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Feroce's Coco Hempy Perpetual Grow

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Hey Kamut :wave:


Man, I'm glad to hear my methods worked for you. Makes me feel good to know I've helped someone :icecream:




The Cheeseberry Haze girls are finished stretching, something that two of the three did with great enthusiasm and persistence. I ended up having to break over some of the tallest branches to keep them in the light zone.



















Two of the three lean to the Lady Cane side, while the other stayed much shorter and will finish sooner than the others. Right now I'm feeding them a mixed diet, about 75% Grow to 25% Ripe...I'll switch the early plant to a 75/25 Ripe/Grow mix next week.


Four of five Silverfields came up...well, actually all 5 came up but I killed one by 'helping' it to death. :(


They're due for up-potting and flip Monday...tent gonna be real full real fast.


I'm also thinking about starting some hot pepper seeds...well, more like Stupidly Hot Pepper seeds. Be interesting to see how they would do with my grow method...



...and even more interesting to see if I could talk some of my buddies into eating one. :evil:




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Hey all, back again...with a new computer that doesn't suck. Had to do a fresh install of Windows and all that, but not having that old wheezebox in my ear all the time is nice. :)


Got some tasty pics for ya, and I sure wish I could send smells over the 'Net, because these Cheeseberry Haze plants smell awesome indeed.


First off is the remaining Silverfields, identified one male and removed it, at least one is female, still unsure of the other two. They have been topped and are being bent as necessary to keep height down.





The three CBH ladies, three different phenos.





Pheno number one is the shortest of the three, and will finish first. Very solid heavy buds that have an unusual aroma of jasmine mixed with that well known Haze smell.








Pheno number two is the Lady Cane pheno, very much like the LC I've grown in the past. She's still green all the way up, so it's time to switch to straight Ripe formula at last. She will be the last to finish, and still has about 4-5 weeks to go, I think.








Pheno number three is the most interesting one. She has the size of the LC pheno while having much more solid buds with a softer, sweeter odor than the other two phenos.








I'm seeing calyx towers building on pheno #1, so I'm going to taper off the nutes over the next two weeks. Pheno #3 will probably need one more week than that, and unless #2 suddenly puts on a lot of weight, she'll need a couple of weeks beyond that.


The CBH has been trouble free and a joy to grow so far...as long as you're prepared for the possibility of Big Stretch.


Just cracked the last jar of the Heri x Lemon Thai, this stuff definitely improves in both flavor and stone after being well aged, a lot smoother to smoke and it makes staring at the walls interesting...which is good, because I find myself doing that a lot when I indulge. :whistle:


Later all...

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good job,feroce as always :tu


Thanks saxo :wave:


Gotta try CBH someday.


Hope you already have some beans, I see it's sold out in the shop.


I'll try to remember to do a smoke report on it.

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Glad to see your CBH report.

After everyone's raving about Chucky's I have this (stupid, unfounded) fear that I took an out-dated strain.

Those look like a good reminder of older reports that made me buy some CBH. :yummy:

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Hiya folks, still here. :wave:


The CBH and the Silverfields are all harvested and in the jars...6 gallons worth. :dribble:


I'm shut down for a month or so, going to do some clean up work before starting another crop.


That will also allow me to get away from the house for more than two days at a time, w00t!


Back later...

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Nice jars im sure. Glad to see you aroud Please give an opinion of your plantse Smoke report aswell hehe...

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Yeah please give us some more information :P I'm dying to try my Silverfields seeds, and got some CBH seedlings here mysef.


By the way, have you ever considered using blumats?

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