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5x Dabney Blu

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Heya folks,


After a long absence here on the forum I decided to give some more input...


Lets start with my latest Dabney grow...

From the "Limited Fem" Line....


My setup:


- Cabinet covered with mirror AD-foil

115cm x 90cm x 190cm


- 975m3 Tube-Extractor combined with a 900m3 phat filter

- Passive air inlet holes in the hollow-floor

- 2 big cooling fans for circulation


- 1x Lumatek + 600W philips son-t

- Adjust A-Wing reflector


- 5x 25L container with re-used soil and a lot of mycorhihizza fungi in it.

- Blumat dripping system with tapwater to water the plants when I dont B)


- The cabinet is fairly low, and designed for a scrogging style of growin....Thats exactly what i am gonna do..


First Day in the cab (18/6)


notice the smallest one in the right corner, she is gonna be the biggest B)



After 10 Days (18/6) Little too long, underestimated the vegging power of my own seeds...




The Day they went 12/12...




3 Days 12/12.. Talking about stretch ;) Ladys are really Maturing their appearance




1st Week 12/12



2nd Week 12/12 Beginning of flowering cycle



Day 7 Flowering



Day 10 Flowering



End of Part 1





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Part 2


Due to the missing of a nice overvieuw photo from around 18 days of flowering:

I will give some random bud-shots from that day


Day 18 Flowering really start to see the Pheno-differences







Day 24 Flowering




Day 30 Flowering Had to adjust the adjust a wing cuz it was too close :s








Day 39 the yellowing is caused by the lamp at its max height (vegged too long B))







Day 48






Day 65 Been Busy harvesting #1 and #5 thats why the late update ;)






Day 75 they need support or else they will go down... B) look at the chaos






end of part 2

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Day 81 2 plants barely standing... Choptime B)






Choppics not too many because I dont want to waste any time when trimming... and dont want to get my camera dirty/sticky ;)







Dry Pics










The total yield was 565gr almost branchless

Thats a fat 0,9gr/watt, above my expectations.


Testing this strain was a tasty succes B)





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God damn BEEKA there's some Dabney's U got there dude not had the chance to give them a go but nevermind, still thanks for sharing brother excerlent pics and set u thanks once again, so the extra vegging didn't really help then at all B) B)

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thanks dude,

really worth growin if it becomes your stash B)




I dont know the exact genetics...

but blueberry x (citric/lemon/orange) thai comes really close..

this grow shows both because it was the original (clone only) x the original (clone only)...

There was no winner in this selection, at least not what im searching for...

But excellent seeds to get a great motherplant from...





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Very nice Beeka. Now is this a second run from clone, same as the first grow on WF? Or is this from seed from the first batch, or did you make a new batch and run from there? I still like appearance of the chunky bluish pheno, and the sativa pheno really intrigues me.


Dabney Blu is rumored to be the indica used in DJ Shorts lines. I don't know though, only DJ could say for sure. It might be Ol Blue from Oregon, but again I don't know that for sure. It is the most blueberry smelling weed I have ever seen, it smells just like a box of Jiffy Brand Blueberry muffin mix.

It is a clone from the PNW originating in the 80's. The genetic make up is unknown as far as I know. It might be an older nl x skunk line, it has a hint of old school skunky funk when you let it go 10 weeks+. Perhaps a genotype of the original NL #2 which I think was a thai x afghan.

If I had to speculate on it, I would guess it is genetically derived from Sacred Seeds stock, just because of the time frame and geographic origins, but who knows, maybe it's from the Seedbank, or even a private breeder in the PNW. Lots of people in NoCal, Oregon and Washington were working lines in those days, and some I'm sure passed genetics to each other, so without DNA testing it would be impossible to positively identify the original parentals. But, based on it's growth characteristics, and searching the S1 progeny for different genotypes as Beeka is doing can give us an idea of what she's made of.


Again, good job Beeka.

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JINKIES!!! Sweet BEEKAA!!! Quite impressive man...


Thanks so much for sharing that with us! Let us know how it smokes too!





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Life is good. Thanks for sharing, it is inspiring!

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Master Hupla knows all about the Dabney Blu, but dont have the link guy's soz B)

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Hello Beeka,

Wow what a show thanks for sharing B) . Very very nice looking plants I look forward to seeing more of your work. B) Keep up the good work. Peace CK.

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thanx guys,


Indeed hupla and useless made this possible for me..


I fell in love with Dabney Blu, super sweet and big yielding hybrid.

