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Best strains for no paranoia, anxiety etc.

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Hello, i just was hoping if anyone could suggest any strains that have no paranoia or anxiety type effects? I understand that most potent strains can cause these effects, and that most people are looking for potent strains. But i am wondering which strains mainly have a feeling of well being, maybe slightly euphoric and make you a little drowsy/ relaxed later on, plus good taste and aroma, with fairly mild potency i guess.



Best regards, foodstuffs


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From my understanding, strains higher in CBD and lower in THC are the ones with less paranoia and anxiety.


In the last High Times Medical Marijuana issue, they talked about a few strains that shared these traits.


Sorry I don't remember which ones, too stoned...



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From my understanding, strains higher in CBD and lower in THC are the ones with less paranoia and anxiety.


In the last High Times Medical Marijuana issue, they talked about a few strains that shared these traits.


Sorry I don't remember which ones, too stoned...




Ok, thanks for the response, i will try to have a look for that book.......... or if you happen to remember..............



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I have had a Grapefruit from female seeds many years ago. One of the phenos was exectly what you are looking for, when you let it go 14 weeks. To be honest, I only smoked it a few times myself, as I got to wasted and paranoid. Byt the way, it has never happned to me before or since that pheno.....

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I have had a Grapefruit from female seeds many years ago. One of the phenos was exectly what you are looking for, when you let it go 14 weeks. To be honest, I only smoked it a few times myself, as I got to wasted and paranoid. Byt the way, it has never happned to me before or since that pheno.....

I am not quite sure what you mean, when you say that it doesn't cause paranoia etc, and then you say that you smoked it and got paranoid?

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Hello again, i just did a little bit of research and found that in the netherlands they have a medicinal strain called Bediol which is low in THC but very high in CBD which i think is a type of blend i am looking for. I also read on another site that they think that it is a cross between Haze X Ruderalis.

Does anyone possibly know if there are plain Ruderalis seeds available anywhere, all i can find are Ruderalis crosses.

Thanks again.


Best regards, foodstuffs


:) ..................... ;)

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Sorry...LOL...had some serious wake and bake and read it like you were looking for the most noia inducing strain....stay away from the stronger sativas that has gone longer than average time. Indicas will be less psychoactive and more body oriented in their effect. As a rule of thumb, with exceptions, satives go to the brain and mind...indicas body and docile relaxed mind,even sleepy.


I would maybe recommend something like a hashplant. I not very sophisticated in its high, but get you pretty stoned.

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Ruderalis wont get you high...ruderalis in not really smokable in itself. I think you can buy hem lots of places, they are used for food for the wildlife in many places. I have a friend that found a ruderalis field and thought he had discovered heaven.....hahahaa.......he got a 100 liter bag filled with "colas".....but never got high at all....


However the weakest or least effect I have ever got from a strain was a Satori. Nice growing plant, but I had to concentrate to feel any effect, and often wondered if it got me high at all. It had a nice mint like taste actually..

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Yes, i understand that Ruderalis has very little THC, but i think they have a larger percentage of CBD than most other plants, then when it is crossed with a higher THC level plant the offspring can have a reasonable level of CBD and THC............. I think.

I think this kind of ratio ~ 7% THC + 7% CBD ~ is good for some medicinal purposes rather than getting high.

Of course i could be incorrect, this is just what i have gathered over the last few hours.


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hey. i love jack herer for a nice soaring high with no paranoia. powerplant is another one with a nice soaring high and no paranoia. if you go with strains that have too much CBD you can get very tired and couch locked when smoking. these two above mentioned strains are perfect for a daytime medical high in my opinion.

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In ruderalis we are not talking anywhere near 7% THC/CBD.......more like 7/000 less than 1/10 of 1%. In practicality you are not smoking anything like weed...But as a substitute for cigarettes, meybe...


But beware you wont feel anything smoking ruderalis and taste is not nice.....The reason they are used in breeding are their autoflowering genes.

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It's just what i've read, that 'Bediol' a medicinal variety in netherlands, is a cross between 'Haze X Ruderalis' which has ~ 6% THC and 7.5% CBD.


Unlike the other varieties, Bediol has a relatively low THC content, and a high CBD content. This makes it particularly suitable for multiple sclerosis (MS) patients, as the combination of THC/CBD can help to relieve pain and spasms (cramps). CBD not only relieves pain, but also reduces inflammation. Because it reduces the psychological side effects of THC it is also used by patients with other illnesses and symptoms (e.g. chronic neurogenic pain).





