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Extrema from Sannies seeds.



60 days

Foxfarm soil mixed 1/2 and 1/2 with Mayan Light Warrior.

2.5 gallon pot.

600 watt HPS.

r/o water.


GH Maxi grow / Maxi bloom fertilizer (7ml per gallon)

GH Diamond Nectar (10 ml per gallon)

Cutting Edge Solutions MagAmp (2ml per gallon, used only during "pure water" cycles in between fertilizations)

Humbolt Nutrients Snowstorm Ultra (2 ml per gallon, used during the last 1/2 of the bloom cycle)

GH Clearex (15 ml per gallon, used at last week during the flush)




Full plant (36 inches):




Close Ups:












Side buds:






Dried bud pictures:








Time to smoke ! :)






* Full smoke report coming soon


The smell is very unique. Hard to describe... kind of like super-glue with a bit of the chemdawg-fuel tanginess in the aftertaste.

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You dude's are killing me :)

Extrema is better as I expected to be and it seems that the both strains are enhancing each other in a good way.

Strong smell, strong smoke with lots of taste and effect.


Its that good that we decided to make feminized seeds with the parrents :tu grow-room is already running

Thanks for sharing those beatiful nuggets.


greetz sannie

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Olla Dubwobble,

You did good work men, love to see. Have a nice smoke! :tu

Cerio Leo :)


Extrema Ruls! (Thanks Sannie)

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yo Dub, thats some dank lookin smoke.it looks just like my B pheno. :tu have a great time smoking her! and Sannie, did you just say that your working on chem d female seeds and herijuana female seeds ? dam i hope so.

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Overall dry weight is a solid 56 grams of all hard nuggets (2 ounces)

That is not including a couple pieces of the bottoms I smoked while it was drying. :tu



I only tested this one plant of Extrema.

When I do an entire light I usually do 16 plants per 4'x4' tray (under a 600hps).

That's 4 plants x 4 plants, with room in-between each other to bush out... meaning potentially I could have had 32 ounces per one light.


The phenotype I have stays slender, with strong stems. The side branches grow close to the main branch, with minimal shade leaves - creating a plant with a very desirable structure. It is also a quite an easy plant to trim, all you really have to do is pluck off the shade leaves and your pretty much good to go !

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Extrema Smoke report:


2+ weeks cure.

The bud has a perfect texture (to me)...

dense but easy to break up into a joint by hand (no grinder needed).


Smell of ground bud is unique!

The gluey smell has mellowed to more of a turpentine based cleaner type thing, although not too intense or "biting" like an og or a cheese.

I do get that chem "d" aftertaste, kinda piney with a burnt tire mixed with laundry-dryer-sheets (downy brand) smell.

It is softened a bit though, no one taste overrides the other.

I would say it is a light earhty "kushy" smell blended with a NL5 or Humbolt Snow kinda "raw-thc-resin" aroma.

Again, it is def. unique !


The taste is similar.

The smoke has a bite to it... makes me and my friends cough every hit.

Lots of lung expansion!

A sign to me of potency.


The high hits me in my head really quick, with a fast tightening action that I find comes from strong sativas.

It almost feels like it gives me head rushes with each inhale, or like someone is pushing on my forehead.

Ungh !!!

The high mellows quickly and moves into the muscles smoothly, making for a very relaxing stone.

My muscles feel rubbery, and a strong sensation of "weight" keeps me pinned to my chair.


Very intense indica finish, with a strong sativa influence.

Dry mouth ensues almost instantly, although the first couple hits actually make me salivate !

My friend I share it with is like "now this is some serious weed!"


I harvested a number of different strains this run (Extrema, Bluetooth, Shiva Skunk, Mob Boss, and R.K.S.), but I find myself going for the jar of the Extrema after every smoke so I can get that intense "hit" of a stone, the one that really satisfies me at the end of the night.


This plant is "head-smoke" material for me.


Plus it's my birthday weekend, so I guess I'm gonna give myself a special present ...


... all mine !


"Ich lieb dein samen Sannie, danke!"


Next up - Chocolate Rain & True Blue Chemdawg (freebies) - already sexed and pheno'ed !

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Beautiful pics & great smoke report Dub. I'm convinced, just went & throwed my pack of Extrema into a glass of water to soak.


I also was wondering what your thoughts were on the R.K.S?


Happy growing to you & stay safe......PEACE

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Nice! Throw a grow journal on the front of that and you've got an Extema presentaion that no-one could turn down!

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