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2x120W LED / DR60 / 4x Shackzilla in SCROG

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Flowering day 72 & harvest


I had only one 120mm computer case fan taking care of the tent ventilation while RH has been 50-80% during the whole flowering period. I don't want to have any chance of having mould, so it's time to harvest the plants I think. Images with 100W CFL on (only for the photoshoot, the actual grow was with LEDs only).







SZ#2 and SZ#3



SZ#3 and SZ#x



SZ#2 the biggest bud














SZ #1, x, 2, 3


Wet weight (trimmed and no branches)

SZ#1: 62g

SZ#2: 211g

SZ#3: 170g

SZ#x: 67g


Total: 510g


I'm expecting to have about 150g of dry bud.


>Nutrients Table updated
Flowering period

Day (12/12)  Water (l)  Grow/Bloom/TopMax (ml per water litre)

 3		  4	   2/2/2
 7		  5	   2/2/2
 9		  5	   2/2/2
11		  3	   2/2/2
13		  3	   2/2/2

15		  3	   2/2/2
17		  5	   2/2/2
20		  4	   2/2/2
22		  4	   2/2/2
24		  4	   2/2/2

25		  4	   2/2/2
28		  4	   2/2/2
30		  4	   2/3/3
32		  4	   2/3/3
34		  4	   2/3/3

36		  4	   2/3/3
38		  4	   2/2/2
40		  4	   2/3/2
42		  4	   2/3/2 *** all too much, have to do some flushing 
44		  3	   0/0/0 + NMS Bacterial

46		  4	   0/0/0 + NMS Bacterial
48		  3	   0/0/0 + NMS Bacterial
49		  2	   0/0/0 + NMS Bacterial
51		  2 x2	0/0/0 + NMS Bacterial // 7h period between the waterings
52		  2	   0/0/0 + NMS Bacterial

53		  1.5	 0/0/0 + NMS Bacterial
54		  2	   0/0/0 + NMS Bacterial
55		  2	   0/0/0 + NMS Bacterial
56		  2	   0/0/0 + NMS Bacterial
58		  1.5 x2  0/0/0 + NMS Bacterial

59		  1.5	 0/0/0 + NMS Bacterial
60		  1.5 x2  0/0/0 + NMS Bacterial
61		  2	   0/0/0 + NMS Bacterial
62		  2	   0/0/0 + NMS Bacterial
63		  2	   0/0/0 + NMS Bacterial

64		  1.5	 0/0/0 + NMS Bacterial
65		  1.5 x2  0/0/0 + NMS Bacterial
66		  1.5	 0/0/0 + NMS Bacterial
67		  2	   0/0/0 + NMS Bacterial
68		  1.5 x2  0/0/0 + NMS Bacterial

69		  3	   0/0/0 + NMS Bacterial
70		  2	   0/0/0 + NMS Bacterial
71		  3	   0/0/0 + NMS Bacterial
72		  0	   Harvest

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Thanks for the show Ledm8 ;)


The final dried weight is usually the number of gr of the wet trimmed bud divided by > between 4 and 4.5


510 : 4 = 127.5 gr

510 : 4.5 = 113.3 gr


Maybe if you plan on doing an other grow, I could guide you with the feeding schedule straight from the beginning, or otherwise.. maybe you could invest in gold label soil in combination with some of Sannies products.


I hope you're happy with your achievement. B)

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Dry bud weight:

SZ#1 16,50g

SZ#2 56,70g

SZ#3 35,60g

SZ#x 21,25g


Total: 130,05g


Plus trim leaves 21,10g


This will leave me satisfied as I have the most powerful and good tasting smoke I've had in long time B)


I think I can make it over 200g next time thanks for the help I've got here. Thumbs up for all you, especially DonQuichotte, it's been real pleasure to post here.



Jar 1 = SZ#3 (35,60g)

Jar 2 and 3 = SZ#2 (56,70g)

Left SZ#x (21,25g)

Right SZ#1 (16,50g)







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From wet to dry weight loss comparison


>		 wet g	 dry g   difference
SZ#1	  62	 16,50	 26.61%
SZ#2	 211	 56,70	 26.87%
SZ#3	 170	 35,60	 20.94%
SZ#x	  67	 21,25	 31.72%
Total	510	130,05	 25.49%

SZ#x was indeed much denser than others, it was super dense. I haven't figured out yet which one of the three is its motherplant, but I think I have a candidate by judging the smell.

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Hallo Ledm8 nice to see your jars are full B)

some fine buds you´ve got there!

enjoy the fruits of labor


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Nice job on the harvest!

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More bud pics


All buds weigh in well over 1g































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That's left to be seen. I screwed this grow by using too much nutrients so it's hard to tell what these lights are capable of if everything was done right.

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Those are some super dense and frosty litle nuggets you got there ledm8. B)


Remember to take them out of the jars a couple of times and let them breath a bit still in order to get rid of the last of the remaining moist still trapped inside the cellules.


I know you totally have it in you so im verry definatly looking out for your next grow.


Have a nice one ledm8.

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Hey ledm8


Thanks for a very informative grow journal, your shackzilla yielded some frosty buds B)

I think in the future we will all be growing with leds and its thanks to guys like you for trying out new things and having awesome results.


Did you make any hash with the trim?


Enjoy the harvest man, also looking forward to see your next grow

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Cheers rampageZA


We smoked the trim hash as we worked so can't really count how much we had it, but I would estimate about 0.3g. Was the greatest smoke.

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