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shaman priestess

Budder 1, 2, 3

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howdy folks!!! since we love recipies i thought i would start with the budder and then add some of my favorite recipies


things you will need


candy thermometer(optional)

colander or strainer


large pot with lid

measuring cup or scale


water equal to butter or little more


large bowl

small bowls or ice trays


trim or popcorn budz

gravy separator(optional)



proportions are 2 qts or 2 oz trim or popcorn budz to 6 sticks salted or unsalted real butter and twice amount of water=6 cups


first we grind it up



heat water until it just boils, take off heat and add real butter


add ground up trim/popcorn



heat almost to boiling, be careful not to boil mixture, excessive heat will degrade the thc...reduce heat to simmer and cover



if you don't have a lid you can use a plate, remember to use kitchen mits as will be hot


i like to stir about every 15 to 30 min, cooking from 2 hours to 6


cool slightly, using cheesecloth and strainer, pour mixture into bowl separating veg matter from butter/water mixture....i like to use a gravy separator to ease the process


cool to room temp, chill in frig till firm.....poke holes in two sides to allow water to pass, gently rinse off the slimey stuff on the bottom of the budder.....using fresh water place into pot with budder, bring to almost boil and simmer for 15-30min......cool slightly, pour into bowl, cool to room temp and into the frig.....separate water from budder, melt in microwave and pour into small containers or ice cube trays



making brownie cakes.....


making cookies....


no leftovers!!!!



i will be posting pics to above text after i get them loaded in the gallery.......just wanted to get another budder recipie in the vault

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