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zODd/Vito`s Vaporize Reports.

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First kickoff the Heribei,


Topic Outdoor 2011 zODd (Its @ Wietforum)


Heribei link


The looks.






76.9 days since heribei - HB #1 has been curing


I did not see a report on opengrow of this strain.

Will do my best to make one.

Its base with use of De Verdamper 195 oC / 469 K / 383 oF and the vulcano 205 oC / 478 K / 401 oF and a g-spot steamroller with a herb iron..


This one is harvests two week to early is was a hell of a summer here.


OK the start.

The buds are realy hard/Dense.

I think if you throw a bud against a window it will be broke yeah the window.


De Verdamper


The smell,

Its a combo of coffee en some earth flavor with on the background some afghan.

After some big inhales some Pine hit me to.

Its great to smell his after all those Haze/cheese cross.


The taste.

Its a soft taste not to heavy to inhale.

The steam is realy dense for a Indica.

When vapping this is like walking in pine forest that taste is hitting right now.

Some coffee taste back it up and dip whit some spice.

I did hit the vulcano @ 205 and still is easy to inhale.

And on 205 the steam is soooooo dense you need to light the room.


The Feeling

Oh men this hit realy hard.

Its a real nice medical strain and outdoor.

First i like to say i feel if i did get a injection to anesthetize me, looks like the same there use on a prehistoric dinosaur.

Yeah is a nice pain relief and its real slow in my head nice.

Back pain is allot lesser.

Spaceing @ the sound of burning spear.


Volcano @ 205 oC / 478 K / 401 oF,


The taste.

I did fill the Chamber full and men is a heavy steam.

The steam is dense and you need a light to see through.

like always is the taste lesser then in the Verdamper.

But you still taste coffee and the fresh pine taste make is less harshly.

After some balloon i taste a little incense.


The Feeling.

Is realy chill what the vulcano lack in taste make it good in the feeling.

This give you always a A-bomb hit you head feeling.

But on the same time it give some relaxation.

The pain in my back is tone down.

My shoulders are hanging down what means that the muscles are relax.

No nerves feeling are bad thinking every thing is just mellow.

The feeling is more intense at 205 oC / 478 K / 401 oF.

When hitting my head it sound hollow.


G-spot steamroller with herb iron,


The taste.

When burning the herb down it is a bit more harshly then in the vaporizers.

You realy taste a big difference between burning or vapping.

The nice fresh pine taste is burn away and not realy there any more.

But the coffee and some spice and some incense.


The Feeling.

Always when i burn the herb i get a more lifeless feeling not a bad one but everything goes slower.

The head feels realy heavy, I ways almost think that the space shuttle crash on my head.

its feels still relax and all the tension and stress is tone down.

When smoke some more you get a chair crasher.



De Verdamper Nice taste, the feeling a bit tone down.

Volcano Lesser taste but the feeling is hitting like a rock.

G-spot steamroller with herb iron realy different taste and more a body feeling.


When grow outdoor with a wet climate you do best to protect it against the rain.

And it love full ground.


zODd say its a AAAA++++ steamingware.





PS, i don`t know if i need to open for every strain an new topic (mod?).

have plenty to report.

I am off to test run The Church.


To finish the report i like to add a bonus photo,

Ice o later 1se run 70 mc (ammelov)




I will nog always use the growers name.

I ask if there want there name use or not and i respect the choose.



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Nice report zODd, your pictures are also very nice. Heribei over here was also very dense, too dense for outdoor weathers in Holland.


I think it would be nice to keep your reports in 1 thread, like Stikkie does. Only yours will mostly be based on vaporizers


Are your upcoming reports going to be based on De Verdamper? Or other vapes?

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Dear Bazz F,

I will make my next report with a proper topic title so i can use one topic.

All report are base 2 vapes 195/205 graden and 1 steamroller.

But i don`t know if people want the know all that here.

So I did choose only to report about De Verdamper here on opengrow.


Will do the next report base 2 vapes 195/205 Graden and 1 steamroller but with out the funny talk :)



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You can still edit the topic title ;)


Well there are some smokers who use for medicinal purposes, so that info could be handy for those. I'm saving money for a vaporizer, so i'll be watching your reports!


Didn't mind the funny talk, makes it your style ;)

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I will add tomorrow the vulcano en steamroller report with heribei.

Title edit i did not see it but it was the small editor :)

And thanks for the help.




