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soopy's quest...

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Hello all, welcome to my winter 2011 indoor grow. This time I am going with a soilless/hydro style, hand watering from below right now. I am using Atami soiless mix, pretty much Pro-mix, with some mychos added in. They are being fed GH 3 part with Earth Juice Catalyst, and some Calmag. Ph is 6.5. I had some issues with organic soil mixes last winter during my indoor grow, and tried out the GH 3 part over the summer with my outdoor. I had good results outside so I am going to stick with what is working. I am learning that finding what methods and systems work for me is the biggest lesson, to keep it simple so my problems stay simple, lol.


I have some kushes two weeks into flower, all were 8" tall or less when flowering was induced. This is my first time with nearly all these strains ( with the exception of CeCe) and am glad I flipped them right away, they are filling out to a perfect size for my area and light size (600 watt). The pots are a little over a gallon (4L) and have a net bottom for flooding. I plan on putting up a trellis in the next couple of days to help with the absurd weight of the impending buddage :bier .


Alien Kush from a friend. From the first release, I was told, and has a beautiful shape. This strain has the least stretch of the bunch. There of four of these flowering now.





CeCe, Chem D x SFV OG I believe, getting her stretch on. This will be my fourth time flowering her out, third time indoor. I feel that I know her a lot better now and have a chance to see what she can do. Just one plant this round.





A Fire OG cut my buddy gave to me, not too much info on it other than it was a good yeilder and super potent. We shall see.....Looks good so far! Four of these.







Tahoe OG, clone only. Very stoked to be running this cut, I LOVE this smoke and have been wanting to grow the clone for quite some time. Just one this time, to feel her out.







Roots loving the flooding. Flooded once a day with about 2-3 gal of veg-bloom transition food. They were getting the agressive veg ratio for the first two weeks of flowering, to help feed the stretch. Now that flowers are forming I am going to glide on over to the bloom ratio during the next week.




Questions and comments are welcome. I wouldn't have gotten this far on my own, that's for sure!


Thanks for stopping in ;)

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Lookin' great soopy!


Not that you should change anything, but if you're running GH 3part you should check out the Lucas formula. Save you some bucks on nutes! Lucas.com


Love that Tahoe, one of my favorites.



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Snoopy, thanks man! I must admit that I am off to a good start, it is the task of KEEPING it going well that is the hard part. Thank you for the kind words and wishes.


AWAKE, you are right. I used all 3just during my outdoor run, to get a feel for how the 3-part worked with my hard tap water. It worked well, so I am looking at the Lucas formula. With so much N in my calmag I'm sure I can rework the ratios. I have seen great results from the Lucas formula over the years and would like to try it. Thanks for the thoughts

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All is going well. Just repotted some Killer Queen x Blue Kronic (3), Lemon Thai f3's, Bodhi seeds (3), and 2 La Pure Kush x Chocolate Rain. Wouldn't mind a nice male of any one of them.


Pics will be up this evening.



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Pics. Everything has been flowering for 3 weeks. The Alien Kush is in the lead with the flower size and frost production. At this early stage she smells VERY similar to my KO Kush Heri dom pheno that I grew last year. Spicy, earthy, floral with a little sharp citrus maybe. Tahoe already getting her frost too, super-lemon smell off her right now. Seems like the Fire OG cut and Cece are gearing up.


Alien Kush









Fire OG Kush.




Tahoe OG Kush.




Killer Queen x Blue Kronics






Lemon Thai F3's, Dutch Flowers via Bodhi seeds.




Some LA Pure Kush's vegging until room opens up, sometime around the begnig of Dec.



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What a collection Soopy...LOL....That Tahoe looks really nice, how does its smoke compare to the LAPK ?


Must say they look very healthy, even if they are almost too dark green, maybe you should cut a little back on the Mag, on the other hand, it looks like you have it under control.


I have tried the Lucas a few times, and I am of the opinion that you are much better of using GH schedule adjusted to your plants needs as you see them come. You can find the exact NPK ratio's of the gro,flo and micro and then do your own food.


As I remember it its 1-1-1 for veg 3-2-1 for aggressive preflower and 1-2-3 for real flowering, which makes it possible to make smooth nute transitions very easily. Thats what I really liked about GH, the flexibility. Never been able too complain about the product, other than its easier with two bottles compared to 3.


I mostly use Canna, but thats cause I am in coco for the time being, but real hydro is always GH.


Have a good one Soopy



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Thanks Satyr, you got a nice collection yourself, lol! I can't wait to get the Weasel Diesel into the flowering room, your grows and smoke reports have me itching. As to the Tahoe vs. LAPK, I would say that the Tahoe has more of a sativa head to her. By that I mean a little more pressure behind the eyes and a little more "thought production" as it were. Kinda like Chem D but not as intense I guess is the best way I can put it at this moment. I haven't grown the Tahoe before but I have smoked lots of it, I have grown the LAPK before but never smoked anyone else's, lol. There is your grain of salt. Tahoe is thick fuely, lemon cleanser odor, the LAPK more a incense, hashy, floral almost odor. Both posses that "kushy" aspect that ties all the other notes together.