Havent smoked any berry this sweet B)


Only problem was::: clone only... so I decided to Save the genetics in Feminised seeds...

This was the testrun for those fem seeds...

They are for sale in holland right now, but in the future they will be on another (international) seed-site.


Smokereport is coming when I have the time....



This was the testrun for the freshmade fems @ that time.

To assure myself that all sown were female and to have a better look at the unknown parent.

(although I strongly believe the DJ shorts story... I think the big sativa in it is the one that makes blueberry, True blueberry..)


another hint that points in DJ's direction..:

Dj shorts describes the (most) blueberry (pheno) as having leaf deformities.. and little weird calyx-leaf structure...


In dabney: the more indica you get--> the more deformities and weird structural growth will show in the plant...

The blue-ish Dabney you reffered to has the perfect balance.. Too bad the sweetness was less than mums...

In the near future there will be another selection with some more plants, to have more chance of a winning lady


thanx everybody for the comments...

The next cycle is already halfway B) and will be placed here when done

"Precious" Feminised (Dabney Blu x Exile)

By: Limited Fems





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BeeKaa great report.


BK and Useless after researching "Ol Blue" in Moonshineman's Blue Buddha ( ol blue x buddha's sister ) of which i got 5 seeds given to me from BushD (Direwulf's F2s) i found this on icmag from Jan 2007..........


> 	Hey Fellas.....

Glad to see so many folks trying out the different Blues.....Dabney Blue is not Ol Blue....related? possibly but not the same.....could the OR Blues be the Mystery Afghani in Dj's Blueberry line...possibly but no one knows for sure until we get Cannabis DNA mapping available ......

But I can say Ive tried about 50 different Blueberrys over the years not including the 15 or 20 hybridsa Ive made with blue as well....and my favorite is still the Old Blue....it delievers consistent results without all the headaches and herms some of the others have....

Mr Danks Dj Bluberry is probbably the best seed grown Blueberry Ive seen, but it still lacks in High and flavor to me.....my second choice would be Stella Blue from Anyday in amsterdam but it would be waay behind Djs blue...

But we must remember persoanl body chemistry and olfactory abilities play a huge role in how we percieve a strain as well....

Personaly I prefer the Danker more natural occuring flavors like spice and skunk, kush, and sourness and creamyness......

from my own expierence being friends with MrDank he enjoys the more artifical candied flaovr herbs like shishkaberry, Djs Blue and Mikido and Cherry bomb....

At some point you start to realize how different folks have totaly different opinions about choice of herbs.....The Key is to find someone with your similar taste and tolerance and share your wares......

Like I know anything that my Brother, ThaDocta, Zilla, Romulator, Cronique enjoy smokin and growin , I'll enjoy smokin and growin.....

Where Mr Dank is my buddy but I know his tastebuds, body chemistry and Tolerance is WAAAy different than mine...So I try to get a sample of nuggets insted of blindly accepting a strain as I might with Zilla......Of my 25 moms the OG from Mr D is the only cut of his in my garden...

plus we all know MrD has the tolerance of a 12 year old asian girl ........so his opinion of a "good high" is worth less than a 60 year old pron star.....HAHA J/K.....

If yer lookin for a good tastin , happy smoke....any Blueberry strain will do the trick....

Oh and as far as how old them Blues could be...and Ol Blue was purchased by my brother in NorCal/SouthOR in the Winter of 1985-1986...and its been with my crew that long...as far as the Dabney, it only surfaced on the net like 3 or 4 years ago...before that no one on the Net had even heard of the "Dabney"......DjShort didnt start selling his Blueberry seeds till around 1992 as far as I know.......but he supposedly started collecting seeds in the 70's....


Originally Posted by Mr. Nevermind 

I know my friend who started calling it Dabney has grown it for over 8 years now and the guy he got it from has had it well over 15 years. The Dabney name was started in 2000 to the best of my knowledge due to my friend always at dabney throwing discs and smoking blueberry


maybe so...Im only sayin it was only about 2002-2003 that I ever saw a referance to the Dabney on the net and Ive been postin pics of the Ol Blue all the way back to 99 on OG (when I bought my first digi cam.)..I have poloriod pics of my Blue grows from the early 90's that are a HOOT to look at though....

....There were reports of other "Oregon Blueberry" strains, but I had never heard the term "Dabney Blue" till I released a few cuts of Old Blue into the netherr regions of cyberspace....for a while I thought someone renamed it and passed it around.....but the DB is more sativaish, which is what Dj's blue leans towards nowadays.....Ol Blue is an Afghani Bush, plain and simple........

