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Herbal alternatives

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Hey there fellow smokers,


It's been almost 3 years now since I stopped smoking tobacco, but a major factor in my stopping back then was finding a herbal substitute that didn't smell and taste like a dead sheeps arse hole.


And, after trying quite a few, I found two; Honeyrose Farmers Honeyblend Smoking Mixture & Greengo







The Honeyrose comes in 50g pouches.




And the Greengo in 30g.




My cat. She smokes Marlboro red.




I mix both with some of my trim in a 50:40:10 ratio honeyrose:greengo:trim




^ Now doesn't that look better than nasty taters I mean tobacco !?






I've found Greengo is available in many places:




(above two include US and Canada eh)





http://www.greengo-uk.co.uk/products/greengo-tobacco and quite a few other places.


Greengo FB page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Greengo-100-...113565312013581 ( I don't FB so IDK if this is of any use )




Honeyblend doesn't seem to be as widely available outside UK as Greengo, though after a very quick search I did find it available here:


http://www.worldwideshoppingmall.co.uk/bod...smoking-mix.asp (for N America)


And also available here:


Ebay: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Honeyrose-Farmer...=item56469996c9








If I had to choose between these two alternatives, I'd go with Greengo. It looks, feels and rolls like regular tobacco, and to me, tastes and smokes amazingly. But I don't have to choose, so I choose using both, mixed with some of my trim. Mmmmmm. Gonna smoke one now.


I hope this helps at least one member who is looking to cut down on, or better yet totally cut out using nasty tobaccyyyyy.

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When i was in the service I smoked cigs...The first pack of Marlboros I bought after being discharged, the first one was after smoking killer green...havent smoked tobacco since of any kind, weed only! 19 years and counting....

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I hear you, Indican. But prior to growing, getting a reliable supply (and therefore enough to be rolling with sweet Mary only) was often a rarity.

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Pretty interested in this :) I want to stop, normally i stop cigarettes and buy Golden Virginia rolling tobacco, but im sure that still has nicotine in it. I just like smoking something, and not smoke anything addictive. I'll look for it when im in the UK do they sell them in the shops there?

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Howzit my bro? :wave:


Yes Gk, this can be found in many tobaconnists here (though these are dying shops due to big supermarkets) I used to smoke golden virginia for many years. One time, an ex partner who was a nurse used her cm monitor thing to test a sample of my breath. I used to smoke about 15-18 hand rolled smokes a day. My readings were the equivalent of 40 standard strength smokes a day. Worth looking into, it certainly was one of the driving factors in me stopping smoking.


Can be found in many other places on the internet other than my above links. I'm 30 months from stopping smoking (tobacco lol) and for me....being free of the CHAINS of smoking (having to ensure you got it, back up supply, sub-back up supply) is the best thing to be free of.


I didn't have smokes before, I HAD to go get smokes.


Now, I don't have milk or bread, is no biggy. And I never don't have sweet mary, cos sweet Mary lives in two tents in my house.


And lastly, I'm not married and don't have children, so apart from discovering Mary Jane, (god I love you Mary!) , stopping the tobacco was the best thing I ever did.


Good luck Growkarma !! PM me how u getting on

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