Edit already add it.

I was hoping to fall in sleep after 12 days of 24/7 maybe tomorrow.


Next report will be Kali Haze (White label seeds)

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Kali Haze (White label seeds) grow by NiceDayNesta (Nesta) outdoor 2011.

The neutral way this men does inspire allot of outdoor growers (Like zODd).

The topic link but is at wiet forum and dutch.


Kali Haze (White label seeds) = Kali Mist * Super Lemon Haze

1/4 germinate.

23/4 to 5 L jar.

9/5 men girl selection bottlesmethod and getopt.

24/5 to 18 L bucket in upgraded allmix.

20/6 start 12 light / 12 darkness.

26/8 till 1/9 harvest.

16/9 everything dry.


Here some photo`s of this strain.

The photo`s where one of the first macro photo shoot like this so sorry for the lower quality.








The smell,

Now did Kali mist already smells a bit of citrus but now damm the Super Lemon Haze push the citrus smell to a new level.

Some spicy smell and grass and Earthy with some pine.


De Verdamper


The taste.

its realy soft on the throat the citrus taste rules big time.

But is nice tone down by Kali.

The steam is realy but then realy dense but allot of sativa`s have that.

This a pleasure to vaporize the earthy with pine and spicy are rules in my mouth

No dry mouth


The Feeling

Its realy uplifting almost if i crash the moon lander on the moon.

You feel a high and get realy creativity.

if you have something to do that is this a great strain.

No K.O feeling.


Volcano @ 205 oC / 478 K / 401 oF,


The taste.

The taste is still on the same level.

I love the citrus earthy taste big time.

The pine and spice is tone down with this temperature but is realy easy to vaporize some bags.



Need some sound is a part of the feeling.


Love his voice sound very down en emotion with allot of wisdom.


The Feeling.

When vaporize this is a nice high a bit harder at 205 oC.

But you will enjoy the sound or movie realy great.

No Paranoia feeling or Anxiety.

If you want to sleep then is this NOT the strain.

The pain relive is lesser then the Heribei.


G-spot steamroller with herb iron,


The taste.

Earthy and some pine.

The citrus is lesser but stay some time in the mouth.

Its not my cup of tea burning he herb.


The Feeling.

Still uplifting.

Start to get some Appetite.

But what i alrady say if you want to sleep or getting K.O that is this not the one.

If you want to watch a movie or hear some sound then is this a great strain.

Hell even food taste great en sex feel intense.




Great for creativity, thinking, movie, sound, food, sex, soicale.

Not for big pain relief or when you want to sleep.

Its a real light head feeling high.


This strain is in zODds Sativa top 5




Next report will be a autoflower Snowwhite X auto AK47 outdoor 2011 (ammelov).

here a preview photo.



second :wave:


Edited by Vito

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Next report will be a autoflower Snowwhite X auto AK47 outdoor 2011 (ammelov).

here a preview photo.

Sorry this one smell awesome the other need to way.

Complete and enjoy.


Grow by Donnie het topic is at wietforum so the link is dutch.

Genetic : : Big White (powerplant X Chronic) x Shack (shiva X sannie's jack)


86 days of 12/12












The build of the buds en looks of the trichome are more forward a sativa.

Nice milky and ambergris


The Smell,

The smell is great the complete living room smells to this no incense needed

Some haze with lemon with some sweet and some sour.

On the background there is some spice.

I can`t stop smelling damm.


De Verdamper


The taste,

Men oh men this taste rules when i ever need on a artificial respiration i want the steam of this in that device.

The taste of the Kolossus in the De Verdamper is my new number one.

It`s even greater then my own Lady Purple.

The taste goes a bit direction to haze but not that harshly side like the haze.

lemon with orange and some spice taste on the background.

The lemon stays some time.

The steam was realy dense.

After a vap of 12 it was a bit harshly.

No dry mouth.


The Feeling,

The feeling was hitting slowly but when it hit it`s hard.

Is a nice high with a numb forehead.

A flowing feeling and the muscles are relax.

No fear or deprivation thinking.

Head is realy relax.


Sorry two small anecdote first i am happy that i don`t have a have a cold so i enjoy the smell and taste full but the problem is that i keep putting my noise in the grinder.

Second my De Verdamper is standing in a small room and it was fill with fog of kolossu i am afraid that my wife and house tiger getting wack to.