I do believe you are right about the plants being a little too green. I will try the calmag every other watering and wee if that keeps it where it is at. I am going to do another couple grows with all the GH 3 parts before I try the Lucas formula, the results I'm seeing do not warrant a change IMO. You are spot on with the GH ratios! That is exactly the ratios I used and am using! The 3-2-1 for early bloom was perfect, I have never had plants this healthy through that stage.


Thanks for stopping in man, your skills are most welcome here!

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Hey Soop,


You have a lovely harem, can't wait to see em finished. You gonna add any bloom boosters? Also, I believe Pro-Mix is amended with lime? Maybe no cal-mag needed at all? Especially if you are running out of the tap...

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AMNT, I think you could very well be right about the calmag not being needed. My tap water is pretty hard, filled with a lot of minerals. I don't have a breakdown of what it is made up of, but I would bet it has a fair amount of calcium in it from the look of the water stains. I am going to pull back a bit on the calmag and see how everything looks. I hope that by the end of this run I'll have a better understanding of how much my water is providing my plants and then make up the rest with fertalizers. I know I could get my water tested and see the components, but that wold just suck the fun outta all this wouldn't it?!


I picked up some Budswell today, will be adding that to the bloom feed. It is my first run with most of these strains so I don't want to lose my focus with too many addatives.


Thanks for stoppin in man, I can't wait to see them done either!

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Looking great Soopy! That Cece was superb smoke .The WeaselDiesel is in that taste range. The plant structure is nice.

Lucas in hydro was an instant disaster with tap water. I think it's best with RO water. My tap is 190 ppm and the ph is around 8.

The 3-2-1 2-2-3 1-2-3 works. 1= 5 ml per 2 gallons. Its pretty easy.

Play with the budswel for personal taste. I used 5ml per gallon for years. Now I will use 2 tsp per gallon weeks 4-6. Sometimes it leaves a taste if overdone. Each strain is different. For PK I used 5 ml. The Diesel prefers lighter nutes.


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Quick update.

Satyr & AMNT, the calmag is being given every 2-3 waterings, it was getting kinda dark! I gave them a plain water Ph 6.5 and they loved it. Thank you for your input guys.


Joker, Budswell is being used at 5 ml/gal for the "plain waterings" inbetween the 1-2-3 GH waterings. Cal mag is every third watering or so. CeCe is filling in nicely, I am tempted to try out some CeCe x Chocolate Rains I made.


Wall-eyed arial shot. It's not the easiest "room" to take shots in, lol. Just finished a PM spray, hence the drips on the wall.






CeCe in the front, the one with the tighter nodes.



Tahoe OG Kush, super lemon-head candy with a thick, but slight, fuel building. It's a good thing that she is pretty and smells good, as she wont yeild much, lol.





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Alien Kush by far the farthest along, both in flower developement and trich production. Still smells almost identical to my Heri-dom KO Kush I had last year. Never grew the Las Vegas Purple Kush but I have grown some Alien Kush crosses and I think there isn't much of the Alien coming through in the structure, just in the oil profile. The AK does bring down flowering time so I hope these might be done a little sooner than the OG's, to make room for all the other members of the All Star team.



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Day 36 of 12/12.


Alien Kush day 36 of 12/12










Fire OG. Also day 36 of 12/12.








Either Tahoe OG or CeCe, I can't tell or remember. Way different smells though.



Edited by soopy

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I am battling PM right now. I haven't tried Greenscure ( sp?) but am looking into options. The flowering room is a bit crowded and I need to fit another fan or two in there.


They have been getting GH standard flower ratio with budswell at 1 Tbs per gal every other watering. Earth Juice Catalyst as well. No calmag for the last 3 waterings, looks fine.

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Thanks Mack, I have found a great product that works. It has the same active ingredient as Serenade, Bacillus s.




Alien Kush at day 45. Smells like fruity pebbles, full on Fruity Pebbles!








Fire OG Kush day 45.






I think I will begin the flush at the end of this week, day 49. The Alien Kushes look like they will come down before the OG's. A couple PM spots here and there, the flowering room will get a wipe down and cleaning before the next run. All in all I am a happy camper with this grow.

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So I pulled the Alien Kush at day 51. PM was getting outta hand and I didn't want to spray this late into flower. Veg room got the full wipe down today, the flower room will get it in the next couple of days when the Fire OG's come down. CeCe wont be done at 8 weeks but will come down so I can clean the room and get a fresh start. I will post pics of the chops as they happen.


All in all I am happy so far with this grow. The Alien looks done at 51 days, milky trichs. The one clone that wasn't topped put out nice sixe top cola and some nice smaller buds, but this is not a big yielding strain. Not at 7 weeks or so at least. Smells insane! Super funky, very similar to KO Kush and a Purple Kush ( SR71?) that I got mislabled from Harborside years ago. Very hasy and almost floral/fruity. Fruity Pebbles doused in gas? Close.


Some chop shots. All Alien Kush.























