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Bongalot's Grow Room

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Hello yall here at OG. B)


This is my first grow room inside my workshop hidden away... and since i am in the motor industry when people ask i say its a spray booth.


Lets start with the outside view of my room. it is coverd by "hard board" or "masonite" as its know. 4mm thick nail gunned to a wooden frame made of 38 x 38mm pine brandering used for roof tiles.




This is the side view of my room with the acces door closed. notice that the door cannot be seen when closed.

i tried my best to keep my grow a secret from customers and nosy kids.




This is the same side view but with the acces door now opened. it is a bit smaller than a normal sized door but works perfectly.




This is the squirel fan on top of my box connected to the ducting commin from the reflector box extracting all the hot air from inside my reflector box.

At 470watt it is noisy but moves a lot of air helping to improve over all airflow in my room.




This is the 180mm inline fan connected to the tip of the 200mm aluminum ducting coverd with aluminum foil tape to help reflect light inside my room.

it is a 300watt industrial toilet extraction fan i got from a airconditioning company. the inside of my room is coverd top to bottom with a heat insulation product called "sisalation" or "durafoil". i wanted to use mylar wich in the USA is cheap and easy to find but here in south africa it can be located but at a rediculus price.




And here is my awsome extraction fan. a industrial 1200watt workshop ventilation fan used to ventilate huge warehouses and workshops.

this was the most expensive item in my arsenal and im glad its got a 5 year guarantee hehe.




This photo shows were my ducting pipes goes thru the workshop wall thru converted windows. inside the wooden box wich the pipe on the left is connected is another 1200watt industrial fan just like the extraction fan in previous photo wich forces fresh cool air from outside the building into my grow room keeping thins just right at all times.




This is were the fresh cool air from outside is released into my box. right in the middel to supply the whole room with fresh cool air.

in front of the fan it self is a fine guase filter too keep out bugs and anoying pests and bugs.




Right above my door is were the pipe for hot air extraction is connected goin thru the wall dumping the hot smelly air inside my shed outside the building

wich has got 4 large windows to alow for good air movement and were nobody can see the exhaust pipe.




Just below my room door is the fresh air inlet pipe connected bringin the fresh cool air from outside the building right into my box

keeping thins super fresh at all times.




Here you can see my extraction fan at high speed making the ducting swell up from all the air forced into it B)




This is a photo take thru the door of my shed showing were the ducting pipes come thru the wall into the workshop shed.

neatly hidden away when door is closed and locked.




This is a photo of the shed with the door closed and the air inlet opening on the right hand bottom of picture.




This is a shot of the inlet pipe nah housing made os galvenised roof plates to ensure security when locked keeping my workshop safe.




Here you can see the exhaust pipe renning deeper into the shed to dump the air from inside of my box outside the building.




This photo is taken while standing inside the shed looking to the outside thru the door.




And here is my own hand built 4 x 400w HID reflector box with 200mm aluminum ducting coming from bottom of my box feedin fresh cool air into reflector box by a 180mm inline fan and going from my reflector box going thru the roof connected to a squirel cage fan to remove the extremely hot air from inside dumping it outside my grow room improving over all airflow inside grow room. it has got a 6.8mm tempered glass shield to protect my bulbs and to shield my plants from extreme heat radiation from the 4 x HID's alowing me to get bulbs a lot closer to the plants.








This is all the controle gear for the 4 x 400w HID's im using during both flower and veg cycles. three manual 24 hour dayly timers handle the

on and off part of things for all the lights and fans so it is almost automatic operation.




My suspende tray hanging from chains to make hight adjustment easy. this thign is made of 25 x 25 stell square tubing welded together.




This is the water tray you wuld find under your hous's geyser wich i cinverted into a drip/catch tray to collect all the excess water comin from the pots and huge containers i use to grow my plants in.




Notice the tray is hung at an left to right angle dropping all the water in a reservoir tank below the suspended frame and tray.




Here is my catch tank for all the excess water comming from the pots on top of the steel frame collected by orange tray.




These are my 60 ltr deep water culture containers and hand made net pots produced using a soldering iron and a bong or two :D

im still doin research on this and experimenting to see if i can master this superior method of growing our lovely herb.




This is all the equipment for the deep water culture tanks. two large dubbel outlet air pumps each one for a tank. 4 x airstones for each tank split into

2 x 2 conected to one pump per tank. clear air hoses and plastic t-piece or splitters.




Just a photo of the bottom view of my hand made net pots for the deep water culture system i am experimenting with.