Volcano @ 205 oC / 478 K / 401 oF,


The taste,

This funny i am sitting now for 30 minutes with the plan to start up the Volcano but i can`t.

Is allot more harshly i miss the cold water.

The lemon and haze taste rules the sweet with orange and some spice taste on the background.

The steam is realy dense but realy dense.

The taste stay with the third balloon

No dry mouth.


The Feeling,

This happens not that must but i am losing the way it`s realy a high.

It`s a great and relax feeling not if Godzilla sitting on you sheet but more that you in a cockpit of a Singapore airline airplane at takeoff.

no stress here and the music sound great.

Thinking is going well so it will be a nice social smoke.

And it motivate the sex appeal.

And getting some appetite.


The room looks like this now.



G-spot steamroller with herb iron,


The taste,

To be honestly i din`t want to burn this herb the taste i way to good with vaporizer.

But the steamroller will hit hard so zODd will never say no to a hard hitter.

It`s harsh but the level is lower then the a haze.

The lemon is there but i miss the sweetness.

The spice is getting slower and stay a bit in the mouth.

A dry mouth.


The Feeling,

What do i say men men men the steamroller is realy a killer-bomb.

The feeling i allot the same but some more body feeling.

But still not strange thinking and a nice relax feeling.



Great taste.

It` s all well balance the taste/smell/feeling.

Good social smoke thinking will not be lockt.




PS, will remove the error tomorrow.

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What a list of epic reports man. I just did the Kolossus and am having the same experience with it. Mine looks a bit different, more sativa but the flavors are identical. It's addictive just for the flavor and smell. I love the smell of the room after burning a huge spliff lol. But you've inspired me to hit it in the vape's I haven't tried it yet.


The Kali Haze sounds to-die-for, my cup of tea Kali Mist is my all-time favorite strain.


Thanks for sharing Vito :)

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Dear Wrecks.

You welcome to take a chair and vapping with me.

Door is always open here.

And nice you like the reports more to come.


Dear ReverendMaynard.

Thank you for the kind words.

To tell the truth it`s sometime a bit hard to write it right (English from mad dutch) so great to hear you like it.

And when hitting it in a vap you will be getting a smile on you face.


Kali Mist is here to a high ender in my top of favorite strain.


For the Kali Mist lovers a small bud shot was a indoor (not grow by me).



I did see you report will read it tomorrow.


All have a nice night/day and a healthy and steaming 2012.

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Vito your english is fine man and your points came across very clearly. I did a grow and smoke report, check em out :)


After I posted my reply last night I went and hit 3 full bags of vape from my sativa heavy Kolossus pheno and yes I had a smile on my face after the first one lol. I think it being labeled as a "production" strain people think it's not AAA grade but I have some legendary strains here to smoke and I always go to the Kolossus first.


I have to wonder though. On the dutch sannie's shop you linked for the Kolossus seeds states


"up to 20% THC", but on the english site/translation is says "up to 22% THC". :D


That Kali Mist shot made my mouth water.

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Dear ReverendMaynard.

Great to hear about the smile.


I read the report and love the style.

I have to wonder though. On the dutch sannie's shop you linked for the Kolossus seeds states

I think is something dutch like we have The Netherlands and Holland or the user zODd and Vito.



think it being labeled as a "production" strain people think it's not AAA grade but I have some legendary strains here to smoke and I always go to the Kolossus first.

Same here it`s my number 1 day smoker.


That Kali Mist shot made my mouth water.

Than you will like this Strain for taste and feeling.

This is not a big production, the buds are very airy and real foxtail build.

But the high and the creativity feeling is awesome.

It`s from South Vietnam don`t know the genetic maybe i hear it in 2012 when i am in Vietnam.

I already did a report at wietforum but need to translate it.



Have a good en steaming 2012.


/Vito / zODd

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Complete Enjoy!!!


Vietnamese Dope,



With a feeling like this we need a sound.


I do not have any real info about this one.

It was sent to me by a in law.


I will ask when in Vietnam but i think is a VB thing.

It`s from south of Vietnam (province Sóc Trăng)




The seeds where plant to see if it was cannabis and if it sprout.

So it was not grow proper but i promise this year i will be kicking this shit.

There where 4 seeds use and there where 2 male`s and 2 girls.


Some bud shot.




Both photo are taking in the flower time.

This is a very airy with only foxtail bud build.


It`s not a good producer.

But it will produce allot of Kristal (long and small heads).



