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Some harvest shots from my last completed grow

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Good to see that the Kat is still on the prowl! I was wondering how that last Sog finished, excited to see the one about to endure chop...


Well I'm trimming and drying the last of it now. When that's done I'll working on posting that, just as soon as I finish sorting thru, renaming, cropping and/or resizing 9 weeks of pics which given my fondness for taking lots of pics makes that a rather daunting task.

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hey hempkat ,

nice one dude. 2 questions

1. do you think you could get an equal yield with less plants ?

2. how did you water them dude, from the bottom or what ?


thx. for al that lovely porn Kat . congrats


I don't think I can, I know I can. I say that because I get about the same yield when I grow 10-15 plants in 5 gallon buckets. However when I do that I use up about 3 times as much soil and about 4 times as much nutirents and of course alot more water and since I don't have plumbing where the grow is, that has to be carried in. I think what you are getting at though is perhaps not that many less? If so then I can't say for sure but yeah I should be able to. In fact I was thinking next time I might try 10 to 20 less, give them slightly bigger pots and spread them a little further apart.


As for watering kind of both but essentially I water them from the top. I say kind of both because the mix lets the water pass thru so well that a good bit just seems to go right thru and fill up the things the pots are sitting in to catch water. I let them sit in that for about 15 minutes though and the soil sucks 90% of it back up and then I dump the 10% left over.


Great bud porn :spliff:


greetz sannie


Thanks, coming from you I take that as a huge compliment. :D

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Great show HK. :welcome: Do you collect lighters too or just always prepared? :D



Hahahaha....smartass...:D I guess always prepared because the variety of lighters is due to the fact that the pictures were collected over several days. I have lighters kind of scattered around and so what light ended up in the pics for size reference was whatever lighter I grabbed that day before heading to the grow room. :D


Great show HK. :D Do you collect lighters too or just always prepared? :D


Thank you kindly but most of the photographic credit must go to the camera. It's a Nikon and they do an excellent job in almost anyone's hands regardless of skill level. :D

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