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Jackhammer F2

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I don't feel up to making some huge elaborate intro, but damn! I am extremely pleased with this strain.


This plant was taken at 77 days (as to be extra-freaky)...the other one is going to be taken at the full 15 weeks.


The yield was really good...I imagine, if grown single cola instead of topped and suppercropped, that the main cola would be about as big around as a steering wheel on a BUS.


Anyway, enjoy the pictures...this is some truly scary shit; I fear it.





Jackhammer F2 - Taken at 77 days:











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Imagine the concentrate from this strain, from the looks and what we've heard it's an accident waiting to happen. Congrats Clepter another exceptional representation of Cannabis!

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Congrats with youre sativa dope :grinning_respect:

Enjoy the high


greetz sannie

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Hey, thanks dudes!



My wife smoked a dehydrated sample last night...hahaha -


Everything she looked at, was with her head back, looking down her nose, as if she were a "health inspector" or something...


Today she smoked it again, and came into the den...WITH ALL OF THESE LISTS AND IDEAS...goals, plans...everything made sense, etc, but it was too much - I almost died!


I still haven't tried it yet...but I will after a 2 week cure. So far, everyone seems totally satisfied with a 77 day harvest...


Let me tell you though...the monster in the tent - it's goddamn 4x the size and is getting foxtails even...so WHO KNOWS what awaits!


I really want to put one outside this summer (zone 7a)...but I don't know if I will get anything. So far, it has been A+ resistant to mold and bugs...MORE THAN ANYTHING I'VE GROWN.


At 77 days, there isn't a single clear trichome on the plant...and a few amber...


At 105 days - what the hell is going to happen?

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I jarred up the first plant today...wow!!! 3.33 jars off one thrip infested, ill-maintained plant.


The buds are surprisingly dense...I thought sativas were supposed to be fluffy?


These buds are disturbingly frosted - they excrete a sticky thick oil onto whatever they touch, which is offensive and impossible to remove without the use of 99% iso-alcohol (think BHO).























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Description (sannie's jack / amnesia)

Jack Hammer is a cross between Sannie’s Jack and Amnesia Haze. A divine combination between 2 hazes with great potential. A powerfull haze cross which can grow to enorme's buds. These plants don't need long vegging time cause of the enormes grow potential.She like's scrogg and will reward you with big and strong sativa buds.



March 6 2010



Jackhammer from Sannie.

Grown by: Clepter

Sampled by: the Joker


The samples i got were bong hit size. I got samples of plants takan at 13 weeks and another at much less.

The 13 week sample was rolled into a joint and smoked. I thought it was a solid up high. While writing this report I am under the influence of the sample taken earlier.



Effect: Strong, but clear, all in the head

Potency: 9 , a bit hard to say because it so clear, definitely sativa

Appearance: 9 tight bright green buds, dense

Odor Level: 8

Odor: Mango smell

Taste Level: smooth

Taste: The taste was not that strong for me and I think that was partially from the size of the samples. I would say neutral taste.


I just smoked a small bong hit sized bud. The high is strong and clear. The smoke was smooth, but not much flavor. , I would prefer the taste method of rolling a fat joint so I don't think I got a good chance to judge the flavor. I'm definitely stoned, but don't feel like laying down. It's a little racy. It's getting harder to type without a lot of typos and I definitely feel like eating a pizza or two.


Ok , this weed is definitely a bit creeper. Now I am really soaring high, little rushes of energy in the head, the whole deal. Very nice. I really like this slightly psychadelic high. I don't want to sit still. This is potent. Nice.

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I swear you just about have me talked into getting one of those ceramic metal halides, Clepter! Those shots looks stellar!



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Hey that was a nice report man. Wife wife has been doing college papers on the earlier jackhammer...I am not sure how, but she says she retains information better. :lol:


It's also cool how the buds stay florescent green even when dry.


I had to brownbag the 80 day buds 2 days ago, because they are taking so long to dry out...humidity is good at about 55%...they are just thick as hell - I even cut up the popcan sized ones, and they are STILL wet.


There seems to be a definite line between wasted and pretty high on this weed. People are finding that they can do their day jobs without people knowing they are baked...but 1-2 hits

too many, can (and did) turn a Norwegian man's eyes into the most extreme Japanese eyes that I've ever seen:


Clepter: "Why are you using eye drops dude?

Friend: "Fuck!"

