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silver surfer

50W ! high tech DIY LED lamp test

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Hey Weedstiti,




the smell of the criticals is very very very intense, I should use a carbon filter!


The cannalopes will take exactly 8 weeks, I know this pheno very well, the criticals i don't know exactly but something like 8-9 weeks.


I'm very pleased with this grow, for only 50W i can expect +/- 50g, 12,5g/plant is possible, we will see, still 2-3 weeks to go...

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Bloom + 7 weeks, still growin'




family picturegallery_3562_2582_24619.jpg




Critical 1






Critical 2






Cannalope haze 1






Cannalope haze 2



I have hundred of fucking fungus gnats in the grow tent :verryangry: :kill: , I ordered nematodes (steinernema feltidiae) for the next grow.


I water with pure water since one week, leaves are just starting to yellow, they should take still 8-10 days. I should check the trichomes at the beginning of next week.


I measured the exact power consumption, 51W at 700mA, + 5,2W of fans for LED cooling + 8,5W for the exhaust fan. So total power all included is ~ 65W for this setup at full power.



...and for the next grow, 4 critical + are vegging in my other 40² tent under leds (veg spectrum lamp), they are LSTed except one wich had roots damages (the one on the left front corner), I will probably try a scrog.





...who said that LEDs don't work?? :whistle:

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I have hundred of fucking fungus gnats in the grow tent :verryangry: :kill: , I ordered nematodes (steinernema feltidiae) for the next grow.


Hola Surfer, very nice pics dude.

And for those gnats, go to the pharmacy and buy a spray against mosquitoes (like the one when going to countries with malaria) made of Permethrin. Spray once the bottom of your pots. Wait 7 days and spray again. You should be done. ;)

Worked very well for me after a one year infestation. Have not seen a single gnat for several months now. :)




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Thanks bro Lexn :) !


Hey weedstiti,


actually, I hunt them with my vacuum cleaner :D

thanks for the tip but I hate chemicals, I don't know if the permethrin will finish in the buds and i don't want to smoke some, so I prefer to use nematodes against larvaes and sticky traps to catch the adults.


I hate these fucking gnats! I tried a carnivorous plant (drosera capensis) it worked for a time but finally the drosera died, because of aphids ! :o In fact, the drosera had aphids on her when i bought her at the garden center, and finally these aphids went on my cuttings :cry , so I had to spray pirethrins against the aphids :angry: .


One of my two droseras died, eated by aphids :excl: , a strange death for a carnivorous plant isn't it?



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Hey Lexn!


...yes, more budporn coming!


Harvest day: 60 days of 12/12 today


the 4 plants, very ripe, 50% amber trichs on cannalopes, 80% on criticals





the criticals, just before the cut







the cannalopes, fan leaves removed




the average temperatures in the box during this grow was 19-21°, with an higher temperature of 24° I think the yield could be a little bigger, and i had hundreds of fungus gnats, many of them are sticked in the buds :angry: , i should have to use nematodes, the larvaes are eating the roots, maybe the yield could be a little better without the gnats. I used steinernema feltiae for the next grow.


But i'm pleased with the result, the buds are nice for such a small power of light.


Today I cleaned the tent and i puted the 3 topped and LSTed C+ and one cannalope under the flowering light. This time, the cannopy will be more horizontal, I won't have gnats, and i will try to keep the plants at 22°.


Pics of the new grow:


(without color adjustment)





(with color adjustment)






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:dribble: :yummy: :likken: the finished grow aswell as the new start looks mighty fine mate!!!


I hope along that you will be spared of fungus gnats with your new round.



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lol dude !

Simply wonderfull growth, no doubt now for the led growth it work pretty well when you don't want much heat... :icecream:

People who grow with a hot weather should looking for LED.

Awesome with 60W only ! thanks for showing mate ! :grinning_respect:

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thanks Hiwatt,


LEDs when the weather is hot, yes, sure they are perfect in this case.

They are very nice for small setups too. I don't think that 60W of fluoros could give such a penetration and buds as big, even a small 70W HPS.


I'm so pleased with this lamp that i'm building a new one, same design but with 5 engines instead of 4 engines. Same structure as this one, but with one more 7 leds light engine at the center. I will use it in the same tent, 40x40cm. The red leds I will use for the new lamp are 24% more efficient than those i used for the first one, so I think this new setup will give better results.

Max power will be 72W, so 450W/m², it was 360W/m² here for the first grow above.

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You want to get rid of gnats? Try diotemaceous earth on the top of your soil. Two applications of azamax would kill all gnats and thrips.


Azamax is OMRI certified and derived from Neem Oil.






Botanical Insecticide, Miticide, and Nematicide


AzaMax is a natural product with a broad spectrum of pest control and broad plant applications. AzaMax is made from special Azadirachtin Technical extracted using patented extraction technology from Neem, a tree known for it’s innumerable benefits. AzaMax contains Azadirachtin A&B as active ingredients and more than 100 limonoids from it’s special technology. The special feature of AzaMax is that it does not use hard chemical solvents and uses food grade formulation ingredients. AzaMax is licensed in all 50 states.

AzaMax is an antifeedant and insect growth regulator and controls pests through starvation and growth disruption. AzaMax effectively controls spider mites, thrips, fungus gnats, aphids, whiteflies, leaf miners, worms, beetles, leafhoppers, scales, mealy bugs, nematodes and other soil borne pests. Best of all, AzaMax can be applied up to the time or day of harvest. The product is exempted from residue tolerance, thus there is no harmful residue on veggies, fruits, herbs and flowers etc. Truly, AzaMax is a product of Nature in tune with Technology.

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hey Joker!


thanks for the tips, I found diatomaceous earth in a shop last weekend, I was searching for this product for one year, but I couldn't find it in small packages. I bought some, i will try it.