Experience coffeeshop and medicinal cannabis users discribe it as a real Sativa that compares to

"Jack Herrer", "Silver Haze", "Super Silver Haze", "Nevils’Haze", "Sneeuwwitje", of "S per Skunk".

THC 19 %, CBD 0,8 %.



A cross between Haze (Sativa) x Ruderalis.

4-6% THC, 7% CBD.

Used as a painkiller and muscle spasms.



Haze x Afghaan (mostly sativa).

Nothing like it is sold in Dutch coffeeshops but it compares best to pure Afghaan.

Mild effect and taste

12-15% THC, 0.2% CBD

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Hello Foodstuffs I find El Monstre is a very good anti anxiety strain. On another note I was wondering do you guys think if weed was legal worldwide we would still be as paraniod when we smoke it :) Peace CK.

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I think paranoia will still be there, as the things people can get very paranoid about are many, not just that it is illegal in most places.

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When cannabis first ripens, it has a lot of delta - 9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and less of the other cannabinoids, save for the precursers. If you let it go longer the cannabidiol levels increase as does the cannabinol. THC makes you high but can induce paranoia. CBD (cannabidiol) lowers the high and dulls the paranoia, CBN (cannabinol) makes you sleepy.


In general, indica dominant strains have more CBD and CBN and sativa dominant strains have more THC.


If you choose an indica dominant strain and allow it to go long in flower the stone will be good and 'couchlock' and the paranoia will be low.


Considering the well - rounded, low paranoia stone of Sannies' Madonna, I would recommend trying that strain and letting it go long in flower. That means that you don't chop it until most of the hairs are red and most of the trichome gland-heads are brown. That should address your issue with paranoia. Other serious indica dominant strains are worthy of consideration as well, of course. :)

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Just something I found cos I too suffer with anxiety and head fek paranoia ;) But there's some usefull strains here to give us an idea what we want :)


Afghanica) Nausea, pain


(Afghanie x Haze) PMS


(AK-47) Pain, nausea, depression, insomnia, headache


(Alien Train Wreck) Asthma


(Apollo 13) Back pain


(Auntie Em) Crohn's Disease, MS


(Aurora :lol: Nausea, joint pain, arthritis


(Berry-Bolt) Insomnia, joint pain


(Big Bang) Used to sedate and relieve stress & anxiety amongst sufferers of severe anxiety,etc.(EDITED/ADDED by Apprentice.Source Greenhouse Seeds Co.)Cannabis cup winner, the reviews mention its medicinal properties.


(Big Kahuna) Herniated disc pain, arthritis


(Black on Blue Widow) HIV, back pain


(Black Vietnamese) Nausea, muscle spasms, pain


(Blue Fruit) Crohn's Disease, muscle spasms


(Blue Moonshine) Anxiety, depression, insomnia


(Blue Satellite x Jack Herer) Depression, nausea


(Blue Satellite) Pain, nausea, insomnia, anxiety, muscle tension


(Blueberry) Nausea, insomnia, pain


(Bog Sour Bubble) Pain, anxiety


(Bonzo Bud) Body pain, migraine


(Budacolumbia) Nausea


(Burmaberry) Migraine, depression


(Burmese kush) Anxiety, depression


(C99 x Great White Shark) Anxiety


(Cali-O) Nausea


(Catalyst) PMS


(Cinderella 99) Nausea


(CIT) Pain, nausea, insomnia


(Citral) Insomnia


(Cripple Creek) Ankylosing Spondilitis, Hepatitis C, Degenerative Disc Disease, IBS, Interstitial Cystitis, Chronic Rotator Cuff Disease


(Deep Chunk) Joint pain, insomnia


(Dynamite) Asthma, Crohn's Disease, Hepatitis C


(NYC Sour Diesel) Edema, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, radiculopathy


