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Lady Cane F2 information

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Hola everybody!

I just received some lady cane f2 beans :o . But I just cant find that much information about it. So if you got anything to share, like something about the parents. Like, was the g13 used, the same g13haze, male soma uses? If you got any photos I would appreciate those too :o

Hope to find one 9-10 week flowering, big yielding, hazy pheno :j . Gonna start the beans in a week or so.

Sorry for my bad english, and thanks to everybody, who wants to share some information :o .


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So then the ssh is daddy, and the mother is g13. Is the mother somekind of g13 hybrid, because I tough the pure g13 clone doesnt exist anymore...? Any information would be nice :verrygood Thanks!!



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Hello folks,


If my memory serves me, it's the opposite.


Lady Cane is (SSH x G13) and the mother's name should always come first, so SSH is the mum and G13 the dad.


Peace out & take care.



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I was pretty sure I had read about this on here a while ago so I went on a search hunt for you guys and this is what I found about the Daddy in the Lady Cane by e$kob@r... Straight from the horses mouth, post can be found in this thread


U heared correct that i own a elite G13haze male clone, theres nothing indica in it. He stands for High, not stoned.Powerfull sativa.

Hes full of g13 high energetic smells and really lifts up the potence of most of the strains crossed with it.

But ... they get sativa wild. Thats a term i handle in my projekts, u may not think of a sativa landrace.

Some small % goes really sativa up, larger then most of the field. Those have the g13 pheno looks, exactly like the male.

I did seedruns with g13 crosses from different good breeders and found the same undertone smells, tastes of this g13 smell like i have.

Mr nice skunk g13 was one of these strains, i indeed found diffenences in sativa and indica like u mention. But thats only difference.

I reworked some of there strains with my g13haze to see what i got ... like medicine man g13 ... and many more.

So i did my best to know the male i use in lady cane.


Same post, I just broke it up because this is the description e$kob@r gave about the Lady Cane.


Lady cane, when planting and growing the first weeks, u get a dark low indica like field.

In 4th to 5the week flowering, they stretch main top buds what gives sativa changement.

Hard to explain but grow her and find it out. Some phenotypes are extraoridinary good, have full lenght of buds and do magic.

The F2 is made to soften the sativa stretching phenos. Female and Male selected out of F1 are practicly same shaped 50/50, what gives reliable heightstability. Lady cane F2 is steered much more into SSH pheno shape, but taste is blend sshg13, this stays. This was the goal.

Lady cane is made that people can select a good yielding, very tasty and uplifting high pheno, that flowers in reasonable time.


I hope this clears up any confusion :verrygood


From my armchair, it looks like there could be some very interesting expressions in the Lady Cane. Lots of fireworks make up its ancestry...


Taken from the article British Hempire wrote, which can be found on UK420 ...



SSH was created by crossing Neville's selected NL5 x Haze A to a Skunk x Haze A male.


G13 x Haze

Soma tells the story on page 78 of his book Organic Marijuana Soma Style:


“In 2001 I tried sprouting some very old G-13 Haze seeds that came from Neville of cannabis genetics fame, They were created in 1988. I had ten of these 13-year-old seeds. Only one sprouted and it was a male. That left me with but one choice – in order to use the genetics, I had to breed the male to some of my existing strains and select some choice female phenotypes. As the G-13 Haze crosses circulate the globe, many growers are totally enthused by what they have come up with from these seeds. It has brought a heavy sativa influence to all the strains it has been hybridised with.”


Neville created the G13 x Haze cross in 1988 using the Haze C male and the female G13 clone. Neville describes the G13 cutting in the 1988 The Seed Bank catalogue:


“G13 is an outstanding indica cutting reputedly 'liberated' from the government research program in Mississippi, and now we have it. Widely grown as a commercial indoor plant in the US, G-13 has proven to be one of the best breeding plants in our collection. G13 hybrids have fast indoor flowering, high resin production,excellent potency, and extreme hybrid vigour.”

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This is perfekt information from u JohnLock.


even the G13 haze male is described perfektly. Thats him.

Clone only and for year allready trusted to me.

I will never share it myself, i will only play the gatekeeper for it.


U can find lady cane on different forums. Reviews and strain reports.

But not much here. Need to change that.


grdz e$ko,

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Lady cane isnt available ? dont see her in breeders choice




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Excuse me.


Out of stock


Replacement will take some months due to FM pollen everywere ...


Both choices will be back. The F1 and the F2

Both were requested to much and i got pretty nice feedbacks from it on forums around this planet.


So the same SSH will be polinated again with the G13 = Lady Cane F1 (some of this g13 pollen will hit Dj shorts stock i have)

And the F1 lady cane will be pollinated again with the F1 lady cane male = Lady Cane F2 (cheeseberry will be hit with same pollen here for Cheeseberry Haze)


Hope thats clear and understandable.


I worked to long on this one to just forget and i will not change a smoke i like myself.


I am not planning to create F3 seeds, the F1 and F2 are a masive playground allready.


grdz e$ko,

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Sounds great :verrygood I have acouple of the f2s going right now with luck


I will get a female or two and then clone the hell out of it


I just bought dozen 12 gallon pots to use outside with the Lady Cane


so I hope to take them outside at the end of May with about 8 weeks of veg on them


looking for some monsters


all the best and be safe



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I look forward to the next batch of ladycane seeds..All the best

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I have been reading the reviews and had hoped to see a new batch of these at Sannie’s Shop before I popped mine. I goofed on my first run a year or two back with 6 seeds, but I had 4 beans left and decided to give it another rip. 3 of 4 survived and I am pretty happy with what I have so far.


I ended up with 2 Females and a Male and will definitely be making use of the male on a couple of my strains and of course some F2s. I noticed early on that it looked like I had three different variations. I have not grown the SSH by itself, but you can see the serious Sativa coming out in one female. The second female looks close, but seems to not be as jagged leaf and assuming this is a nice hybrid.



ESKO – when will we see another batch of the Lady’s from the master breeder?

Congrats on being a new father as well – very cool!!


Lady Cane 1




Lady Cane 2 - Sorry, lousy picture.



And the Lady Cane Male - he will be a popular guy in my garden for some blends, and F2s for sure.



The male really seems to look more on the indica side to me, so hoping this has more of the G13 trait to it. Here are Pics at about 3 weeks in flower and they are really starting to take off. Comments welcomed of course.



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