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Herijuana, Nycd F2, Twisted Shack

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i ordered herijuana, new york city diesel, and twisted shack from sannie in july. in august, i germinated. (by the way, pitpots impress me everytime i use them!) they started out under 2 24" T5 lamps. i later moved them to a homebox xs, placing them under the same lamp fixture as mentioned before, and a few cfl's. i let them grow vegetatively for about 8-10 weeks, but environmental/space conditions were not always completely favorable so growth was a little bit slowed. nearing the midpoint of vegetative growth i turned on my main lamp, the procyon 100. It is a 1.25amp LED powered lamp consisting of a bunch of cree xlamps. in an effort to help beef all of them up, during about weeks 6-8, i put them under a 400watt hps hortilux for a few hours towards the end of every day (effects of this are negligible, i dont think i did it enough to really make that much of a difference.) also, towards about week 7, i started to let temps gradually fall. temperatures ranged daily from about 79-81 average in the daytime to anywhere from 55-75 fahrenheit at night during this period. the lower temperatures really helped to bring out the different colors and help the plants to complete senescence.


out of 20 seeds (5 herijuana, 5 nycd, 10 twisted shack), i kept 7 females. 2 herijuana, 2 nycd, and 3 twisted shack. they all started out in 4" square pots with jiffy mix. when they were ready, i transplanted them to their final pots, the 5gallon squares filled with fox farm ocean forest. i used nutrients very sparingly, maybe once a week during flowering, and once total during vegetative growth.


Materials used at one time or another:


1 small bag of jiffy seed starting mix

20 4" square pots plus pitpots

2 24" T5 light strips

1 24" T8 2 bulb fixture

4 23 watt flowering spectrum compact fluorescent lamps

1 homebox xs tent ( 2'x2'x4')

1 procyon 100 LED fixture

1 6" vortex inline fan plus venting

1 can filter, i forgot which size

6 5 gallon square pots

20 1 gallon square pots

1 Ocean Forest brand soil bag

botanicare pure blend pro grow and bloom organic soil

botanicare liquid karma, sweet, cal-mag, hydroplex, clearex

GH floralicious plus

Humboldt's own purple maxx, gravity

blackstrap molasses

distilled water

reverse osmosis water

TDS meter

pH drops

rainbow mix flowering guano

neem oil




these were taken about 4-6 weeks after germination: herijuana, new york city diesel, and twisted shack. with the exception of one mandala #1 which i was revegging





Herijuana, i had two females, this one finished a week or two more quickly than the other.



Herijuana close up, day 48 flowering.





Herijuana, this one took a good 2-3 extra weeks to flower. shown here a few days before harvest, day 71




NYCD, The one in focus smelled like grapefruit, yielded a bit more, and finished a week or so ahead compared to my other plant. Day 48. this one finished sometime between week 9-10





NYCD, This one is hard to describe. it does not smell like natural lemons, but like some kind of synthetic lemon flavor. Day 48. this one finished around week 10-11





Twisted Shack, i had three females, all different expressions. Day 71 flowering





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Very nice pics, they look very tasty.

Do u like the new york city diesel?

the phenos with lots of foxtails and fruity grapefruit smell, these were the parents of your ladies.

Aimed at 9.5 tot 10 weeks of flower.


Have fun and enjoy your beautifull herb.


Grdz esko,

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Very nice heri!


Question for sannie or eskobar....heri is good plant for make cross? Witch is the different phéno and witch is the best male plant phéno?


A good friend had few hermi on heri..if i cross with this it's recessive gen or not? Advices are welcome


See ya :popcorn:

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:spliff: :whip: Very nice work mushaboom, and the bud porn looks so sexy. :popcorn: I'd like to take time and welcome you to OG and hope to see you around here a lot. We have an Introduction forum where you can introduce yourself to everyone and tell us a little about yourself, if you get the time it would be nice if you stopped by and said hi to everyone. :wtf2:

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it makes me feel very good to get a compliment from eskobar, the breeder himself! what a great site... eskobar, the new york city diesel you bred is by far my favorite flavored smoke ever (both phenos :spliff: ) i have never tasted anything so exotic. Your breeding skills and all of the hard work you put in to this one definitely shine. As for sannie's herijuana ibl and twisted shack... WOW! i have not sampled any twisted shack yet because theyre all still growing steadily at day 71 and i am patiently waiting. however, ive had the pleasure of sampling my early finishing herijuana as it cures. who can say for sure that something is the most potent they have ever smoked? my memory for that isn't so good, but i can tell you that as far as i can remember this herijuana really is the top dog in terms of brute force potency. I would like to thank Sannie and Eskobar and everyone on their team for obviously doing things the right way and for being such stellar and professional breeders. I feel very lucky to be able to share these experiences. and, thank you maverick and braindead for your kind words as well. as soon as i can i'll get over to the introduction forums and introduce myself and also write up a little bit more about my experiences with these three strains.



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Those look great :popcorn:

And thank you for sharing this with us,in this way we can improve our genetics even better


greetz sannie

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