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Grafting my motherplants

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An update on the plants I grafted on the 12th and 13th of June.


They are at 12/12 under HPS for a while and start to flower.

The rootstock of MalawiHaze + Malzilla (below) turned our to be a male.




So I removed all remaining branches of the rootstock.


The MalawiHaze plants with Malzilla scions are both female.




Original branch starts at the bottom left, and is bent in an S-shape.


The second plant (below) also still has an original side branch (left side).




It's more compact and did not need any bending.


More later.

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The three braided plants, update.




The three braided (sister)plants contain a total of eight scions now.

Cuts of four different plants.

Below are two of them.




Under the pink plastic is the graft spot of a MadBlue-scion.

And on the forground is the recently unwrapped spot where a Madagascar-scion has been grafted.

You can see the colour difference and the traces of the wire.




A view the base of the composite plant:




At the top of of the above picture you see the spot where branches of plant #2 and #3 are inosculated.

The wound is sealed, and I used a rizla paper to cover the sticky stuff.




Training the stem horizontally caused extra root growth.


After taking the above pictures, I cut eight juicy clones off the older scions.

Then trained it a bit more.

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I had a conversation the other day about this. I talked you up!


Keep on, keeping on.

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Scion # 9 on the braided plants:





It's a low side branch of one of the three Malawi-haze rootstock plants that are in the flower cabin.

(third picture in post #151)

I made the graft about ten days ago and took the bag off two days ago.

I did two, and one survived.


Grafting to re-veg it.

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Update on the scions that were put on seedling (tap root) rootstock (see post #151).


Madblue on MalawiHaze male:






Malzilla scion on MalawiHaze seedling:




MalawiHaze branch on the right side.


The Malzilla scion:






Both plants are in 5 liter pots.


More later...

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Hey FOTH, how are all these doing. I am still going to work on my "grafting for F2's" plan. Just waiting for the weather to improve. I will revenge the girls after harvest, then graft to one of the 2 male clones I kept. Then flower the whole thing.

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