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Lets eat weed.

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Today we make mocha cake.

I call him Mỹ Xuyên cake (out of respect for my sister in law).

Okay, first a big Vap.

Work in progress.


What we need.

the Cake.

200 g (7.055 ounce) sugar

1 vanilla pod (or vanilla sugar)

200g ((7.055 ounce) ) Cana butter

100 gram (3.527 ounce) of flour + 100g (3.527 ounce) of self-rising flour.

Pinch of salt

4 eggs

Put the oven at 140 graden (284 Fahrenheit) heat .

Cut the vanilla pod open and use the inside of the pod.

Stir the butter and sugar until it is airy with a mixer but it should be well airy

toss the eggs one for one in it and make sure it is mix good.

Put a pinch of salt and the in the butter/sugar mix don`t mix it but use a spoon and use that to mix it (Keep it airy).

Grease the baking pan and toss with a little flour.


Then I bake 30 to 40 minutes I use a lower heat so watch good that the cake is airy.

When it come straight from the oven put it on a rack or the underside will get wet.


Chop into 3 pieces and put away.


Then the custard that is use to make the mocha cream.

150 g (5.291 ounce) sugar

1 vanilla pod

2 tbsp. flour

500 ml milk

4 egg yolks

Mix the 4 egg yolks with 50 grams (5.291 ounce) of sugar.

If it is smooth add 2 large tablespoons of flour.

Heat the milk with the vanilla pod and when it start to boiling add 100 grams (3.527 ounce) sugar.

Pour the milk in the yolks /sugar mix put it all back into the pan and cook it light through.

Don`t go vaporizing weed now but just keep stirring.


Take the vanilla pod out and let cool down.

Now the mocha shit .

Mocha Cream

30 g (1.058 ounce) sugar

250 g (8.818 ounce )canna butter (if you don`t know how strong it get just use normal butter and use only cana butter for the cake).

Some strong espresso

60 g (2.116 ounce ) icing sugar.

Stir the butter smooth and icing sugar.

Cook the strong espresso with sugar when there are 2 2 tbsp. left you stop.

Note that really need to boil this otherwise it will not get thick as it cool down.


Stir the custard smooth again and throw the butter icing sugar in it.

When this is smooth you can add the espresso/sugar in it.

When the espresso/sugar is hard just make it hot again.


lubricate the layers of the cake with this cream.

Make some nice stuff on the cake.


Add some almond shavings to the side.

And add some chocolate at top


Now is time to enjoy it.



Some notes.

1. I don`t know English that good so some help will be nice (When I write it rong).

2. I am dutch here we work with grams not ounce I only convert it.

3. I am not a cook I just enjoying weed.


:bier /zODd



Next week i add.



PS, hope you enjoy it.

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I'm hungry!!! :bier


Very nice detailed description and pics Vito, if you keep this thread updated I think this should be a sticky!


ps. was zODd taken as username?

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great stuff, vito :bier



would be really nice to have a dutch, an african and a latino of chilean descent (cur-

rently living in germany) at one table enjoying this wonderful weedcake *yum yum*

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Dear Oldbootz.

When you are in Amsterdam you can joint the table.

Dear Bazz F.

I don`t know if it is taken.

Was not planning to use opengrow (Very bad at English) so i never think about the names.

But in time I have learn allot from both site`s so it was time to give some back.

And yes I miss the use name zODd here.

I will try to keep it update like WF.


Dear santero.

Sound awesome some weed cake with some coffee and weed milk in it :bier



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Dear gamezz.

That will be awesome.

Thanks you for the help.



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Dear Lat33n.

You welcome.

And have some more nice looking cake`s

I am very busy to translate some other things.

But i have allot of trouble with it so i hope to add a new one this week.


have a nice day.


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After all night i did complete a bit of the translate to English.

Hope you guys enjoy.


We need sound to get it on the move.

zODd kick-start youtube.




We make fill bread.


I use in this one minced meat (Gehakt in Dutch).

But you can use everything Cheese/other meat it`s you party.

You can even NOT fill the bread and make a hamburger and use this bread.


Let’s start.

What we need is,


Flour 500 gram (17.64 ounce).

