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Munchy pics.

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Nice lookin crab legs .. damn I love king crab legs. I would love to try all your guys viddles. I had a coworker from Australia that turned me on to Vegemite .... well a little salty so I know what E$KO means by the taste difference but I really think your missing out. But tonight boys I'm gettin nice & baked, Drink me some nice white Russians and some choco / peanut butter.gallery_2470_1436_289174.jpg

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Nice....I guess peanuts are an american thing...i bet that be good with crunchy jiff too


Oh the crab legs pics is not me...i posted that before i realized folks were posting their own eats...


But...Hehe...A friend that works at a store here gave me the heads up next week King Crab


legs are 10.99 a lb....I wait for sales like this and grab 3-6 lbs or a kilo plus some.


That i will post

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Hi guys I'm up late and its strangely quite and of all things I'm bored?


I should be grateful the atomic kids are asleep.


Smoked salmon is easy to do , the trick is to soak in a salt brine


not too salty for 24 hours. I use Frozen as its very rare to get atlantic salmon fresh


the next trick is to take fish out and let dry real good in re-fridge .....


this is important as smoke sticks better and penetrates better.


OK you have 2 options now


slow smoke


quick smoke = normal grilling temps with some wet wood thrown on for a quick smoke taste Be advised fish will cook quick and dry out if not careful


I go slow cause i can fit in more pints, Evey so often we do it as an occasion...a ritual


tradition i guess.


anyway slow smoke means the temps inside the smoke area are 100 degrees for a LONG time


or like 120...i do this.


Electric smokers make it easy....Me i do it cave man way...more fun


I use pecan wood, sweet nutty flavor..my favorite


I make a small pile of wood...perhaps a nice hand full and let it burn to coals


I put fish in smoker and cover and just add a few pieces of wood to it for 2-5 hours


i use one dry piece and one soaked in water so as to not snuff coals


My brink-man smoker works great.


This can be replicated for almost any meat


just vanilla sky inspired thoughts

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Some folks do build their own smokers but usually those are small rooms used for large batches Usually


little smoke rooms or sheds.


Here is one, if you notice the coals and wood go in the small pot at the bottom, the idea is to let the


smoke cure the meat, not cook it , Or to cook Very slow so the large shed allows good smoke build up


but the heat stays cold or in the range of 100-120 F


For Hams this is what you want E$kob@r. I will get some plans and post them soon..Not sure if i would do a pizza oven

and a smoker in one, I think the smoke may mess the dough up. Hams work great but do take some time

Bone I'm not sure about bit boneless Yes.any meat really its just the time it takes depends on the size of the meat.


Smoke shed





I have seen people smoke with a small camp fire, a plastic ponch to cover it and hang meat over smoke


Many cheap ways to do it




Fish is done slow as to not dry it out, and fuel is required because small batches of fish can be done on Home smokers


Like mine, I use a brink man and i use coals , they do have electric versions that come in handy around Christmas

because you can entertain and smoke and not get to dirty.


Here are 2 basic versions both can be used to smoke small batches of fish and meat, I'm going to do a chicken

today to illustrate.








Plans for a simple box smoker





Imagine a small american indian tepee that all one needs...maybe 5 foot tall small hole at top to let smoke out


anything along those lines can be used.




This chicken will be smoked semi/cold...meaning as there are bones and its whole it will smoke slow at around


120 F and then ill bump the temps up at the end to make sure she is done Thur and Thur.


The idea is to have your coals in a small pile and the meat away from the coals, I soak my pecan


wood so it will smoke good, keep the temps down


Ok let me take some pics...


Today i imagine in my mind belgium and think of a town called bastone my Father spent time at

when He was a Young man, I wish he could have seen it in a happier time


So i smoke some Killer Belgium weed and some good Holland beer Cheers Pappa


Right pile oak wood left pile pecan for smoke










Pecan wood soaking








The bird is 5lbs approx....coals almost ready, trick is to let them die down a lot, were not going for a lot of heat yet.



One other thing, notice the metal bucket with wood in it, I keep it burning with fresh wood


and when i need more coal for the smoke i use a shovel and get freah hot coals out of bucket





while theGuest of Honor seasoned and draining a bit...