(El Nino) Nausea, insomnia


(Fieldale Haze) Anxiety, back pain


(Fig Widow) Back pain, psychosis


(Firecracker) Anxiety, depression, nausea


(G13 x HP) Nausea, joint pain, insomnia


(G-13) Depression, pain, ADD, ADHD


(Grapefruit) Arthritis, Hepatitis C, pain, nausea


(Green Queen) Epilepsy, neck/spine pain


(Green Spirit x Timewarp x Herijuana) RLS, insomnia, migraine, joint pain


(Green Spirit) Nausea, headache, body pain


(Herijuana x Trainwreck) Diabetic neuropathy, joint pain, insomnia, MS


(Herijuana) Pain, nausea, insomnia


(Ice Princess x Bubblegum) Migraine


(Jack Herer) Anxiety, fibromyalgia


(Juicy Fruit) Insomnia, joint pain, anxiety


(Kali Mist) Nausea, depression


(Kal-X) Body pain


(Killer Queen) Depression, back pain


(Krinkle x Kush x Freezeland) MS muscle spasms


(Leda Uno) Insomnia


(Legends Ultimate Indica x Herijuana) Muscle spasms, pain


(Legends Ultimate Indica) Insomnia, IBS


(Lemon Chemo) Insomnia, back pain, migraine


(Lemon Haze) RLS, chronic fatigue


(Lifesaver) Nausea, headache, pain, insomnia


(Lollipop) Cachexia, degenerative bone/disc disease, edema, general pain, general seizures, glaucoma, migraine, MS, nausea, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder


(Lowryder) Nausea, pain, headache


(LSD) Nausea, anxiety, depression, headache


(M-39) Depression


(Magic Crystal) Migraine, PMS, depression, SADS, mania, nausea


(Mango x Northern Lights # 5) Pain, nausea, insomnia, anxiety


(Mango) Back pain, nausea


(Masterkush) Nausea


(Medicine Woman) Diabetic neuropathy, general pain, general seizures, glaucoma, Hepatitis C, muscle spasms, nausea, radiculopathy


(Misty) Hepatitis C, back pain, insomnia, nausea


(Motarebel Oguana Kush) Nerve Pain, muscle spasms, back pain, headache, insomnia


(Mountainberry) Insomnia, migraine, pain


(Northern Lights # 1) Arthritis


(Northern Lights # 2) Nausea, insomnia


(Northern Lights x Jamaican) Arthritis


(Northern Lights x Cinderella 99) Depression


(Northern Lights x Shiva) Body pain, back pain, toothache


(Northern Lights) Anxiety, radiculopathy, insomnia


(Northernberry) Pain


(Oregon 90) Insomnia, joint pain, RLS, pain, nausea


(Original Mystic) Epilepsy


(OG kush purple)


(Phaght Betty) Cachexia, degenerative bone/disc disease, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder


(Queen Bee) Neck/spine pain


(Sensi Star) Migraine


(Shiskaberry x Dutch Treat) Migraine, anxiety, insomnia, nausea


(Shiskaberry x Hash Plant) Anxiety, nausea


(Skunk # 1) Nausea


(Snow White) PMS


(Sour cream) Insomnia, joint pain, nausea


(Stardust 13) Pain, nausea, insomnia


(Strawberry Cough) Back pain, depression


(Super Impact x AK-47) Pain, insomnia


(Super Impact) Nausea, insomnia, muscle pain, depression, anxiety, SADS, mania


(Super Silver Haze) Nausea, depression


(Super Thai) Depression


(Sweet Blu) Degenerative bone/disc disease, diabetic neuropathy, edema, fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, nausea, neck/spine pain


(Sweet Tooth # 3) Depression


(Trainwreck x Herijuana) Nausea


(Trainwreck) Anxiety, arthritis, diabetic neuropathy, depression


(TW x LUI) Arthritis, nausea


(TX) Arthritis, asthma, general pain, general seizures, glaucoma, MS


(Ultra Green) Insomnia


(Wakeford) Anxiety, nausea, insomnia


(White Rhino - aka Medicine Man) Body pain, back pain, joint pain, insomnia

(White Russian) Pain, nausea


(White Widow x Big Bud) Depression


(White Widow) Cachexia, Hepatitis C, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.


Insomnia: Social Awareness, Emotional Stability: Black Domina, Butterscotch Hawiian, Trainwreck, Afgani, William's Wonder, Blueberry.


MS Neuropathic Pain Urinary Incontinence: Trainwreck, Super Silver Haze), NYCD and Sour Diesel. For severe pain, concentrates may be required.


Digestive Disorders: Blueberry, Blackberry, Black Domina.


Nausea, Diarrhea & Cramping (including Menstrual): Blueberry.


Social Anxiety: Romulan, NL#5, Hindu Kush, OG Kush, Bubba Kush.


Stress: Heavenly Man.


Sleep & General Relaxation: Sonoma Coma, Lifesaver, Matanuska Thunder Fuck, XXX, Legends Ultimate Indica, Sensi Star.


Alert: AK-47, Dankouver, Cambodian X Orange Peako.