One bag of yeast 7 gram (0.24 ounce).

A bit of salt.

1 tea spoon of sugar.

100 gram (3.52 ounce) onion.

25 Gram (0.88 ounce)canna butter (not weak one you only use 25 of butter so you need to make it a bit stronger)

3dl not to hot/cold water.

1 protein (Dutch eiwit)

2 egg yolks

2 eat spoon of parsley

A half paprika

1 eat spoon tomato paste.

1 clove garlic

Spice to you taste.


First we put the Flour, water, canna butter, salt and sugar together.

Knead this very good.

Put a wet Tea towel on it and store it on a hot place to let it rise.



Put the meat, onion, protein, parsley, paprika, tomato paste, garlic and Spice together and mix it.




Grease a baking tray with butter in.

Share the dough in 12 and hit it flat.

Fill it with 2 eat spoon of the mix.



Keep the side free.

Grease the side in with egg yolks.



Fold it in a ball.

Once again we drop a wet thee towel on it and put it away for some time.



Pre heat the oven at 140 graden ( 284 Fahrenheit 413 Kelvin).

After some time.



Grease above in with egg yolks and if you like you can add poppy seed or other seeds.

bake it for 35/40 minutes.



Eat well and enjoy.

Here is the bread is use for the burgers those are not fill.



I always like it when people are here to make some out of you mind bread.

A big note to you all.

Always watch out when using food with cannabis it can hit very hard so please when first eat something start it slow to see how strong it works.

When you know that you can go all the way.


Next one will be,







PS, hope you people like it and get some idea`s to make canna food.

And if you not like it let me know so i can stop wasting time :)

And I know my English but please if there is something wrong let me know so it can get fix.

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:icecream: That looks mighty fine Chef Vito, you're giving me the munchies and I haven't even smoked yet!


Keep it up!

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Hola Vito/ZoDd,


You're killing me dude ! I'm a cook myself and your posts put me in a good mood so I'll make an apple pie tonight in your honor.

Keep posting recipes and pics like this, it's a wonderful idea and we really appreciate. Give people some time to find your thread in this new version of the forum and you'll see how Opengrowers love food.. :icecream:

Thanks a lot. :grinning_respect:



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High Vito,


This makes me so hungry! And it looks so good! Bet it tastes even better then it looks


Almost time to eat my boring sandwiches....:lol:




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Dear Bazz F.

Nice to hear.


Dear Weedstiti.

Great that you making a apple pie i love those.

I did make one recipe but not with apple but mango.

Was my first one.


Why Mango ? there was some talking about cannabis + mango.

It must make the stoned/high stronger (Something from the mango).

But it must take up by the body on the same time so id try it like this.

And it work this one did give me a trip like stoned.

And thank you for the kinds words.


Dear Lexn.

I am sorry to make you so hungry.

But to make it good i will make sandwiches this weekend en drop it here for you :)



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A Mango pie ! I wonder why I never tried this before ?!?... :dribble:

Ok let's get a good recipe of this and my friends will be happier than ever. ;)

Thanks again Vito-ZoDd



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Dear Weedstiti,

i will try to translate it this weekend :)



/zODd or was it Vito.

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zoDd man you been busy,,, how you making your canna butter, its been a very long time since i made canna butter, if i was to do it again then i think i just got straight with iso oil just made, not sure what i got but am hopping for more than 70 grams really i want 100 gram,,,,, will take pics in morning and post.....


it getting mixed up... peace, your always welcome to come over to mine and have a bowl of pork noodle.




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Dear Weedstiti,

Sorry for the delay i am a bit lost in my own brain :)

Did eat this one,


I promise tomorrow the mango will be add.


Dear inkog77.

I will add tomorrow some photo`s of how i make it.


Have a nice night/day.


:wave: /zODd

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Dear inkog77.

I make cannabutter/olie/milk 3 ways.

1. is with cannabis (Strong wiet taste).

2. is with ice hasj home made (I never use foreign one (bacteria)).

3. is with BHO.

And thanks fot the bowl of pork noodle it taste great.



mango pie


3 hard apples.

2 mango`s.

2 eggs.

300 gram (10.58 ounce) flour.