Clepter: "The drops are for RED EYES...you on the other hand ARE NOW ASAIN. Do you have drops that "Get The Japanese Out"?!

Friend: "Fuck!"

Clepter: "?"

Friend: "Fuck!"

Clepter: "Work...and remember, your dad is there."

Friend: "Fuck!"



The entire time, this dude is doing martial arts moves with a Fallkniven A2 (knife for doing murder)...scary stuff...

I could tell that what he was imagining in his head was 100% amazing stuff, but the simple reality was - he was using a large blade to "fight the air" while clucking like a chicken...



Dude goes to work, and I get a single text message with one word...guess what the word is?





Did you find that there was any major difference between the 60ish-70ish day buds or the 80 day buds?


I want to know if someone else thinks that they can disregard the flowering time, and still get at least ok sativa dope. I got this plant for my wife, so she'd be HIGH. JUST HIGH.

I found this at 9.5-10 weeks, when the indication was 13-15 weeks.


The important thing is - she feels less high on the 13 week plant; she thinks it's too sedating!



If you think the JH was a 9 in potency, the Ebenezer Sploodge is going to expand your scale somewhere up to 19 or so. :verrygood


Interesting that you got munchies on the JH also, because I did as well, my wife - everyone else that has smoked it...

So I guess it's possible to have a 100% high but have symptoms of being stoned without being stoned. Unusual weed.


I have 2 more going single cola under 12/12 right now...it may be able to be a commercial strain if taken at 63 days or so...it will be nice to see if it works; I'd always like to have some of this around.


I gave "Island" the rest of my pack, because I was so happy with the pheno I got (only popped 4 seeds).

I'd like to see him throw out a 40' monster...see what 115 degree weather with 8% humidity does for resin.

(Don't feel pressured man, it's ok if you flush them...you are doing important work with the mask).



Although it might not finish for shit, I am going to put at LEAST 1 jackhammer f2 OUTSIDE...the season is NOW...1-2 weeks my outdoor grow starts.


There's going to be some collosus and twisted shack in there as well...also, some ko kush f3 (f1's were AWESOME OUTDOOR PLANTS).






CMH is cool, but joker also has a large 80 day, and a smaller 66 day Ebenezer Sploodge buds to smoke - buds MADE for cmh.


I threw in the haze buds because he'd never had haze before...not many people in the states have, and I don't think that haze comes from solely mexican genes...it feels different to me.


The best part is - I haven't felt like I'd freak out on jackhammer...and I freak out easily. It's strong too...it's just a good mix of cannabanoids I guess.




I'd say Jackhammer is the number 1 beginner's strain out there - bugs don't touch it, nor does mold, or dehydration, or supercropping, or neglect, or nute-burn.


It WILL stretch 5-8 times it's hight when you flip it though...just keep breaking branches, or flip it at 2" - it's totally manageable and 100% predictable.


As a single cola plant, I expect buds no smaller around than regular sized dinner plates.



I expect them, ok!? Shit, it doesn't mean they will BE that large...metaphysics man...metaphysics...


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Hey thanks dudes...


Mav, check your PM...everyone on here has a full box as of late.



I still think sannie should do a jackhammer x heri...and do it as an S1...


If 'The Mask' (Sannie's Jack x Herijuana) is causing altered thought processes, and by sannie's own words:

"The difference between the jack hammer and sannie's jack is the effect of the high, the jack hammer has some mind fucking amnesia in here so she can screw up youre mind .

The sannie jack is more neutral and stable but the effect will hit the right spots without paranoia. The good ballance in effect with a good sativa is the most difficult of breeding."


What would "Jackhammer x Herijuana" be like?


Hell, why not just go right to "Amnesia Haze x Herijuana" since sannie has those clones? And do it as an S1...


I didn't even think of that until just now...cut out the pheno crap shoot all-together, and get an almost 100% guaranteed female freakshow on the first seed popped!



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Nice Report Clept,

From looking at your budporn and what I am growing maybe its the jackhammer that I have been growing . First time opted for the Sativa pak. I know its not KF so that leaves either jack or jackhammer. My plant is currently at 67 days under the 12/12 covered with crystals that are white similar to your discription. Will start to flush tommorow and harvest at 81 day. Plant wise as a new grower - this gal has been broke in half ,LSTing , and still comes back strong as ever. It still is growing. Takes a licking and keeps ticking.

Anyways great report and hopefully i will have the same results for my gals to enjoy.

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