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How to Grow Hydro Flooding Style

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Growpito flood and drain Video: Official and not a grower made one.


Flood and Drain:


Transplanting in Mapito:


Good videos. Don't watch the follow-up video in the first link unless you enjoy being greenwashed to death.

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Where are all the Hennepdesk guys these days? :P


If i may on your behalf Henny,


Henny has small planted clones (12") that are yellowing from the bottom up.


Tips are light green (new growth) with mid growth leaves yellow with green veins and some of the lowest leaves yellow but becoming necrotic (dying with edges and leaf turning crispy white)


I suspect root rot issue which would explain lack of water uptake and yellowing.


Distorted/discolored new leaves = elements unavailable - check ph availability


Distorted/discolored old leaves = insufficient amount of element = increase element


Hidronesia spoke of bad starting/yellowing but in regards to reusing mapito (decomposition of old roots causing N deficiency) but henny's is first use I believe.


What are your experiences guys? :)








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thanks rose again your are the best thumps UP buddy here is my problem plus picture links ;)



I have some problems with my ladys the surface is almost dry i cant squeeze out water..

but in side the crates is still wet and i can squeeze water out and the EC is 0.7

the Temperatures are max.29° celsius min. is 20° celsius

humanity is max.65% min.40%

The problem is the leafs are yellow i will add some pictures for you so you can see what i mean ;) (link)


i think the leafs are yellow because the PH is not correctly so i just bought a new ph gauge and the ph from my old gauge was 0.3 ph

higher!!! i flush the floor with 5.6PH but the real PH was 5.9!

So what do you think what i have to do now? flush the floor every 3rd day with the right PH 5.6?! or what is your advice?!


Or the issue is to low nitrogen?! iam using HESI for my ladys and the NPK stats are 3-2-4 very low i guess ?! i will buy now from

CANNA the hydro vega nutrient NPK stats are 6-2-8 i will spray on the plants directly hopefully it helps.....


please help me...



best regards

henny...sorry for my poor english...


here are the picture links







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Potentially a handful of aspects going and lets not jump to conclusions on certainty nor cure.

In the below sequence, before we do anything we need to identify what the issue is and then give it a proper think before acting on it.

  1. Rule out bug infestation. If it is a bug infestation look for larva of fungus gnats. If you have any small flies, you got em.
  2. Rule out root rot or any other rooting issue. (Check and clean filters in pumps if you have that type) If rez temps rise too high this can be direction of root rot. (using some H2O (hydrogen peroxide) at time of feeding will help with this but also helps add oxygen to water and has root benefits. Do not do this if you use bio organic nutrients.
  3. If absolutely nothing eating roots and roots are white in the crate and normal looking then proceed.
  4. Possible phosphorous deficiency was noticed and reacted with a high dose of vegetative nutrients (nitrogen) and scorched tips. This could also be caused by normal feeding but with damaged roots if a bug or rot issue it causes an aspect similar to high EC.

I look and look at your pics and I feel like I am just not seeing something. I cant put my finger on it but I am zombie tired and that may be it.


I do not see PH issues.

Check res temperatures at feeding. Make sure around 72f add ice bottles if necessary to bring down. I am not sure what that is off hand in voodoo Celsius numbers :wOOt


In hydro I like to add a we bit of yucca as to help ensure even distribution in root zones but in mapito this may not be as effective as I act like it is compared to DWC and the like. Still I recommend it at 1/4 to 1/2 tsp per 10 -15 gallons for maintenance level. It will help with pumps.


I will try to be back tomorrow and give a fresh look but this the Hempyfan zombie tired level of help so I apologize if I missed something.


Good night and I hope tomorrow finds you better.


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Thanks a lot Hempyfan you help me a lot :tu


i will make more pictures from other plants and roots so you can get a better look maybe you can see something then!


And i will check the roots and make some pictures but i dont think there is root rot inside the crates..we will see

I have use now new mapito from agrawool and i flushed before the new mapito and i checked the EC was 0,5 and now i squeeze the mapito out and EC is 0,7-0,8

maybe i have to put more nutrients?! higher EC??!!


Or could be the issue i have feed the plants before with wrong PH ?! and now i only need to flush/feed with the right PH?!

i never go above 1.0 EC in the first 2 weeks so the EC is not to high now....

maybe the issue is the HESI nutrients??!! because the NPK stats are to low for my plants (cheese) and the ladys need more NPK like canna got on his nutrients?!


here is a link i think this could be the issue


watch the color of my leaves looks similiar or?!


and here is something i found on growweedeasy.com


Sometimes you can get the signs of a cannabis nitrogen deficiency if the pH at the plant root zone is too low, even if the nitrogen is there. This is because when the pH at the roots is not right, your plant roots can't properly absorb nutrients.

and they say also on this side this about PH range

No Need to Be Exact - Let pH Range Up & Down

The thing to remember with pH is that you don't need to be exact. What you do need to be is consistent in keeping the pH from creeping too high or too low in your plant root zone.