Well there you have it folks. like i said it is my first room so im kinda embarrased at the poor quality of work.

i promiss my next room will be a lot bigger and better and spotless or flawlees as this one was designed as i went along with the building process.

keep well and smokin weed yall.


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That's pretty amazing work. Nice craftsmanship and the thought put into it really shows. I only have one question, do you have a carbon filter to kill any smells?


I have to look at it again, just to really see how it's working , because you have some really good ideas going on.


Thanks for posting that up...

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:D Very nice bongalot. Nice design and contrary to your opinion you have some good craftsmanship it. I am interedted in your deep water culture and looking forward to seeing more about it. Your homemade light I now see how it works. It's a nice looking light, built well, personally I think you are killing a lot of light with it. It should grow some fine bud with it putting 1600 watts in that small of an area. B)

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That is a very nice lil room w/ some great craftsmanship, Bongalot!


I cant wait to see it up & goin...:D



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hello peeps. :D


Thanx for all the good compliments. wow im just geting into things at this stage and this is the best hobby in the world..... B)


Room wise every thing is fine and running like a greased lightning. the square shape of the light reflector kills a lot of light i agree totaly.

it was built in a hurry to get my new born babys under the lights. it also dubbled as a test to see if my reflective meterial can handle the heat and radiation crested by the 4 x 400w HID's and it passed with flying colors. before the next grow ive got in mind i am surely going to change the single box to speciffic reflectors built for tubular HID's to maximise reflectivity. they are quite expensive and i need 4 for now and another 2 later on so the wife is gona have a field day with me when she hears she will have to wait for that week end away B)


These reflector coma along with the full controle gear inside them but i orginised and bargained a little and the store owner agreed to sell me six reflector housings alone so i can fit all my own gear inside them. these were produced specificaly for horticulture aplications and i had to agree not to tell any one were i got them or i will never again be given any discount or help like this again. all 6 of them together will rughly take up the same space as this large box does now so things will be ok in the end.


cheers yall keep well.


PS! this reflector has produced some realy sweet Bubbel-Ice buds. have a look in budshots thread peeps.

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hello peeps.


Oudor controle is the last of my worries. my nextdoor neighbors all huff and puff thanx to my :D doings.

the stronger the smell the more compliments i get and then it later on becomes a kind of begging haha


I myself for one loves the smells our difirent strains of herb delivers during flower cycles so i dont mind at all

cheers [ee[s keep well..

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Your set up is so clean and pro !


Really its like an lab !


And like maverik said 1600 watt in a room like your , i think just 2 x 400 watts will be allright

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Ahh thanx Fost :yummy:


Before my dear old mom passed away long time ago She made sure that i have learnd one thing well.....


"Allways be proud of what u do with ur hands!!" was Her motto and it has rubbed of on me LOL.

i guess if you want sumting done right, you goto do it your self, givin you have done the research ofcorse!


A lot of time and money went into this room but im still not done with it yet. Got some new inspiration from Sannie's pics on what a realy good reflector shuld look like for the tubular type HID bulbs wich im goin to reproduce here at home using basicaly the same meterials.

Plus an extension to the room wich will be my veg room running basicaly the same setup, just smaller 200mm fans and ducting along with

20 x 45w CFL's (cool white + warm white) for my babys and mothers. Soon all the soil will be forgoten and im kinda mastering the art of hydro so

i hope to be switching over to that next year too hehe.


PS! sorry Sannie for "borrowing" the shape of ur ligh reflectors "batwing type" wich seems to work wonders. I just goto givit a try pweez...


Cheers yall keep well k.

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Hello Peeps B)


The old Bongalot has struck again with sum serious over the top lighting ideas and went with the wildest one i could come up with to re fit

my 4 x 400w HID's to provide the most light possible. Again sorry and THANX a million Sannie :yummy: :P :P


You took some sweet phoyos of your fabulus room where the lights and reflectors were quite clearly visible and that is what inspired my to take Hupla's

advise. :P ;) ;) He mentioned im losing a lot of light with the square shape of my reflector box and

could get a lot more out of my lights. I totaly agree with him and so went on this venture to do it properly this time round. remember peeps the first

reflector was built in a rush in summer time here in south africa where it get fookin hot believe me ;)


Well mow that winter is just around the corner.... im changing the "box" type combination reflector to a new 4 x "batwing" or "birwing" parabolic

reflectors i have built today using local meterails. After doing some research on the web i found my measurements and started cutting and drilling

and all that is left to do is to fit the brackets where the lamp or bulb holders will be fitted in the middel of the 2 rows. each bracket will hold two lamp holders back to back so the heat is mostly directed to the outside of the shield wings away from the holder and wires reducing temps and helping to prevent unwanted fires etc.


