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Curiosity Kills The Cats - My first Mapito experience - E$ko flooding style

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Hi Hydro fellows :)


Curiosity Kills The Cats, some growing technics too :P


I wanted to see by myself what i can do if i follow the excellent tutorial e$kobar published about Mapito and flooding style.


I'm in love with soil, and as i don't want to give more money than needed to my growshops, i did a little experiment with two pots of 25 liters.

I bought 15€ an 80liters old bag of mapito, two of them, the owner of the growshop wanted it to go out of his stock.


I prepare the Mapito as it should be, in my bathroom, better to wait your wife is out for shopping or friends :)


gallery_992_2346_45202.jpg gallery_992_2346_81350.jpg







I used a little layer of Pouzzoulane (a kind of hydro lava) for optimal drain






I made two kind of *flooding table* with old stuff :


sml_gallery_992_2499_97777.jpg sml_gallery_992_2499_29125.jpg sml_gallery_992_2499_22812.jpg


And that's it, just to add clones in the pots :)

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First watering by the top, 3 liters with Nutriments Ec 0,6 and rhyzotonic full dose and BN Zym. I used two clones of Super Silver Haze, freshly and shortly rooted, i cut them 14 days before @ flowering+20 days, so they revert.






And 36 hours later i plant in soil the other clone, rooted as well as the mapito one. 12 liters Super pot with All-mix and Sannie Buffer/bacto etc.






Everybody goes directly in a 12/12 regim

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Day 9 & 3rd flooding








The first 5 to 7 days, nothing really happens outside, the plant does roots, but after a week it starts really to grow


(Nutrinova A + B - Ec 1.0 )+ (Ec tapwater and rhyzo) = total Ec 1,4

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Day 15 & 5th flooding








At this time, i didn't know yet that the soup was at an Ec of 1,5, plus tapwater Ec --> Ec 1,94 :(

I don't know really how this happens, certainly i was not concentrate enough or quiet high with my hazes :lol:


As you will see in the next post, she did react badly and had some burning :(

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Day 24 & 8th flooding


@ day 18 I flooded with bad Ec, and so here is the result.

I made a kind of flush, i flood last time with a very low Ec (0,6), the drain was around 0,85, i hope those little burns won't crawl up to the top.

I need some kind of advices at this point about how to recover this over fertilization.


Plants are 65cm and 38cm high, the mapito one was pinched few times.












I do have more other questions about nutriments and additive :

  • I use BN Nutrinova A+B

Nutrinova A have a N-P-K @ 8-0-0 + 10 CaO -- 7,5% NO3 - 0,7% NH4 - 10% Ca0 - 0,04% Fe EDDHA

Nutrinova B have a N-P-K @ 3-4-5 -- 3,5% NO3 - 4,7% P205 - 5,5% K2O - 1% MgO - 4,6% S04 - 0,01% Mn - 0,2% Si - <0,01% Zn + B + Cu


I have a silly question : BN says we have to mix at equal part A and B, despite it is Veg or Flowering period, i have some embarrassment with those doses, for me there something absent or something too much, depending the period.

And is there anything i need more to add in it, Ca and Mg for example, but it seems to be included in the 1+B ?


I add some additive in my tapwater (Supradyn Intensia), like in soil, who have the following elements for one pill (one pill for 20 liters) :

Fe : 8 mg / Cu :0,9 mg / Cn :0,025 mg / Mn : 1,8 mg /I : 0,075 mg / Se :0,05 mg / Zn :8 mg / Mo : 0,045 mg / Mg : 45 mg / Ca : 120 mg / P : 126,3 mg / K : 20,4 mg - Vitamines : A :0,615 mg / B1 :1,4 mg / B2 :1,6 mg / B3 : 18 mg / B5 : 6 mg / B6 : 2 mg / B8 : 0,15 mg / B9 : 0,2 mg / B12 :0,001 mg / C :60 mg /E : 10 mg


I guess it is good enough for every needs in hydro.

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shame about the over fert,that clone was flying!amazing growth. i have no exp with bio nova.sorry. ps i have a giant airpot,what do you like/dislike about them?

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shame about the over fert,that clone was flying!amazing growth.

You say it Mack, i will copy/paste 264 times "check twice" :P

I have on other 25 liter pot with 2 Arjan's Haze #1, they accept this Ec, and seems to ask for more. I think that is a quiet classical newbie mistake :(

ps i have a giant airpot,what do you like/dislike about them?

That is the first airpot i have, a 12 liter i guess, and only for 24 days in fact. But first feeling is good, the plant is fine, i will conclude in 10 to 12 weeks.

I have the same clones in last stage of cloning, i will compare in soil with a 11 liter square i used usually.

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Hello LaVieEnRose :)


Nice start ! One of my friend is starting her flood table too, looks like i'll follow soon :)


Anyway about your nutes, try to take a look to WeedyG tables ( http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=0f13f62ac13b64c107258ee67c679e4aee5ef564fce29020b8eada0a1ae8665a ).