Anti Anxiety/Sleep: Blue Moonshine, Jack Herrer, M-39, Herijuana.


Chronic Pain: Romulan, Shiskeberry.


Appetite Stimulant/Spasms: TY's Northernberry x Reefermans herijuana.


Joint and Muscle Pain: Legends Ultimate Indica, UBC Chemo x Grapefruit.



Chronic pain: Blueberry, reeferman's hashplant


appetite stimulant: Catalyst


Joint and muscle pain: Blueberry


White Russian-ak-47 x white widow-excellent for chronic pain and insomnia-M39 for chronic pain-Peace BigD


Catalyst: is good for Anxiety and Depression.


Purple Kush: helps my stomach and bleeds off my stress/anxiety.


Slow train: ruins me for a good long while and my back pain just melts away


Romulan-munchies, sleep inducer

AK-47-pain relief, day dreaming, anti stress


Hi all- I've been working my way through the various strains, trying to find an appropriate cannabis strain for me. My heart has a tendency to race, so I avoid most Sativas. Here's some more.


Romulan: Pleasant slight mental high. *Great painkiller*/minor muscle relaxant. Aided sleep. My heart doesn't race at all on this stuff! Apparently, it has a lower THC content than many, and this may account for it's mellowness. Yeah! It also doesnt make me feel 'stoned' or stupid.


Blueberry Kush: Medium pain control. Medium body high, STRONG sleep inducer. Knocked me out....twice.


Peak 19- Too strong! 1/4 of a puff made my heart race for about a half hour, and made me feel like I was going to be ill. I hate this crap!!


Mango+Durban cross: Decent painkiller, euphoric feeling, 'couch-lock'. Slightly 'stupid' high, and munchie inducer. Makes my fingers feel numb occasionally.


Trainwreck: Anti-anxiety. Muddled my thoughts a bit but not too much to be disturbing. Good painkiller. Slight heartrate elevation. Extreme munchee inducer.


The Skunk#1 that was grown on the PainPal system is VERY relaxing for me, it numbs my chronic back pain and is a real easy on the throat smoke. Two reasonable sized bowls and I'm off to "la la land"


Nevles Haze is really good for psychiactric conditions, mood, and anxiety. I love Sensi-Star for it's ability to control muscle pain and nausea. It also has a wonderful aroma and taste to boot.



Amsterdam Bubble Funk has a way of getting rid of HEADACHES when the pinched nerve in my neck acts up with those top of the cranium gems of PAIN. Without a doubt, better than any asprin ever taken, and with immediate relief. As a general pain reliever, this strain does little for my FIBROMYALGIA. For that pain, i rely on Bubble Gum, or Blueberry to get me the relief i need, for the most part.



BUBBLE GUM, LIFESAVER, AMSTERDAM BUBBLE FUNK, & Kali Misty definitely help me to cope with my FIBO flare ups, by the way


AK-47- A more 'active' high, pretty decent munchie factor after a few minutes, and a very pleasant mental haze. Pain relief is definitely also a good plus with this one: an 8 for neuropathic pain, and a 9 for muscular pain. Effects are felt instantly, and although it's very potent, it doesn't make my heart race at all.


New York City Diesel- This strain tends to put a bit of 'tightness' in my chest. A 7-8 for pain control, and an odd discernable head buzz. This tends to come on slowly for me. Small munchie factor.


Trainwreck (further thoughts)- This is a really great strain to be active with. I've been using Trainwreck in the morning, very effective.


Medicine Man- Excellent for neuropathic pain. I've been told by some that this is another name for White Rhino....although it doesn't seem to have as 'active' a quality as I expected from this strain. More than any other strain, this cannabis creates a fogging mental haze that can be shaken off if necessary, but really helps with perception of pain. I give this a 10 out of 10 for pain control and general anti-anxiety/mood elevation, however, I'd save it for the night- it's not the most motivating thing in the world, although it is possible to become productive if you push yourself enough.


Afgooy. Great for stomach stuff as well. Serious couch lock. This stuff will make your face numb.


M-39- Very happy, decent bodily relaxation, excellent anti-anxiety, and good for cramps.


Silver Haze- AMAZING for pain- it's a very even head/body buzz, but it's an alert, cerebral one. I want to be busy when I'm on this stuff.


RomSpice- This is the strongest body high I've ever felt AMAZING stuff.


Anti nausea strains: RomSpice, Silver Haze, Romulan, NY Sour Diesel, M-39, Blue Moonshine, are ALL excellent- their effectivness is in order from greatest to lesser- but all of them work very well.