And around these parts its Simply "The Blue"....not ol Blue or Blueberry etc.....The First three people to be involved with this cut (me , my bro and our Buddy Jason) have always refered to her as Blue...As it was sold to my Bro as "The Oregon Blue".....it was folks on OG that started callin it Ol Blue due to her age...and to set her apart from other "Blueberry" strains....

Last edited by Moonshineman; 01-23-2007 at 07:27 PM..





Interesting eh, will post some more stuff in my thread.....

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little more reading and you can find the answer yourself....

Its not that this growreport is many pages is it?




Thanx for the missing information

But i can tell you this...

DB isn't sweet afghani alone... there is definitly a big part sativa in it.. at least thats what the offspring is showing me... (Original clone x Original clone)


thanx for the replys guys





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Great thread!!

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Smoke Report


Soort:Dabney Blu #2 (Monster Sativa Pheno)


Breeder:Limited Fems

Bloeitijd:12 weken





Not really compact, but dryed out real hard...

You don't need much to build a fat joint...

The weed looks nice fresh green with really short curled orange pistels... (it really stands out from the rest with those small curled pistils)

And she is covered with a thick layer of resin and that makes the picture complete..

Really nice bag appeal, time to roll one B)





The Scent is really citrus/orange alike, soury with a hint of sweetness and a Tiny little bit of hazeyness.

Crumbling the weed it smells like a glas of "orange multivitamine juice" standing before you...

De-Licious, there is almost no regular pot scent... just that little hazesmell that makes it brecognizable as pot..

And even that smell is so well blended in the fruity sourness that its hard to tell...

This is what I least expected to come out of the seeds.. a nice surprise giving a nice look at the parenthood of Dabney Blu






The first hit (without it lit) it really makes me think of exile.. (that citrus/sour smell)

pops in my mind every time...

When lighted up she tastes little different.. little more hazey,

with the recognizable haze-tickle in the back of the throat in combination wit a floral/soury taste...

Ths smokes inhales smoothly and tickles the nose when exhaled through...

Nice and subtle little haze, perfect daytime smoke B)





The effect is nice up-high.

Really happy and social smoke.

You get really creative and stay motivated to do the things that have to be done, even on a rainy day like today.

A cozey, ubersocial effect that lasts for more than 2 hours...

So thats slightly above average...






I rate this pheno a 9,5!

A real nice mostly sour but also a little sweet haze taste/smell..

and then to think she was the underdog in the beginning, but she grew out to the biggest lady... finished in (merely!) 12 weeks

Keeps you real active and happy when smoked.

Really a surprising pheno, she deserved her own smokereport...






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Smoke Report


Soort:Dabney Blu (original cut)


Breeder:Clone only

Bloeitijd:11 weeks


This is the original mother.. Dabney Blu clone only...

Mother and father to the fem seeds...






Nice buds, somewhat fluffy but i think its Sativa genes in it (she took 11-12 weeks to finish)

The buds are round blockhead alike..

Sativa influences are clearly visible in the multiple foxtails all over the buds.

Nicely driend and hand-crumbleable (hahaha crumbleable.. what a word :rolleyes)





The scent is the first things that pop in your mind, rarely sweet.

Really soft vanilla/berry scent, 0,001% genuine weed scent.. nihil.. B)

I think when planted outside this plant won't disturb your neighbours with a pungent pot smell.. ;)

Very sweet, hmmm I Like ;)





The taste is really smooth and super sweet,

really that soft that when you first light it and take a hit, you always wonder if it is lit or not.. THAT smooth B)

then the taste becomes more bodied, a sweet vanilla/berry taste.

no tickle, no cough, nothing..

really soft en tastfull till the last hit.





The effect is good,

really warm and mellow...

A good mix of stoned and high, not mindblowing, but definately present and long lasting..

It takes about 2,5 hours before the mellowness is gone..

I still have the motivation to do things so there is no hardass couchlock B)

A good Day-time smoke, if you take it slow that is :D

And taking it slow is whats really difficult with a delicious joint haha so be carefull...





I rate this weed a 9,5!

the only thing is she could have be more compact and less leafy

the rest: Super taste (exactly what im looking for!), Big yield, and nice and dreamy effect.

A Top Notch strain I will never dispose of...

In fact she really is worth making fem seeds of....:j

(This topic was the testtopic for the seeds)






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Love the pictures added to the smoke report and the text formatting. That made it much more enjoyable and easier to read. Thanks for the creativity. Especially the "tray" or background used. Nice touch.


Be well,


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