The Smell,


It realy smells to rosewater and some strange flower hits.

Rain-forest hitting to but that can be my imagination with the memory.

And there is some sour (Piss) in it.


De Verdamper


The taste,

Look like my wife hit me with a bundle of roses in me mouth.

It`s totally dip in the Rain-forest the taste is just awesome old school.

Incense with sour is there to not that strong the wet flower taste rules big time.

The steam was real dense like more Sativa strains.

it`s a bit harshly and the taste stay long on with De Verdamper


The Feeling,

This zODd way of uplifting damm a realy daytime steamer.

The uplifting feeling is is great.

Running around the room with it.

Want to many things now and no body effect.

My head feels like a air-balloon.


Volcano @ 205 oC / 478 K / 401 oF,


The taste,

I always say "Being Stoned is only temporary".

The steam is dense then with De Verdamper i can`t see any shit through the balloon.

Rose thorns are hitting a little bit in my throat.

No fresh Rain-forest taste here and is real harsh to get the balloon empty.

Think when set the temperature higher you lose you lungs.

After the 4 balloon it lose the taste.


The Feeling,

First don`t use strains like this when you want to sleep there is no way you will sleep on this.

Alright you can use a hammer to hit you self in but it`s a waste of feeling then

Is a real high you feel you head floating in some strange atmosphere.

The sex feeling gets motivate.

Music sound realy awesome en i am wasting a movie now and realy shit deep in it.

The creativity feeling is hitting good to getting idea`s of foods and photo`s shots.

No fear or deprivation thinking and the brain is relax but still active.


G-spot steamroller with herb iron,


The taste,


I did real feel some fear for smoking this one with the steamroller.

It`s real harsh and the taste is rule by Incense and some wet wood.

After some time the rose and rain taste hit in and stay for a while.

When i close my eye it`s almost i am in a Temple @ Vietnam.

nevertheless i need to smoke it away but damm it`s real harsh.


The Feeling,

Every couple of second i lose my focus and forget what i was doing.

Still a uplifting feeling with some tripie feeling with it.

Colors are intenser And i real want to do some Tai Chi.

With burning i did get some nervous feelings.

But not for long just at the start of the high.

And what i realy like i can focus on some thought things like Daoist theory and some complex Photo-shop stuff.




Great to motivate sex.

Enjoying Music.

To get creativity.

Have a deep talk with some one.

Awesome for expand you horizon (Don`t know if it is proper here in Holland it`s have a meaning).



No real for,

Pain relief.


K.O body feeling.

When you are nervous or sensitive for getting fast nervous.


Will reread it tonight now i go enjoy this feeling.


Next report will be a K.O strain LibLeb (Zenseeds Lib27 * Bluehemp Lebanese) or BBQ aka Topskunk44.


:wave: /zODd / Vito

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Enjoy complete.



Cheese Quake (TGA Subcool Seeds) = Cheese (Cheese Exodus Cheese Cut) x Querkle (Urkle x Space Queen) and so on.


(Hybrid- Cheese X Urkle X Space Queen).


Flowering 12/12 was 49 days, last 4 days op 6 hours light on, 18 off.

Sativa/ Indica 40/60










The nugs are realy dense. look like it grow when grind. Alot of resin on it love the sativa power 40 %.


The Smell, It`s a nice and not to heavy cheese smell. Some musty sour air is hitting my noise. On the background there is some orange with grapefruit,


De Verdamper


The taste,

There is are realy nice en soft cheese taste.

It`s not that strong like the Big Buddha Cheese.

Will be the Quake in it.

There is some sour/sweet taste in it at a low level.

I am curious Space Queen cross like Ms.Universe (Dess*Tar x Space Queen F3).

But nothing dominate and the cheese stay in the mouth for some time.

The steam is dense and after a while a bit sharp.


The Feeling,

It start with a heavy body hit.

But after a while a high comes up.

The weed is strong and can easy be set whit the some strong dutch dope.

It`s a some for the advanced stoner.


Volcano @ 205 oC / 478 K / 401 oF,


The taste,

Now it`s realy sharp more then the De Verdamper.

The cheese taste is stronger now on this temperature.

The sour taste is stronger to.

Real dense steam here need to put the lights on.

Taste stay for a long time.


The Feeling,

Allot more body feeling.

Think we steam more goodies`s like cbn/cbd.

The muscles are relax and the back pain is allot lesser.