Have a look at these pics peeps and let me know what u think plz B)



The front view of my new 4 x "batwing" reflector frameworks.



The rear view of my reflector frameworks.



The left view of me reflector frameworks.



The right view of my reflector frameworks.



flat on its belly with a view from the top.



Flat on its back with a view from the top.



the total size in the square shape is 1.3m long by 960mm wide. just a tad smaller in lenth than my box wich is 1.4m wide but at 960mm i had to leave some space for my massive 1200w extraction fan and frame work but still mannage to fit all 4 HID's with out too much trouble ;)


Cheers yall goto go build some more lol.

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So in South Africa cops are too busy busting real criminals so they don't do anything about weed or are there no cops ? Or do you just pay them in weed ?


Or is weed legal ? At least there was something with SA... Maybe need to move... I've had something with this beautiful country for a long time... Been there once for two weeks, probably the best two weeks of my life! Seen so many wildlife and stuff... Beautiful :D!



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Nice room...you really put a lot of thought into it. I really like the extraction fan, it reminds me of hundreds of movies where people need to escape from somewhere, and they are in a large tube and need to get through a whirling dervish such as your fan, without being chopped to bits, or using sentences of normal length, totally devoid of any punctuation other than comas.


So when you're flowering, you're using 2 HPS and 2 MH at the same time?

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Heya Clepter.


Ahh thnx man :D being a libra whos never satisfied with nothing and a complete perfectionist ontop..... I only smoke the best herb :P


Yes bud i do. i use both HPS's and both M/H's all together for a funny looking color spectrum.... bronze goldish with a blue white shine :P

I use all 4 together in vegging and flowering. all i change is my light hours for the desired stages.


cheerio. goto go build lol :P


cya l8rs :P

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Very nice work, I was mostly surprised by one thing though. That reflective material you used, do I understand you correctly that it is easier and cheaper to find where you are then mylar? I ask because that looks just like some stuff they sell here in America at a premium because it's more durable and washable then mylar but otherwise just about the same reflectivity. Who knows, maybe you can find someone here looking for the stuff you use and trade them that for some mylar? It could be a win/win situation. :D Personally though if I were you, with my mylar experience, I'd stick with what you're using. Maybe it's not quite as pretty or slick but it'll out last and get the job done. I look forward to your continued postings. :P

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AWE peeps. :D


Wow this has been a hectic month at my buisness. im gona smoke and sleep the whole week end to get back up to human level.

Been too busy with work to get back to yall cause when i get home, i eat a great dinner thanx to my lovely wife :D and after a baong or two i normaly pass out in front of my tv or computer hehe :lol:


OK so wers was i ? hmmmm


KEES hi hows u doin ;)

LoL No weed is not legal and yes ur right on the spot bud. cops have got enough to keep them busy at all times ROFL.

I think if i wer to go into buisness and my stuff end up in schools etc, they might give me hell on earth im sure. :P


Kees i completely agree my friend. this is most probebly the most buetifull place on earth when it comes to nature and wild life ;)

Here u get touched by nature evry day... even in the big cities we have more abundant bird life than most countries in europe do.

I feel sad to tell u that since u have been here ... things have slowly gone down the drain with our new corrupt government :P


The infra structure u saw making all this buetifull wild life accesable to ppl like urself have almost been destroyed. public services are just no more...

Management of these once beutifull places is now also done by government and im sure i dont even have to go there to explain to you how bad things are.

im sure yall c enough of us in the news papers LOL and the kind of shity happenin here in SA or shuld i say zimbabwe 2 ffs.

Oh well one benifit is that im left alone so i keep to myself with my herbs and thing are all peachy ;)

PS! this 2010 soccer world cup is gona be the down fall of this lovely country..... mark my words! im thinkin of relocating myself.... maybe cannady hehe.


Kees if u maybe one day decide to visit us again leme know ok? i wuld be honourd to share a spliff and show you all the realy GREAT places wers man hasnt realy affected the ways of nature and the eco systems are regarded as millions of years old. places like "GOD's wondow" where on a clear day you can c about 300 km all the way to the see...... OMG ppl there are now words to describe what a sight that is.... pure eye candy let me tell yall !!!! Here in SA there are more small waterfalls and rivers and valy's and mountains and and nature reserves than ive got toes fingers arms legs... ive got sum pics on a dvd sum wers, mayb i can locate it and share it ;) it maght take a while but ill findem im sure. a hop skip and a jump and my heavy will fly uss over the victorian falls in mozambique, its about 5 hours of flying in a small plane but you cover 3 countrys worth of wild life, its fabuluss!

im starting to sound like a trveling agent now so let me shutup and go try and find my fotos hehe.