NY Sour Diesel is excellent for anxiety, as is Bubblegum. SD gives an almost tangible sense of relaxation in the head- it killed a developing migraine before it started.


For treating MS, is ANY strong Indica,,, i stay away from any/all pure Sativas,,,


the reason is the effects from Sativas- energetic up buzz,, activates spazticity with this disease,,,


it turns on my shaking in plain terms, makes me shake more,, it makes me vibrate, -try drinking coffeee i end up wearing it.


so for me,, an Indica,, a very very strong Indica, is what i need to treat my issues with MS- Neuropathic pain,, spazticity,,,


indicas turn off my spazticity,,,

so for Ms in conclusion,, with my needs specifically,, i would have a list with only this-


NO SATIVAS!!!! Indicas Only!!!!!!


Nirvana papaya: really helps chronic insomnia esp kief in cooking...


Nirvana White Rhino: eases some chronic pain and assisted with hunger issues through chemo


Female Seeds Grapefruit: Great for depression but not so good for anxiety issues.


Nirvana White Widow: Found to be good for depression and lessens anxiety (again personal opinion here)


Nirvana northen light x big bud: Good for moderate pain and late picked found to give a relaxing buzz...good for stress through pain, anxiety and long term chemo fatigue.

Greetz Bodderas ;)

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I grew KC brains TNR once, not a bad weed, it was the smoke that got me.


I look for the same, CBD does not chill me, sativa highs reduce my paranoia and anxiety, but in most cases these days im pretty chilled, I do stress, but have found it comes whatever dope im smoking, so purely environmental. the high indicas/indica doms/afghani parentage are making me sleepy most of the time, the double bubbleberry i just grew is quite heavy on the head after a while, and can induce more sadness and moapyness than usual once ive gone past that wake and bake early stage, cant really put my finger on whats wrong with me, just feel meh..


Back to the TNR.. I never had this smoking TNR, i had a bit of first growers paranoia but once the smoke started flowing (was my first grow without usual noob issues so a decent representation of a TNR that hasnt suffered silly procedures) I noticed things were much chilled around me, maybe a combo of not having to buy weed and the success of growing? either way, this lasted for as long as i had the weed.. about 4 months


The high is pretty clear, you dont feel so stoned, but you dont feel like you havent had a smoke, or need one, this is pretty much essential imo for people looking for anti anx/dep/para, you need to be clear with your own thoughts and the high of the TNR helps thoughts to flow and you break them down in chunks, whilst feeling productive and social, rather than lumping yourself with a library of mental thoughts and an indica stone to make you think "fuck it ill be lazy/sleep/do jack and think about it later"


if you have issues, and someone talks to you at work, TNR lets you chat back and actually enjoy the conversation, not just find it chorsome..


all of this goes well towards feeling better and reducing anxiety, life plays a big role, consider the outside elements, try to rid yourself of some other things in life that are placing mental strain on you, girlfriends are a major one, if your youngish and stressing, kick her out and go for a smoke with at LEAST 5 mates and you will feel better.


this always brings me back to the 1 in 100,000 who goes nuts from smoking weed (our uk independant studies from ACMD)... if you look at how fucking complicated life really is, there is so much that can influence anxiety and stress.


so take a look around you, re-arrange some peeps, make some time for yourself, and try the TNR..


11-12 weeks im sorry to inform lol


1.5m high, need tieing, bending.




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It all seems worth a try, but recently I have been smoking Sativas and Sativa hybrids, which are known to cause some of these effects not to everyone but to me, and yes you are right about the state of mind and surroundings thats a biggy if things aren't going to plan some strains will make me think about them in a deep negative fashion it will just make me think alot worse, everyone is diferent :) I dunno maybe I need a shrink :) :) .I find Cannabis to be an enhancer so if ya sad/depressed it will make u more that way, espescially Sativas ? If U are happy then it will make u in a better mood etc,? it effects us all different in a big way I think more high CBD,CNB, and THC off course ;) will be better but the more CBD,CNB turns into being more relaxed not thinking as much were as being slowed down is more preferable in some cases to speeded up as though I'm on some kind of stimulant, I had a 2 week break with just tiny smokes of leaf in between that just did the job in getting me stoned its hard when u run out with just a 250 watter ;) anyhow when I harvested the Madonna there was some really nice smokable dry bits loaded with crystals that I could put straight into the pipe, and I took the hit well i did the lot,! 3 little bowls in total, and am saying eh,? this is shit ? tasted like some preemo Manaila cream King Hasan, hasheesh, I tell yas ! nicest taste in a while for a long time on the exhale from the pipe, and 5 minutes later whack,!!! I was pacing up and down my bedroom, with a forehead sweat thinking oh fuk, oh fuk,! but now I have got used to her but haven't done much pipes since :lol: and am coping with the high/stone which is more pleasant, its because I'm not used to her and she's bloody potent simple as :lol: . Just like Sannie explains , U roll a joint and the first few tokes , the 1st quarter of joint smoked, it hits u were U put the spliff down to aside ,and just stair into space,!!! jeees the sheep in wolfs clothing by all accounts, well she definately is.

