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250w HPS XXL Grow Cabinet

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Little Mini update


Green Manalishi. She's loving the 250w








Sannies Jack. Shes coming along nicely as well




And a New Addition to the Family, my very first clone only. Chem D.Thanks friend :) She Just showed sex today :)






Lastly smoked some of the jack thats ready enough to smoke from this round. Yes she's definitely a favorite smoke of mine.

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How hot is your 250? I'm thinking of upgrading to that from my little 150. I'll still use the LED for veg, but flower with HPS. Just wondering about the heat.

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i average 7* above ambient, heat is not an issue. I regularly see 80-82*F with my room being a nice comfortable 75* here in the cool months. I have two big 120m Delta Server fans on speed controllers turned both on low.

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Well i was gonna do an update last night but all didnt go well. Firstly my cams were dead. I had a 3rd one, but i dont like the pictures it takes so i passed on that. Then i went to upload my 3 little pics i did manage to get and, my laptop decided not want to read SD cards anymore. So i called it a night


Green Manalishi's before the cam died.







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Full update tonight


Green Manalishi. This is a different pheno than the one I've previously run several times. Shes a very slow cloner, vegger, and she stretched zero in flower. The smell is different from the other as well cant really describe at this moment. She's greasier, yeilds better, but has more leaf and doesnt seem to get as frosty. She is filling in very nicey, so i cant wait to try the smoke off her.























My Normal Green Manalishi aka the dank nug pheno




















Same Pheno different plant

























Edited by Fuzz420

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Well today is my Born on Date.


Got a piece of this early Green Meanie. Shes's oh so deliciously good. I would take a pic but, no room the album :P


This is actually the first year that I've ever had growing were i had nugs ready enough to sample on my bday :)


Blessed be the spirit that bounds us in this infinite consciousness of one.

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Congratulations Fuzz :spliff: hopefully you'll get some extra upload space as birthday surprise :lol:


Have you thought about using bigger pots?


Enjoy your Green Meanie ;)

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Thanks Bazz. That would the gift that keeps on giving


Yes i have actually, i have a single 1 gallon pot im going to try out on my sour turbo, but im thinking half gallon square pots would be ideal. I have to get accustomed to having all this space, lol

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Happy birthday mate!

I'll also be sparking one up in your honour tonight then :yummy: Every reason is a good reason to blaze it up :jump:



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Well Broke out my big cam this week and decided to see what happens if i crop them in photoshop.


The Green Meanies are looking rough, i got greedy with the Beastie bloomz on the the last food feeding, surprisingly the jack handled the heavier dose very well, infact i thought that was the one that may burn, but nope it was the GM's


This is pheno #2, my buddy brought some of this over on my bday, from a friend i gave cuts too. I must say this stuff reeks after it dries.If you wanted to take some nugs to friend house to blaze up DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO WITH OUT A JAR!!!







Single Shot of the Dank Nug Pheno




I may go snap a couple more since these turned out so well. Chem D is two weeks in and already getting frosty, maybe i can get a good shot of her

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No photo's yet


A NYCD i reveged and took clones from, and threw back in to flower showed sex today. :) Also have a revegged sour turbo i put in a few days ago, and lastly two Chocolate Rains, that have been Vegging Went into the flower box.


In Veg i have 3 Double Koosh's, and a single Herijuana. I have 5 sour turbo clones, 3 Mod Bx clones, 3 NYCD clones, 2 Green manalishi #1's, 1 Green Manalishi #2,1 Chem D clone, and 2 clones i got from a friend which are mostly likely Jacks. I put two mod bx's in dirt, and green manalishi #1's, chem d and "jacks" are all about to be going crazy with roots. The Box will slowly filling up, will be real interesting in 2012

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My sour turbo decided to show sex today,. I put this one in a single 1 gallon pot that i had. It seem like it yielded pretty good last time in the pc so im going to try it in a bigger pot.

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Merry Xmas from the Bluegrass




Small batch bourbon Whisky. Ill get me a nice single barrel to bring in the new years with

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My other Green Meanie Came down tonight. All milky trichs with a spot of amber here and there. Could have definelty kept her flowing for a few more days


First set of pics were done with my Nikon Coolpix 8.1MP




















These Shots Were Shot with my Nikon D5000(12.1 MP)













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Today i got the luxury of going to my local hyrdo store to pick up some much needed supplies. First thing i got a new fresh bag of Ocean forreast, my old bad was just about crumbs, and im going to be doing some serious repotting soon. Nextly a fresh quart of Liquid Karma, got about a 1/4 of my old quart left, so i went had and just grabbed as it will be one less thing to worry about later on. I also then grabbed a new bottle of Foxfarm Grow, i love this stuff, and with all the extra vegging i've been doing the last couple cycles I've been using more of it. I changed from Botanicare's Cal-Mag Plus to Technaflora brand of Cal-Mag. Besides the Botanicare being more expensive, i originally wanted my Hydro stores house brand, but they said they lost there supplier:(, but they assure me the Technaflora is similiar to the house brand, because it has two sources of Calcium vs Botanicare's single calcium source. Lastly and not most importantly i got 15 larger pots. These are the largest ones the had in stock. 5.5 x 5.5.x 6" pots. The guy said they will hold a quart. There about 4x bigger than my old square pots. Im hoping to see a dramatic improvement in yield over those other pots i was using,



*edit- cant forget the pit pots, thats the most important thing i bought ive been wasting my seed lots trying to sprout them, so i will be going back re trying sprouting again and hopefully this time around ill get everything that germs, instead 1 or 2 out of 5, which sucks bad

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Had some stem snapping happening so here's a couple dry pics












another 12-24 hrs and ill see if there ready for the jar*



*edit 12/31/2011


The Jack in flower showed sex

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Wow Havent updated this thread since last year!!!!!


Nothing much happen in this update except a couple photos of the Green Meanie after its been in the jar. Wanted some good shots as last few harvest i havent got any dry shots up because i smoke it too fast. Propably wont have anymore of this cut until summer sometime :(












I do have other plants somewhere, and maybe, just maybe ill update a few of them when lights on comes around :whistle:

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Looks like you gave yourself some nice new years presents ;)


I'm sure you're (and your girls) going to benefit from those bigger pots.


Did you use the pitpots already or saving them for later?


Best of luck!

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Thanks a lot Bazz. Yea it was a real treat bringing in new years on my OWN stash!!!


Well I used one pitpot to try and see how it would do with a clone in it, but mostly im saving them for seeds. I cant run any seeds currently as all available space is being used for clones/veg, but as soon as i can i will be :)

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Ok guys im back with a new one to update for you.


Chem D, my first and only clone only :dribble:


Shes's about 5-6 weeks flow














Slowly Filling up




back right corner is Sannies Jack finishing up, and in the front right is a Double Koosh i just added in tonight.

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High Fuzz,


Nice dry buds u have there of your mean green!!


How is the taste ?


That Chemdog D is looking mighty fine aswell!



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