Kees bud keep well and happy growing :P

goto go eat lol... munchies ;)


PS! have a look at my outside grow https://www.opengrow.com/index.php?showtopic=39501

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hello HempKat ;)


LoL again like Kees you are also right yes. this meterial is very durable, washable and 100% UV resistant and meant for insulation for hot and cold aplications as roof lining or insulation so i do not need to replace it in the next ten years hehe. one side reflects light like mad wich is more polished and shiny and the other side reflects heat and radiation very well and is less shiny with the printing and branding done on that side. the product reflects all the light inside just as well as "mylar" so reduces lighting costs monthly and here in africa keeps the heat outside by blocking UV rays and sun's radiation so keeping the warehouses cool also costs less. it also has i fibre inner linning wich gives it the square blockish effect adding strength to the high density 405 compound aluminium foil. it has two layers of foil namely inner and outer with the fibre mesh in the middle all laminated and vacumed together. the innner side wich facesYes this stuff comes in a 40m x 1.4m roll for aproximately R460-00 wich in Dollars wuld be like 40 - 50 i think not too sure but it will definately not be more than 50 dollars US. making it much less per meter than mylar here in SA wich is close to the same price per meter as the whole role of sisaltion. It was developed by a local company called "DuraFoil" and the product name is "Sisalation".




Hehe u geting my mind going on import export dreams now lol hehe let the money role in baby !!!

nah jokin but will happily help u okes locate a place from whers u can order it online or sumting and a equal value exchange will not mean the same amount of product hehe, im gona send u almost a kilometer of sisalation in exchasnge for a single role of mylar ROFL..

Damn exchange rate in our country just kills all great ideas and plans ffs. 1 dollar equals like 14 euros so some of sannies seed here will be like

close to R800-00 SA. a bit tight for the normal working oke but we all know you just cant get better than Sannie's ;)

Ive got to get sum more of dat foil tape im using to seal off all my joints and pipes and stuff so ill ask for website no problem :D


Keep well yall, need a bong typed too much hehe

cheers B.

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Hello boys and girls all over dah world ;)


well here is what the mad engineer is been up to and i must say im happy with the outcome... more than happy ;)



There is the final product peeps. my new and installed 4 x 400w HID reflector. "batwing type" design along with 6 x 45w CFL's

just to add that little extra to the light spectrum. i love light dont i hehe :D




The brace wich my CFL's are mounted on are strong enough to hald 100kg with no hassle so i can load as manny pots as i can.

going to try a scrog with 12 plants this time and will soon put in my adjustable plastick chicken mesh.



This is just a stupid shot of the brace and 3 of my CFL's. simple yet very effective ;)



Here the 4 HID's have been fired up for like 20 seconds before my digital camera goes nuts i took the pic.

the true colors of my bulbs are not seen here but the HPS's starting to show thr reddish/orange and the M/H havnt done anything yet. a soft hint of blue can be seen but not as much as the HPS. they are a bit faster starting up than the M/H but running on exactly the same controle gear with the same specs on both HPS and M/H. my last grow didnt have the CFL's added and my end results were finominal in the quality division as well as the quantity was amazing off just one well kept Bubble-Ice female.





Here is my simple drain pipe running from my drip tray going thru the building wall dumping the excess water outside on the grass.

that spot sems to be more lush green and growing like a demon...hmmm wonder why hehe :D



this is 3 glass panes i taped together to form an air flow splitter to create a whirligh effect inside my room eliminating the need for an ocilating fan to keep plants cool. this way cool freash air is moved al over my box with a soft breeze flowing over the plants keeping them happy :D and me hehe...