Dont forget to wipe off grill with clean wet paper towel and right before i put meat on a take a paper

towel with a little olive oil on it and re wipe the grill so my skin does not stick


Lets check the coals


Ok the coals are ready, you want to wait till they quit smoking, we dont want oak smoke


Oak good for long burning coals, form now on all additional heat and smoke comes from Pecan





Ok if you look close you see the grill, I move it up away from the coals to the next level you can see


the 3 hindges near the top of smoker...


And now for the Bird





Notice the temp.....you want that for hours....if ham many hours for a slow deep smoke


fish even lower temps





Here is a pick of the coals with just a little wet wood on it to smoulder but not put out coals...


trick is to replace not too much but not to little with pecan wood to keep a steady smouldering small


pile of coals.




[Cover and you cant see it but smokes just starting to waife up




Ok ill update every hour or so with temps and picks...gota have that pint now








Pizza ovens ---Here is a good small one




I found some plans online, this one could be made cheap if modified and seach around for material


But one must spend the money on fire bricks...a must...they can be found in old houses and fireplaces


in abandon old houese...lots of places.

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OMG toker, thank u very much. I have learned allot.


It all looks much more simple then i had in mind. Thank u for releasing my mind.


Such smaller smoking ovens must be findable here. The only ones i saw yet are those big and very expensive metal things, Half the size of a car.


I know where to buy different types of wood to smoke meat, fish or vegetables.


The pizza oven i had in mind is several times bigger, but the picture u show, that is the idea of baking a authentic pizza.


Thanks for the work and time to show this.


grdz e$ko,

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No worries my friend, you asked me a simple thing i enjoy doing and i get good meat at the end hehe


I like helping friends and you have helped me much so i find pleasure in this


But i hope this helps, there are many ways ill post later, cheap good ways.


Anyway notice the temps an hour later..




And the bird




Back in an hour...


enjoy hehehe

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Ok my friend, notice the temp




And the bird heheh, Now i start to cheat E$ko....i have to go to other FS tonight to check in


and update etc...


so i bump temps up now and finish like normal baking....hehe


See ya in an hour or less...




More tunes...


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Times short so i cant show this, I chopped some fung...hehe mushrooms


Portabella...little olive oil and a tad of crushed red pepper salt and ground black pepper to taste and a tablespoon


of water thrown into a very hot pan....


almost ready...good bread and freah corn off cob



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And the finish...many folks coat meat with lots of stuff ...all in what makes one happy


Here ya go E$ko......I hope this gives you ideas that make it easy to make your own.


Well ....im diggin in heheh





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Thanks man, its so moist and jucies run out even after all this time....


Love to cook , Love to see the smiles hehe

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Damn that looks good :specool Top notch! Thanks for the great info. * note to self, Don't drink White Russians with chocolate & peanut butter before crashing out or wake up at 1:30 am with gut ache from hell.

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Thanks for this thread. Now I have managed to find another habit for me.



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Hahahahaha, thats a nice one Maverick.


That stuff is every morning on the table every breakfast here.


Iff i leave my kidz 30 seconds on the breakfast table, they start attack and end up like that.


Grdz e$ko,

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"HA HA - that product that's all over his face - it looks like human excrement!"





Myself: lately, (although usually never) - I find that I'm craving Asian food:







I picked this shit up at the dollar store last week - it was rather hard to "get down":



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Nothing better than opening up a can of reptile face. I see it's packed in its own juices, which is the way to go.

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Sometimes when we overindulge, we are willing to try eating anything. As a public service, I thought I'd post a few places that you might want to avoid to satisfy those munchies.


Yeah, I'm sure yours is better than mine, but still, I'll pass.



They say that if you like sausage, never watch anyone making it. The same may hold true for guacamole.



Just get a dehumidifier. This is nothing to brag about.



Maybe they were out of soy sauce.


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^^^^^ :rolleyes: <_<


I think I've eatten at these places.


Those are cute MrDirt!!!!!!

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The belly be good smoked first and then pan fried....the Blood sasuage looks KILLER


My wife would Be happy to have some of that for sure.

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Oh My wifes folks put rice in their Blood Sasuage, ever tried that recipe?

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