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Hola Soopy


Looks like a small harvest. LOL, but they look toxic to smoke, as usual, quality is always expensive or hard to get.


Nice pics, I like how they are purpling in the later stages, do we get a smoke report Soopy ? And whats next on the program,



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Thank you Satyr, lol. Yes, they do look quite toxic, they better be for the freakishly low yield! I mean WTF..... I will give it points for finishing up very fast, just over 7 weeks for theses buds. I had some cool temps at night, that brought out some nice colors. I wish I could have taken them longer, but I desperately need to clean the room and, well, the next run will be better lol.


Up next is a bit of a dilemma. I have a Weasel Diesel that I have been waiting to try out for months now. But she has been vegging under floros and a 150 watt HPS and is over 2.5 feet tall at the moment. I dont have the room to let her go wild, so.... I am thinking seriously about a scrog with her, that should allow me to make use of all the vegging that has taken place while fixing the vertical issue, in theory. I also have the following that I can/would like to run along side:



Platinum Bubba Kush

Pre98 Bubba Kush

Legend OG Kush

Tahoe OG Kush (first run not so great lol)

Regulator Kush (Sour D/p98 Bubba x SFV OG Kush)

Lemon Thai F3 (Bodhi)


Hmmmmmmm...........I think I might flip the WD in a scrog, see how big she gets, then veg everything else so they will come out even with the WD. I may just keep the Bubbas and the LAPK for a seperate, low stretch run.


I have to shut the room down by April so I have only so much time to run strains inside. Then I store clones/moms in near suspended animation in a DR60 with my proprietary blend of low light, stale air, and neglect lol. Every thing else gets to go outside and play.


Alien Kush smoke report will be done in the next few weeks. It better be good........lol.

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Wow it's been a while. So here are some chop shots that I have been meaning to post for the last month or so. Had to pull everything a little early due to a pm issue, but still some great smoke.


First up, Fire OG.


getting top heavy












Tahoe. A larger container would have done wonders.





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Thanks man! I just got a vaporizer and the taste is amazing! The Fire OG is a great tasting cut, real lemony and fuely. The Tahoe has a much danker, mustier smell. I prefer the Fire OG at the moment. The Thaoe and CeCe needed a good two weeks more at least to fully ripen but they are fantastic smoke. Just goes to show the importance of good genetics.


Tomorrow I will post up some pics of the current round, Hells Angel OG, Chem d, Lemon Thai, and an Original Diesel.


Thanks for stopping in!

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Always been intrigued by the Tahoe....LOL....its looks like the tiny yielder it is, still mouthwatering though. Even bought Swerves Auto edition of the Tahoe once Haha......what a bummer...and you were talking S1...dum,dum...LOL


I read a good article about STS by the way, seems cannabis is by default male and if sex hormone are denied influence they always become male. Something about ethylene gas being in the calculation.


Anyway Soopy it seems you have some vaping waiting there......



Have a good one...see you around M8




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Thank you Satyr, the Tahoe is some kick ass smoke. I have 5 OG cuts to wade through and see who stays. So far the Fire cut I have seems to be a little ahead of the Tahoe in potency and light years ahead in yield. The Tahoe has a great body/indica component that sets it apart but we will have to see how it stacks up, lol. I have the Hell's Angel cut going now and have the Legend, a no-name OG to run still. The Legend has the deep musk of the Tahoe but with a heavier lemon nose. Great stuff! I just love the OG profile, it works so well for me.




I read a good article about STS by the way, seems cannabis is by default male and if sex hormone are denied influence they always become male. Something about ethylene gas being in the calculation.




I have been trying to make some colloidal silver for the last couple days with no success. I will succeed! I am dying to reverse the LAPK and make some crosses. About the gender bussiness..... my Lemon Thai male is slightly hermaphroditic. His sister is a full blown female. I have read articles by DJ Short that state that a hemi male has positive "female lean" effect to they're progeny. It can help reverse or counter-act hermi traits in females. I am going to use him and find out. Other than the few hairs on him, he has a great structure and smell. I will try and find some info/links on the subject. I want to see what kind of effect it will have on Chem d, if any, as far as naners/hermis.


I was also talking to a guy in one of my horticulture classes about ethylene manipulation for either ripening or gender, can't remember which. It sounded interesting, as did his new tissue culture kit :shifty: .


I have had good luck with Cali Connection seeds. I have some older, pre-auto issues, that have put out some great plants. I think that A lot of quality went out the window when Swerve had huge orders and hype to fill. I have heard a couple of stories/theories about the auto issues, but haven't had any troubles myself. Yet.


Some pics


Dutch Flower's Lemon Thai F3 by way of Bodhi seeds.





Chem d






HA OG's had a rough start. They are day 1 of 12/12 here (12/23/11).




And here they are today, 1/12/12. So day 19 of flower.






I had a bunch of extra HA cuts so I am trying 3 to a pot. Got 4 pots of three plants each. I just trimmed up the bottoms and will stake them soon to open up the centers.





That's all for now. Thanks for stoppin in!

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