Here are my new babys. they have been re potted after getting a little rootball rott in the small pots i had them in for too long.

not to worry.. good loving care will get them back up to speed in a day or two :D on the left the first two rows are Bubble-M/Rebelshack

hybrids, the middel 3 plants are skunks and the right six are my Fairy godmothers. all are vegging now so new pics will sonn be added.



here is a close up pic of my pots and soil i am using for vegging in these pots. when i switch to flowering light cycles i also transver the whole contents of these smaller pots into the much larger pots and cover the whole rootball with fresh soil and so to increase the pots volume to more than 3 time they were used to avoiding the whole flushing ur pots part before flowering and starting with new nutes. this way the the soil near the center of root ball hols the nutes the plants are used to during vegging alowing them to send new roots into the fresh soil. i only feed the flowering nute on the outer sibde of the pots alowing the plants to still take up what ever nutes it needs during flowering from the vegging nutes left behind in the soil nearest to the centre of the rootball. seems to work. dunno if im just over eager to take special care of very specials plants but i trust in more is better :D


Well peeps im off to play sum dota but first its time to get hold of my bong and that sweet sweet mary jane.....

cheers yall keep well.


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Very nice Bongalot, but I think you need more lights, yes, definitely more lights, about 10K for that area I think. LMAO, I'm kidding, that is about the most lights I've ever seen being used in a space that size.

You guys get free electricity over there in SA or something?


Very nice though, looks like you can really move some air around in there to.

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Hello DDrew ;)


ye ur right running this kind of setup is supposed to cost an arm and a legs worth of power monthly but im not an engineer for nothing lol :D

running cost mothly is easely less than a normal alarm clock ROFL.....

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everytime I check your thread Bongalot , Im in awe of your crafty skills !! .. & I end up backtracking over earlier posts , just to check ya workmanship ;)


truly awesome mate :D



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Dude what a room :D

Great topic ;)

Keep up the good work.



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things have slowly gone down the drain with our new corrupt government ;)



I think he might be referring to our new president who had 50 charges of corruption against him and who raped an old lady with aids....TIA!!!

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Heya peeps hows yall doin.


Wow like thanx so much!!! i aint got the right word to thank yall but ill try.


OMW peeps, realy im just having fun doin all this creative stuff and its all for hour wonderfull herb :j


Marijuana growing TRULY is the best hobby in the world :D


Firstly let me start with the big FARMER in the sky....


THANX so much for givin me these skills and the two healthy hands to create what i have in my mind!!!!!!! Like i said when i joined Open Grow, suffering from "A.D.D." life has been a bitch and NO man made chemichals worked for me, been there done them all and threw away the T-shirt.... but HE aka. "nature" provided me with the best remedy on the face of the earth......

the sweet sweet kiss of MARY-JANE :D


:D ;) ;) :D :D :D ;) :D :D :D


helps me live a normal life being able to drive around safely and I have a great buisness!

I ask for nothing more in life than this serenity... and some of Sannies superior seeds and strains haha :D




Im am very glad u like my work so much and that i can be a kind of inspiration to you :D like wise my friend i too do enjoy reading and watching a person or machine for that matter whom is seriously skilled in what he is doing creating wonderfull things.

My fave programs on DSTV are nothing but all the engineering and wild life stuff. old BEAR and his survivals are cool too but nothing beats OG!!!

This is realy a very cool place with even more cooler peeps all loving the same herb and a collective mind to improve the quality and yields in any kind of conditions any were on earth. :D


hello DoC.


ahh thanx man, its been time consuming and a lot of hard work but the rewards in the end and the returns on my investments are more than i ever imagined it would be and it all came from you okes at OG, doin just the same is i am... having fun and smoking nothing less than the best top class

marijuana thanx to breeders like Sannie and friendly ppl like my good old friend and mentor... Gargemel who gave me a head start with some super quality strains and the RIGHT basic knowlege of the plants and conditions they love to be and thrive in, indoors i mean. outdoors have mostly been trial and error but i seem to be doin ok :D not much u can do wrong outside i quess haha ;)



salute Dr. G !


old friend, you are right on the money again...... FFS peeps i mean the asshole has already found the cure for HIV/AIDS....... a normal SHOWER stopped him from contracting the virus from a full blown infected woman!!!!!! ...............AND HE DOES IT ALL THE TIME....... got more than 8 spouses FFS!!!!


im not sure if he was using soap....... or PAINT STRIPPER to wash him self but not even that could remove the BOBBEJAAN part, i quess nothing will stop him from destroying the country even further so all that will be left of this once BEUTIFULL place is only gona bee in memories like KEES have got when he was here once upon a time..... pictures yes but that is not the real thing.... im gona sit in a corner and cry now for my beloved country who will soon be no more.....


cheers yall. B

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Wow, sounds rough.

When you say your country will be gone soon do mean that this guy is running it into the ground and spoiling what it used to be?

Or that people are going to be running through the streets with guns soon and it will be lawless?

Kind of frightening not to know where your country is headed one day to the next, I guess the fears of having your grow discovered start to pale by comparison.

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