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Amnesia Haze X Chocolate Rain

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This is the other, seeded, AHxCR. It's getting some purps. The buds look loose - in a while I'll post some of the indoors I've got going and you'll see that it's just environment and that this one's seeded. The aromas are dark and sharp





... Keep growing, amigos.

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Nice work, amigo.

Those colors look sharp. Don't usually see that kind of sharp purple then cut to bright green.

She's getting near chop chop time?

Can you give her a little freeze and bring out the colors even more before the knife??

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Hi there, @Maria sanchez. The purples came through with some cooler weather that floated down a week or so ago. Temps have moved back up so don't know if she'll get much more purple. And yes, chop-time is approaching. She's bearing seeds so I'll let her go longer than I usually would. I'll try to get some pics before I take her down.

Here are some AHxCR I have running indoor. These are at about 4 weeks:






Although I"ve never grown Chocolope, when I look at pictures online the bud-structure of these AHxCR seems to be more Chocolope in structure, slightly more than the Amnesia Haze, which looks like a close second in likeness and structure.

I'm curious to know what was the reason e$ko decided to cross the Chocolate Rain to the Amnesia Haze. I mean, I get it that AH was the hottest thing around during the time, so maybe that was a main reason, but I'm also curious if he had something else in mind. Better bud structure? Increase potency? Enhance a certain flavor/aroma profile? Maybe @santero has some insight into this, even speculation would help further the conversation.

Also, any input on DNA's Chocolope, or the Chocolope e$ko was playing with, would be awesome.

Thank you :)


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@Maria_sanchez  here's some purpling from another clone... I threw this one outside a few weeks ago and the cooler weather has definitely got her to shine



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Looks like u have a great harvest..

No scissor hadh for awhile


I see instead some nice bubble hashish 

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