A bit the same way he made the GHE Flora tables, he also made some "universal" ferts analyser, you just enter the percentages given on the bottle, it calculate EC and resulting mix for you. All you have to do first, is to edit some of the Ferts Tab (N°1 to N°15), they are prefilled with Metrop, GHE, and some additives from other brands. Just pick one or two, you won't use, edit name and percentages, then go on the "Composez votre Cession" and fill the fields accordingly :)


You can see "output" in the "Votre Programme" and "Votre Programme détaillé" tabs :)

(still check EC, as most percentages given on bottles are either average, or minimal, not often what really is in the bottle :) )


Good luck


Jim - Good to know about Supradyn, is it refunded by secu ? would be fun woundn't it ;)

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Hi jimbp :)


Thx for the links and calculators :)

For the Supradyn (it is for human purposes originally as Frenchs know), use the pills, not the effervescent one. Aspirin is good too for heat stress, and supposed to allow more high temperature before the stomats closed. (500mg/10 liters - aspirin, not parecetamol :P )

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LaVieEnRose .



Are you flooding the air pot also.



I have some on soil that are 4 weeks ahead and the mapito is reeling the soil in like it has the brakes on.

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Hi Carper and drip-n-wet, thx for kind words :)


Drip, i water in soil with the old classical method, by the top. But if i will follow further with mapito, i will need a real flood system table, i guess i can find things like 60x60cm table who will fit a quarter of my 120cm x 120cm grow box


Carper : yes, this SSH is an amazing pheno, the mother is a kind of monster blocked on the bottom of my tent, i will show your pics when possible. And she react wonderfully.


When just started almost rooted, she was like that, 27 days later she is 75cm high with many branches - Hopefully i've followed the advices of e$ko telling us to start directly from seedling or clones in a 12/12 regim, otherwise this monster plant will have reached 2m+++ in a month :lol: :wub:


Compare to the soil clone, the secondary branches are almost as long as her with the mapito plant, quasi inexistant on the soil one.







She recover from the over-fert, no more fan leaves burn, and i give her Ec 1,0 of added nutriments (and some enzyms and vitamin).








To e$kob@r (or any who knows) : The drain pH is quiet high, 6,2/6,3, despite my 5,5 initial soup. does i have to understand she's still in veg/preflowering . Also, i was flooding for half an hour, about 1/4 height of the pot, could it be too long ? Yesterday, i let them only 20 minutes. I don't know how fast the suction is made, and if it could be issues if flood too long ?


Thx to all for reading and commenting :)

:dope: :dope:

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U dont have to flood them for 20 minutes.

Rockwool sucks water like a sponge.

Specially later on the flowering, do not do this.


I can see on your pics, the leaftops point downwards, so next flooding time do it in half the time u do now.

They are kept a bit to wet, but this is not going to give u problems.

Later in flowering, it could increase chance of mold.


1/3 or 1/4, even 1/5 one time .... yes that works. Mapito or rockwool sucks up the moist.

The best average for aiming at is 1/3 height.


When u see your reservoir is not going to make 1/3, then give 1/4 or 1/5.

After this flooding, u can refill again, make the reservoir ready again (very easy) and flood 1/3 next time.


Grdz e$ko,

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Yep La vie en rose,


I missed your thread a bit since you use mapito, you give plenty of information.

That's pretty nice, perso i didn't have tried mapito one day maybe... but coco and soil give me already plenty satisfatcion.

Wish you good luck mate for this test... :)

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Thx Mack10 @ Hiwatt ;)


LVeR and the Magic Mapito Bean :dope:


Day 34 - straight 12/12 from start




Day 38






Day 42 - LST Rulez, the one in mapito is 140cm tall, 175cm with pot, 96cm for the All-mix one (130 cm with pot)

In french, when there so much evidence between two things, we say "There is no pictures - Il n'y a pas photo ..."


There is no pictures !











This is a 13 weekers, in soil, i think she is a bit earlier in hydro right now.

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Impressive Growth !


Hope meh rockwool come by fast ;)


Jim - Ya pas photo = No Match ( .. bah quoi, pas d'allumettes, utilise un briquet .. lol)

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Thx jimbp - No match, "pas d'équivalent plutôt "? But that is not the place to arguee about. MP if you guess ;)

I just called my growshop, he still have one more 80liters mapito bag left, for 15€, i already bought two of them, i go right now to buy it (you know, the owner who tell me "i think this mapito is too old to make it :lol: :lol: )... Addictive said e$ko, he was right, i have few other pots in mapito, including a one week The One x chronix x NYCD clone who goes as well as he could be, i will show you later :P

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Addictive maybe putting it lightly . II have seen same results the speed blows my mind.


I have cleaned out 3 hydro stores out of the chunks. Cant get enough.


Keep up the good work



Drip n

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