As long as you stick within the recommended pH ranges above, you will prevent the majority of all nutrient problems caused by too-high or too-low pH.

Why is it a good idea to let the pH cover a range instead of always adjusting to the exact same pH number? Some nutrients are better absorbed at slightly higher pH readings, while others are absorbed better at lower pH readings. Not having to try to pinpoint an exact number also saves a lot of unnecessary frustration.



So what is your advice PH for mapito at 5.5 - 5.8 or higher/lower?


So much maybe this maybe that..iam totaly confused :wacko:


hopefully i get them back to normal color....


thanks in advance for help and reply :)

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I like ph of 5.6 in veg and early flower going to 5.8 in flower.


I do not believe PH is an issue here. I have no experience with Hesi nutrients but most would say to go EC of around 1. First lets rule out root issues.


Do you see the splotches on the leafs



This is a stages of phosphorous deficiency in leafs



More signs of phosphorous issue


Notice the type of yellow and dying part of leaf.


you could have several things going on and very well could be low EC for the plant. When you figured your EC did you count the water EC or without it. Lets say you have a water ec .40 and your target is 1.0ec. You could add in the water .40ec water and .60 nutrients to = 1ec but most will tell you to add 1 ec to the water for a total of 1.4ec. I tend to go cautious until I know the plant and might start at .7ec plus water and work from their. I think your plant is starving but it might be better to punt if you can make new clones.


Hopefully someone with hesi experience can offer better input regarding your line. I have heard good things regarding the line.


Mapito is a unforgiving but rewarding media. I recommend watching the growpito videos posted above to give a good expectation, while the mapito may be a bit different the basic concept remains the same.


Hope this helps.





I think you are signalling on the yellow. This can be caused by many things.


Questions are stems only going red after transplant or always red.


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Hello and thanks again for reply

Ok your advice is to stay low in EC for the next feeding right?!

And PH range veg 5.6 and flowering 5.8 ok ;)

I cant make new clones...so i have to wait and hope the plants will recover!!


What you think about the plants can they recover in the next days/weeks?!


here a some new pics with roots and overall take a look please










greetz henny

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Ok, LOW EC is a certain. I can see whole stem better in first pic.


See where it is green and goes to dark purple. This is not likely genetic as it is hungry for Phosphorous.


I would up the EC to 1EC at 5.8 range. As to help better get at the phosphorous.


PH chart for nutrient absorption for hydro and soiless medias.




I would increase your EC 1 ec (not counting your water ec) to and see how the plant responds. Give some type of amino acids and calcium as well. Some of your hesi products probably has this. Check labels. The amino acids will help the plant uptake the calcium and work to keep up with fast nitrogen growth which you might get if get this right once the plant turns around.


I believe they are starving all things considered. Be careful to not just go crazy in raising EC. Better to do it in smaller jumps than one large one but if you last was .7EC raise it to 1EC and watch. I normally would be more cautious and raise EC in increments of .10 each feeding following as the plant shows but she is starving.


After she feeds, next day lets look at pics again and compare. You want to see better growth, the old growth will not improve in appearance. Look to see new growth begin to lose that purple.


Transplanting will help with root growth. Also pay attention to water temperature.


Some HD guys would tell you tell you to go higher EC far earlier than I did but I have seen my share of plants in mapito that does not want higher than 1 EC counting water EC. So I am far more cautious before stating to go to traditional numbers.


I believe most of HD would say to go up to 1.2 depending but I say 1 ec and watch the plant. It will respond quickly. Also add magnesium with the calcium (calmag type of product). Likely part of your calcium input already.


They will be fine and should green up nicely in future growth.

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I increase the EC to 1.3 included tapwater...my tapwater EC is 0.4 and PH is now 5.6 i spray it today on the plants directly just the plant not the surface.

inside is still wet.

next day i will spray it again with higher PH 5.8 ;) and same EC!

I use it canna product now the NPK is higher then Hesi products hopefully it helps.... lets wait a few days i will make new pics at monday maybe something has changed


have a nice weekend cya

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Hey guys I've just started my first Mapito grow thanks to all u guys fr your help God bless any help in my topic is very welcomed thanks guys so so much I am struggling a little thanks God bless

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8 hours ago, webeblzr said:

Pics from the space lab? That is very dialed in!! Lovely!!

its only one cruiser of the starfleet. The space lab itself is the datacenter ;)

Biggest plants in mid get 1200 PFD. Sundae Driver x Grape Pie x Kosher OG x OZ Kush. Beam me up scotty.

The field of view is 5ft wide, the picture is not showing the real size they are.

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