100 gram (3.527 ounce) sugar.

250 gram (8.818 ounce) Canna butter.

custard powder depends on the wet of the fruit.

50 gram (1.764 ounce) slivered almonds.

almonds digestive.

Small bit of salt.

Some apricot jam.

The butter is made on the Double boiler system.

I believe that it is belter to keep the temperature low.



Now we going to make the dough, put the flour, butter in small parts, sugar and salt together.

knead with cold hands the dough and when it become a ball add 1 los knocked egg with it.

Grease in the baking Tin.

Now using 2/3 of the dough for the bottom an flank.

Put 1/3 of the dough in the fridge.

Pre heat the oven @ 140 graden (413 Kelvin, 284 Fahrenheit)


Put the fruit, 50 gram (1.764 ounce) of slivered almonds and custard powder together .

Add Bit by bit the custard powder till it is a mud-like consistency.

Now we fill the bottom with almonds digestive And ½ of a los knocked egg the other ½ is use for above.

I did do it to kill the cannabis taste (was a very strong butter).


Then we add the fruit mix.



Now we do 1/3 of dough crosswise to make the edges together again.

lubricate with ½ egg.





Now 50 minutes at @ 140 graden (413 Kelvin, 284 Fahrenheit), and when it is still to moisture put it @ 100 graden (373 Kelvin / 212 Fahrenheit ) till the moisture is vaporize.

Now rub top in with some apricot jam.






First i want to say watch out with this the mango/cannabis give a harder stoned.


The philosophy behind it is that there is a topic that was reported after the mango half hour or more have adopted open'm not a scholar but also meant for other food

(so both substances simultaneously).

The body is a perfect way to me at the same time to be included in the body.

Will be bullshit' date=' but I'm here out of me tripped roof and I no longer had so I'm not complaining.[/quote']



BTW this new forum teskt editor SUCKS with the img TAGS!!!!!!! *Blow off some steam*




Next one will be,


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Wow does that stuff ALL look good... I'd be mighty wasted after a day at your house.. I'd have to have a big old slice of all of that stuff lol.. That mango pie looks so good!! So does the rest too!!

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here is our cooking artist from wf :P

lovely nice food i see here , would love to come on a thee at ures

i rly like to see ure cooking , wondering whats next :D

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Hola zODd,


thanks a lot for all your beautiful pics and recipes. I must admit that the greedy grower that I am could not refrain from salivating... ;)

Keep posting those dude, we really appreciate !

I must also say the next one looks very promising... :P




PS: here is a pie I did a month ago or so: (figs, plum and nuts)


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Dear Musicianized.

Great to hear you like it.


Dear DJP.

The world is small :)

Nice to see you here to.


Dear Weedstiti.

I will add the next one this weekend.

And yummie that pie of you it looks really awesome and zODd need to eat it now :)



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Dear inkog77.

Yeah Mango power :)


Mango curd pie power.


100 gram (3.527 ounce ) (When not use canna butter you can use 50 gram (1.764 ounce)but i like zODd butter power )

1 pack off bastongne biscuits.

1 spoon apricot jam.

10 sheets off blank gelatine.

500 gram (17.64 ounce) fresh mango.

100ml cold mango juice (Home made).

500 gram (17.64 ounce) curd.

200 gram (7.055 ounce) white bastard sugar.

250 ml whipped cream.

1 peach en 1 savage peach.


Lets kickstart.


Melt the butter (bain-marie) and crumbled the bastongne biscuits really fine.

Add 1 tablespoon off apricot jam.


Grease the bottom and create a beautiful floor.

Soak the gelatine 10 minutes long I'm cold water .

Making the mango juice.


Heat the mango juice now and add/melt one for one the gelatin (Make it dry before use).

Let it cold down.



When it cooling down add the and Stir the sugar, curd and the piece of mango through it.



Whip the cream and spoon it lightly in it.



Drop it in a baking Tin and put it for 3 hours or longer in the refrigerator.


After some time we have this.



Drop Fruit on the top can be anything but Remember it must taste ok with the mango.



Hmm Nice.



Next time we will make home make puff pastry.


And make this off it.





:wave: /zODd

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