About Azamax this is actualy not possible to find it in Europe, the european community forbidden its sale, as for neem oil and every products with azadirachtin. Azadirachtin can perturb the endocrin system and turn male insects to females :D .

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Hey Vlaanders,


thanks bro!


Good luck on the new round!


yes i need luck, this is my first scrog ever, finally i decided to Scrog the ladies today. When you see a grow diary it seems simple but when you try to do it this is another story!


I hope that it wasn't too late to make it.





I hope that i will be able to water them right. Now i can't move the pots and feel the weight, and they are 4 plants in 4 small pots so impossible to use a blumat digital.

Usually i hate challenges, but when it is for ganja growing i'm OK :likken:

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buds are dry, the weights:


cannalope 1: 9,4g

cannalope 2: 10,2g

critical mass 1: 9,9g

critical mass 2: 9,6g


total: 39,1g with 54W of light, so 0,72g/W, not bad with unscroged, unLSTed plants...and a lot of higly resinous small leafs for the pollinator :dribble:


pics of the buds:






i'm very pleased with this critical mass pheno, the smell is very fruity and nice, a lot of resin, buds are not as dense as the cannalope buds, but not bad for a critical.


cannalope haze pineaple/melon pheno:




this cannalope pheno is amazing, highly resinous, beatifull smell and taste, devastating effect...



Now news from the SCROG: i finished the new lamp with same design but 5x7leds instead of 4x7leds, 80W of total power with the 5 fans. The SCROGed plants are doing well. I switched today for the new lamp, they have almost 2 weeks of 12/12. This chicken wire 40mm is a bit too small, 50mm could be better, but it will work.




the colors are adjusted to white


I measured 30000 lumens just under one spot at 18cm, this is 10000 lumens more than the V1 lamp, this lenses are narrower, 58° instead of 68°, is would prefer a wider angle but these lenses are cheaper.

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Hola beautiful gecko how's it ?


So if I'm not misunderstanding you, you've got 30000 lumens out of 80W ???

It's just impressive to say the least. ;)

Btw very nice pics m8. I'm jealous of your setup and your results too. :icecream:

Keep on spreading the right speech for the leds to become more affordable...



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hey Lexn,


thanks Bro!


Hola Weedstiti!


exactly this is 30000lux at 18cm under one spot, outdoor under full sun this is 50000-100000lux, and 25000lux for a cloudy day.


I told about lumens but my luxmeter gives the results in lux so I apologize.


The light power measured by the luxmeter is mostly the power of white leds, the red ones are powerfull but red wavelengths are at the border of the human eye curve, so for red 1W of light is 50lumens and for green 1W of light is 350lumens.




at 18cm, the least enlightened zones are receiving 18000lux, but 70% of the area receive more than 25000lux. The illumination is not uniform, there are hot spots under the 4 engines (the engine at the center has no lens).


here is a pic of the luxmeter





In the other 40x40 tent I had one kolossus feminized and one jackberry regular under one small 84X penetrator.


They are LSTed. They are in 12/12 since two weeks. I removed the penetrator yesterday and placed the V1 54W lamp in the tent.

Unfrotunately, the jackberry is a male :thumbsdown: , I played, I lost... but I planned to make a jackberry selecta for the next grows.


pic: jackberry and kolossus under penetrator:




jackberry male:




now only one plant left in the tent under 54W rebel lamp, the Kolossus, nice strong plant :yummy:






...about the gecko, i found that pic on the web, but i would love to have one like that, but i don't know if he could live with my cat :D

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Hi Lexn,


The Kolossus is doing fine, very nice plant. Now she is under the 80W DIY, I had issues with the SCROG (C+ and cannalope), so I changed the lamps, the SCROG is under the 4spots / 60W lamp, the Kolossus under the 5 spots / 80W lamp.


Pics from the kolossus tent, she is 30 days into 12/12, lovely plant:








first thrichs are coming on the Kolossus buds



The SCROG, with 3 critical mass, and one cannalope haze (upper right)


Big issues with the Criticals +, they are not healthy, spots on the leafs, I don't know if they are overfed/overwatered or if it's a desease. I feed them very lightly since i discovered the spots on the leafs. I water them with 250ml/plant every 3 days. They are unhealthy since 20 days now :(


The cannalope is fine, the criticals are sick...

I'm not very familiar with scrog. Usually I feel the weight of the pots and this way I know when and how to water them. But whith a scrog i can't do that so I'm carefull, I water lightely. It was the same pheno as with the first grow, so i know how they eat and drink, but unfortunately I can't keep them healthy. Maybe be it is a desease, some kind of mold. The cannalope is staying very healthy.








Cannalope buds, very nice and frosty, healthy plant...strange





E$ko.... heeeellllppppp!!!!

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Hi Lexn,


the leaf issue is still bad, but I think that I have the explanation:


A friend gave me the 3 Critical + clones in 3,5 l pots, they were very healthy at the start, i kept these pots and soil and didn't change anything, just puted them in the tent.

First, he told me he used canna pro soil, but now he is not sure, maybe it was pure plagron batmix :whistle: , and he told me last week that he used a big layer of clay peebles at the bottom of the pots! (He is not a very experienced grower, he starts growing 6 month ago)


I'm pretty sure that the clay peebles (with wrong ph around 7-8) changed the ph of the soil. And if it was batmix (EC 2,4) instead of canna pro (EC 1,3) the criticals were overfed too. It's just a root zone PH issue plus maybe an high EC issue.


The cannalope is in canna pro plus whithout clay peebles (i never use clay peebles, this is dangerous for the soil PH balance and there is no need to use it). The cannalope is still very healthy.

The 3 C+ are sick but there are buds, i will harvest C+ buds anyway, but maybe half of the weight that i expected.


I will take pics soon.



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