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Bitecoin a new web currency?

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1. It's P2P

2. There is NO central database

3. It's 'open source software'


Then ?



2. WHO guarantees that a HASH number is authentique ?



Nobody, right ?


Doesn't this look like a very elaborate way to get people to invest (some) money into a scheme that BEGS for fraud ?

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Hey Fuzz420,

man if we knew each other in the real, I'd buy you the finest dinner, at the best place around, for that link!!!

Then smoke you up for a month!! Give you some of my finest stashed away herb, I have man!!

Reading that was like getting smacked good and hard up side my fucking head!!!

OHHHH DAMN what a opportunity that is. Thank you!!


Hey kees,

[bitcoins are generated on a logarithmic scale by dedicated “miners” who run software that generate the complex hash codes which make up a Bitcoin. Bitcoins can not be artificially inflated and require real resources (electricity and time) to produce.]

This is from Fuzz420's link.


As soon as I read this,

[Anyone who has a through understanding of Austrian economics should immediately recognize the inherent benefits of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the equivalent of electronic gold. Even better than gold in some respects.] I almost fell down!!


The prospects just bloomed in my head!!


Starting (around) in 2000, with GWB, being elected,then reelected. Then as stupid suckers started believing deficits dont matter, or the greatest nonsense, like to big to fail, or bailouts, what utter lunacy!!

I took my entire life savings, and converted it to gold and silver, some physical, some in IRA's, and G/S mining stocks.

I knew/betted the USA would not follow sound monetary policies,

They since made my tiny little bit of retirement, explode since then.

IMHO, the next decade belongs to Bitcoin.

I'm going mining!!

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