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SANNIES SEEDS (under construction ;) )

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Genetic: The One x Sannie`s Jack

Flowering Time: 11-12 weeks

Harvest: Up to 700 gram/m2(indoor)

Taste: Very fruity but with a powerfull petrol smell

Effect: The high is heavy and longlasting

Flowers: Big and dense

THC: Up to 22%



This F1 done with the One and Sannie's jack is firework!!

the 2 most potent plants outta sannie's stable combined into one.



Mother = the one, a plant that jumps out cause of beauty en scent and even brings a descent yield into the jar.

Nice pink/blue colours combined with a fruity berry/grape scent. While crumbling, a old scool afghani (killa queen) odor releases.


The Jack male was selected to reduce the floweringtime in the jack females.

In this X the Jack male will generate a floweringtime if 9 to 11 weeks.


The power of the one is in the compact floweringstyle and typical berry/petrol scent.

Together with Jack this will make some fat smelly cola's wich will be overdosed with trichs and shine :lol:



After Sannie did the selections he ended up with the powerfull #7.




World-wide the Killing Fields is grown with a lot of satisfaction,and giving growers and blowers that ultimate sativa up-high which is to find in this great cross. The plant has beautifull looks and is not difficult to grow.Plants that stand out in taste and potency. There where more pheno's to find in the F1 and this F2 version is to make it more easy to find that superb pheno you are looking for.


This F2 version shall be mainly colored with its own tipycal Killing Fields taste


Killing Fields is known for its enormeus cristal and hars production,all this in a cover of sativa dominant up-high. That dark but still fruity taste you will never forget. This pot will make youre cheek water and scream for more.


After switching the clock to 12/12 the plants will be growing for another 3-4 weeks,so long vegging periods will not be usefull. She loves to be topped or bound.

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Genetic: The One x blue kronic

Flowering Time: 9 to 1o weeks

Harvest: Up to 600 gram/m2(indoor)

Taste: sweet grape and berry

Effect: stoned high combi

Flowers: colourfull and full of cristals

THC: Up to 22%



Once in a while you come a cross a plant that is almost the ideal plant,she carries all the properties which a perfect hybride should have. The One F1 ( Blueberry Sativa X killa queen/nycd) is such a plant which stands out in being beautyfull and carries a outstanding smell and taste. This is also to find in the madonna because the tuf selected dad Blue kronic (Blue moonshine X killa queen) that is used to enhance the taste and smell form each other.


Madonna has a great grow potential and takes here time fill up you're grow room with dense and hard buds which smell like candy. She like's to grow wide to form a crown with buds beside's the main bud. Madonna is a easy to handle plant.




Beware that this plant like to smell,also in vegetation. A good scrub filter is not to much luxury.


De taste en high from this lady are incredible. She taste's sweet and soft so to take a extra puff should be no problem untill.......that strong creepy high is coming in,so you have to put the joint aside.


The perfect Hybride

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Genetics: Jack :)

Flowering Time: 10 to 13 weeks

Harvest: Up to 750 gram/m2(indoor)

Taste: a powerfull spicey-lemon haze taste and smell

Effect: hazey head high!!

Flowers: rockhard with lotta tails

THC: Up to 22



This seeds are the result from years of breeding and selecting



After years of selection and improving a super Jack Herer emerged like never before. It all started with the unique taste of this Jack. Finding the right taste took a lot of time and energy, but then we could focus on yield and potency. After each selection certain aspects where improved, this results in a Jack Herrer that’s exceeds in taste en harvest.


After 2 years selling the F5 version i got loads of feedback from my custamors and it proved me that we hit the jackpot with the used mother,she proves herself time after time again and we decided to back cross here to get more stable offspring and more plants that look like here mother. We used a male that was selected out of 100 plants+ and seems to be the perfect match.






These seeds will grow plants with enormous main buds. Suitable for SOG (Sea Of Green) or Scrog (Screen of green). According to the number of plants per square meter, they can easily grow as high as 1 meter because of the large part sativa qualities found in this Jack. The plants keep growing as long as 3 to 4 weeks into the flowering time. When conditions are optimal this plant will be a pleasure to grow en and will provide you more delicious stash than you can handle.




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Type: Mostly indica

Flowering time 7-9 weeks


Harvest up to 500 gram/m2(indoor)

Taste: sandlewood/afghani

Effect: heavy medical body stone

flowers They are rockhard with lots of cristals

THC: Percentage up to 25%



This fabulous indica with many fine qualities is reknown and loved world-wide. Because of the high thc content en the narcotic effect she is widely used as a medicinal strain.The extremely compact flowers are covered with trichomes and smell intoxicating.



This plant originates from Woodhorse and was perfected in a slection by Moterabel. Sannie and Moterabel share their precious genetics, and since Moterabel is unable to breed for himself at this moment Sannie continues his work with a new selection of Herijuana.


I received the seeds in 2006 and first grew them two cycles to get to know the strain. Then we selected the best phenos to produce our first batch of seeds. From this first generation we selected an exceptional male which proved to be the perfect match for our original mother. So these seeds are the back-cross of this male and my original mother.




Herijuana is a fast, open and branchy grower. Actually she shows a Sativa style of development but she blooms like a real indica. This results in an open plant and rock-hard, golf ball shaped buds covered in trichomes. The vigorous branching of this indica dominant makes it extremely suitable for Screen of Green (scrog) styles of growing. She continues to grow the first two weeks of flowering so you can stop scrogging early into flowering. Highly recommended for medicinal users and those who enjoy a real strong indica. It doesn't get a lot stronger than this!




KO KUSH (f3)

Genetics: killa kush x herijuana

Type: Mostly Indica

Flowering time 7-8 weeks


Harvest up to 500 gram/m2(indoor)

Taste: earthy afghani/kush

Effect: extreme stoned

flowers They are rockhard covered in kristals

THC: Percentage up to 24%



This is the most extreme cross witch I have produced so far. As mother we used the Killa Kush, a highly recommended strain with an overwhelming spicy Kush taste. As father we used the over potent Herijuana.




This combination (pre98 bubba kush X killa queen / herijuana) emerged when working with breeder Moterabel. This Breeder describes these 2 strains as his heaviest and medicinal strains. After the right selection of the Killa Kush and the Herijuana, we used the 2 most outstanding plants for this cross. The F1 and F2 are growed with much pleasure by lots of growers al over the world. This F3 is made on taste and will hide lots of kush dominant plants. A knock out stoned with a explosive taste



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genetics: Blueberry indica f1 x sannies jack

Type: Indica

Flower time 7-9 weeks


suitable in/outdoor


Harvest Up to 500 gram/m2 indoor

Taste A soft and sweet combi off off lemon and berry

Effect: The high is neutral and good daytime smoke

flowers Dense with beautiful colours

THC: Percentage up to 22%





The divine Blue Berry fragrance is represented by the mother we used for this cross. (Blueberry-Indica) A plant that grows beautiful blue/pink coloured flowers. The yield wasn’t what we expected it to be and that is why we crossed this one with Sannie’s Jack male to increase yields.


This worked well and the f2 version was a real success, and after strong selection we found the real winner to make this excellent jackberry F3 seeds. There are still green and blue pheno's to find with the percentage of 50%. This f3 gives good stable jackberry's which are standing out in grow potential and amount of Cristal coverage on the buds and this is an a speedy flowering time.




The unique soft taste combined with fast flowering times will make this one an absolute winner.Jackberry is a fast grower and its wise to consider this.This makes jackberry a very effective scrog plant.




Jackberry is one off my personal favorites when i smoke during the day,chill high and still love to do my stuff......great.


bred by Sannie and Knutsel

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