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Humboldt & Vitalink users ?

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Hi all,

I have an aquaintance who's having a few issue's some of which I WISH I could have hahaha.


The grower in question is growing a strain which he has grown out many times before with no issues using Vitalink products.

He is running 4 x Gavita 1000DE units , CO2 and Air-Con.

His room temp varies from 26-28C and his lsurface leaf temps are around 23-24 I think, so everything is spot on.

The only changes to the grow this time is the change from crap 1000w ballasts to the Gavita 1000DE..........

EVERYTHING is going MENTAL, the plants under the Gavita's are monsters and he's having to run his EC at 3.5 :specool

the run off being 1.5. (this is in rockwool) the plants have been responding well (too well) he's strugling to keep up himself. I have been told than previous on transplanting some plants showed mag deficiency but was corrected and all bounced back well within a week.

Now week 5 or 6 i'm told that ALL now are showing the same deficiency, but he's not 100% sure, he thinks possibily that they are simply growing that well the vitalink nute's simply can't deliver the goods fast enough.

Everything else is spot on, if not too spot on. He as been told to make a switch to Humboldt nutes as these are heavy and may help in his 'Garden Of Overdrive'.

I have no experience of vitalink or Humboldt myself so I said I'd asked around.

I did say test the Mag deficiency theory again by testing a few plants first, but he seems keen it's the vitalink that can't keep up.

And he's blaming the lighting :specool

Any input from Vitalink users, Humboldt users or ANYONE.... :engel

Would be appreciated. I have requested pic's but I'm not going to hold my breath on that one.



Grtz from The Hill :P

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Hi Hill -

I have been using Humboldt Nutrients for years (I'm assuming you are speaking of HN and not Humboldt Gavity, Purple Maxx, etc) I have used the Master with coco - and NEVER had deficiencies. Though, I did use the entire schedule. Nice that they have SeaCal and SeaMag - so you can dose according to your needs. Ph definitely plays a part in having everything as it should be. Is your friend someone who puts a high importance on pH, ppm's, etc?

I currently use their organic line with soil & am just as impressed with my results (organically) as I was with the Master line & agroponic substrate. I run 25 +/- strains, and of course run into ones here or there that need higher doses of nitrogen or magnesium with the organic line.

Not familiar with vitalink nutrients, so I can't compare or comment.

Hope that helps.

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