) accepts several l(multiple) matings, she will give birth to each one of them, this is a very good surrogate mother..



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Great tech for water pollination. Thanks for sharing man. :)



Am curious, Why do you only collect pollen from next to the stem?

Thank you



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Good question johnny,

I collect the first pollen that comes to maturity. usually, near the stem, it is the one which arrives the fastest ..

The faster the fertilization is triggered, the faster the seeds mature (4-5 week) ...

I also take care at the maturity of the mother, many pistils, a lot of seeds (after the strech, 3-4 weeks)..

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Popcorn out. :) Ah, you are one of Those cool cats. Awesome to see a friendly face. Been on here longer than me too. (cheesy grin)


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I hope sannie and Co.. (opengrow) will keep this post as long as possible...!!!


and this one (the complementary)


It is here that we will find the only safeguard (backup) of this post


It is a beautiful discovery :book: in the world of botany.

No one has ever made this discovery :whistle:

I have another one, about culture in space, in weightlessness but it's another story... !!!

It is good to get laid in the air, to pler, yeah .... :dribble:

Cannabis can be better than we think :showoff: , contrary to what medicine says.. :rtfm:



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hello all,
I wanted to add a further information, and who could answer (see Stoned Cold Dragon post) when choosing pollen carrier fluid, namely - rainwater - in my post. It is not excluded that another liquid can be used ..., I have not done any tests on this subject ...
However, here on Earth (subject to gravity) - this liquid does not cost anything and its source is inexhaustible (I regret that we do not pay enough attention, we mistreat it in this way ...), moreover it has physical and chemical characteristics still unknown:
The memory of the water.
If pollen can use rainwater as a carrier, it is precisely thanks to this characteristic.
Let me explain: the physico-chemical structure of the pollen is specific to the vegetal variety of the plant and the memory of the water recognizes the variety of the pollen and so it (the water) is filled with the pollen and its transport and possible . ((( Like two beings who were destined or egg yolk contained in his white ...)))

It is not easy to understand but I ask you to appeal to your creativity and your science.

Thank you all, know how to use cannabis and its power!



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