GreetZ Bod.

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Here's my take on the issue. First, to answer your exact question, I've always found heavy indicas such as Herijuana to give the least problems.


Here's the real solution. Don't smoke so much. You need to work your way into it. Take a little puff, wait 10 minutes and see how you feel. If you want more, smoke more. If not, stop there. You're not trying to prove anything to anyone about how much you can smoke, it's supposed to be for pleasure. Over time you will find that you are getting more comfortable with it and you can increase your dosage. Also, smoke at home in a comfortable setting, not in large groups of people and especially not with strangers. Lay down in bed, turn the lights down and listen to some good music.


I'm speaking from experience. I went a number of years without smoking and when I first started back it was too much for me. I had to start with baby steps and gradually work my way back to where I could smoke a little more and try different varieties. The nice thing is that I'm still a real lightweight. I can get through the evening with two good tokes so a little smoke goes a long ways :)

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KillingKush red indi(ko kush) pheno,

to be honest, i cant smile on this stuff...just no way.

face/head relaxing(includes body), most potent(indi) stuff ive smoked so far.

its strange but it feels sometimes like alcohol a bit if your moving/walking(i doubt you will be able to walk/move the first time smoking this lol), but you stay clear in your mind(even it feels like trance), no paranoia, no euphoric.

my solution to headache, migrane, paranoia, anxiety and much more.


for example, i could smoke about 10g/evening(i know sound alot, but i am on higher res-level already) of a hybrid sat/indi because i cant get enough of this sativa/hybrid high, but never the same amount of this sutff....it just will knock me off to sleep, most relaxing/stoned2thebone ive expirienced.


ive had some friends(chronic smokers) trying this suff :), they couldnt even speak, just glued to the couch.





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hey foodstuffs.

dude you are looking for what is usually called happy weed/party weed. it makes you feel good and easily causes the giggles/laughter.

one of the 1st. that comes to mind is happy brother, even though there are more of those strains that i know of that i have completely forgot the names of.


so when you check the smoke reports you will find the descriptions there. especially if they use a template that has a social category to it . when i run across some i'll try to come back here and post them up ok. provided i recall to do so lol. yup i am after those too for my own brain cells...

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;) ..................... 10g in the evening?? ~50-100 bongs??


i am smoking "spliff"`s as english speaking people would call it ;)

2g in a large joint/spliff, i am using ocb rolls, 15-20 cm slim and relaxing joints :)






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There is no easy answer to this at all. Each strain will effect each person differently. My advice would be to harvest by trichome, and test nugs as the plants are ripening. For me I find that peak ripeness is when all the glands are milky, that's when I like to harvest. This does not cause paranoia for me. But dosing correctly is also a big factor. I take a small bubbler hit of ground medicine and that is all I need, If I take more I will get paranoid and be too stoned, there is no dosing guidelines for pot, and since the effects come on so fast you have to start slow. Most people are just accustomed to passing a bowl around and taking hit after hit. That makes no sense. You wouldn't pound a case of beer in five minutes, the results would be horrible. Instead you have to find your dose and find where the plant is ripe for you. I believe any strain can be used if you dose it right and don't overdue it and find when the trichomes are at peak ripeness for you. I like all milky, but harvest my indicas at 30 % amber, because it gives a narcotic stone for my patients who need that. Also good medical crosses are not to be bred with paranoia in mind. If a plant isn't working for you, you may try another one. Just trying some bud is one thing, but all grows are different and how the plant turns out is different too. If you and I had the same cut and grew them out the results would be different, my bud would have a different effect due to a variety of factors, so really getting to know your plants will get you to where you want to be, and if its still not working then stop smoking, maybe its just not the right medicine for you and there is nothing wrong with that either. Peace-Shimmy :)

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