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Big Buddha Cheese

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@NecroNano: yes, it was a busy weekend indeed! still busy on it @ home B).

The drying is going good. Stays nice light green colour but I don't really know what I am smelling when I open the jar. It's a more neutral smell. Not really cheese like when I chopped it. The jar was open during the weekend but is now closed again, will let it "burp" each day. Maybe the internal moist in the bud will bring back the cheese smell like with chop.


@Eskobar: it's a bit a shame the vendors sometimes don't even know what theyre selling. I like the whole backgroundstory around it B). Anyways it was described on the menu as: a sweet silver haze, if I recall correctly. I don't know if it's the real deal or a commercial technique but it's great bud!


All this nice tastes and smells of bud is setting my standards high for my homegrown bud :) :D

It's just amazing that weed can taste that good!!!


Greetings ya'll

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High all!!!


I proudly anounce the result of my Big Buddha Cheese. Nothing but love for Big Buddha!!






So I have 8.5grams of homegrown Big Buddha Cheese. :o Better then I expected! :)

Gonna give away some samples to friends down here to, so they can see what poor growing with good genetics can do :lol:


Now the fun part, smoking it!!!! :execute



Little review by me ;)


IMO this herb looks killer! it can lay down next to the amsterdam stash for shure!(with little bit extra trim). Calyxes stay nice lightgreen with a nice frost on them. The budleaves still on, look darker green also with nice layer of frost.


The smell is fresh and cheesey, the internal moist of the buds brought back the smell into it. Still it aint the same smell when u crumble it. When crumbled it really creeps up your nose, NICE!! :D


When I lit the joint the first taste was the freshness still, maybe thats the afghan in it???, but on the exhale theres the cheese!!!!!! ;) It doesnt linger on the tongue like I would have wanted but this is just great!!!!

Taste-wise if this was grown properly with no major problems, this would be the sh*t mayn!!!! B)


Effect I cant really judge. Not such an expert in there yet :D I think it's a more clear high I have, still want to go outside after smoking it so :lol: all good!



Looks: 8.5/10

Smell: 6.5/10

Taste: 7.5/10

Effect: 7/10


So thats about it I guess...


Esko your up next!!! :D


Thanks ya'll for the comments and watching along!!!!


Greetings :j

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Thanks Fuzz!!


Things will never be the same again ;) ....








Because I bought me a Homebox Small Silver edition ( 80x80x160cm ) :) :execute :D ;)

That's right! A new home for the next round!

Still gonna grow under Tneon 110watt. Maybe I double it up, but i'll see..


Keep checking out the Micro/Fluo section peepz! New topic will apear soon.



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