My head is nice and chill the thoughts stay shallow-brained.

it`s a chair sitting weed. after a balloon of 4 the taste is away.



G-spot steamroller with herb iron,


The taste,

Damm it`s sharp when burn down.

The cheese and grapefruit rule now.

The cheese stay the longest.

And a bit of the sour taste.


The Feeling

I think still that this is a very strong strain.

I really like it every time you thing damm so stoned the high will kick-start.

This a real astray weed.

Great to chill on a chair.

Talking about seriously stuff will not work here now.

No fear or deprivation thinking and the brain is relax but not really active.




Great taste.

Nice pain relief.

Chill to the bone.

Not a day time smoker.


Still need to translate jack the ripper (Jacks Cleaner P1 X Space Queen) / polm urkese 98% / 2% jack the ripper

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jack the ripper (Jacks Cleaner P1 X Space Queen. (ink))


(Hybrid-Pluton X Purple Haze X Lambsbread X NL X Jack Herer X Romulan X Cindy99BCGA) A mouth full laugh.gif

Sativa/ Indica 70/30

The shots,


gallery_1018_2673_473826.jpg gallery_1018_2673_93201.jpg gallery_1018_2673_167251.jpg gallery_1018_2673_51247.jpg gallery_1018_2673_616974.jpg gallery_1018_2673_46932.jpg

Bud build is more to sativa style the Cheese Quake was allot denser.


The Smell,

Some sour haze smell with a hit of lemon and some bitters mango`s.

On the background you smell pine with some hash style smell.


De Verdamper


The taste,

Sour and bitter.

You will taste the haze influence with the sharpness.

The pine and hash taste make it more fresh.

The steam is not really dense.

Did not cough and the taste stay long.


The Feeling,

Hard to tell have allot of back pain.

But zODd will not be zODd if he stops.

Go Go Go,

Getting a real kick-starting feeling.

Active but still real relax.

Is a heavy hitter.


Volcano @ 205 oC / 478 K / 401 oF,


The taste,

Now is the steam dense ppff the room is full of steam.

The nose itch a bit. Hash and pine with a light sour taste.

The sour and bitter stays for some time in the mouth.

Still no coughing. This one is the best on the Volcano.

After 3 balloon the taste is still light there.


The Feeling,

Become a bit of a tripie feeling.

Watching Unhappily Ever After damm even after the 1000000000 + rerun i still piss in my pants.

One of zODd all time favorite it`s Outer Space Astronauts only 5 episode.

But you think whet the hell but i mean the feeling of the strain is happy happy happy happy.

And that make me forget the pain.

The muscles are relax and there some bug buzz in the head and give a weightless feeling.


G-spot steamroller with herb iron,


The taste,

I am thinking to stop with smoking herb with burning.

The difference of taste is to big here.

But when i push this one in the EHLE head yes did use the big head EHLE steamroller.

I always use the one to get it max out.

ooh what a pleasure the pine/hash taste hit in and stay on a nice level.

The sour will rule ans stays the longest.

Time to push a second Bowl.


The Feeling

It`s the hardest with burning.

Give a heavy and chill feeling.

Back pain is no more there.

No paranoia or fear thinking.

i will call it a slomo smoke and every thing feels numb and relax but with out the sleeping feeling.




Next one will be,

(polm urkese 98% / 2% jack the ripper)



(Killing fields green pheno)


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Dear ReverendMaynard.


Big thanks for the nice words.

I hope to add the 2 reports tomorrow i did already wrote then @ wietforum.nl.

Then we need to wait for some weeks i will be in Vietnam for some weeks.


For the macro fans a to early harvest NLA bud.

But the Kristal + light effect are really nice on the photo.





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polm urkese 98% / 2% jack the ripper (inkog77)

complete enjoy.



The photo`s of this fearlesse smoke.






I will test this 2 ways not 3 normal i use a Shisha charcoals to to test run hash but now i only have use a EHLE small steamroller and the Volcano @ 220 oC / 493 K / 428 oF.


Screen of the EHLE Hash steamroller.



The Smell,

This a pleasure to smell a cheesy is real funny to smell hash like this awesome.

This one of the best smell i have ever small in hash.

I did have try allot of different hash (Tempel afgaan, king hassan, super melt ice, marco and allot more ect).

I hope the cheese taste will be still there when burn it away.


Volcano @ 220 oC / 493 K / 428 oF.


The taste,

Wooot this is a real gift the taste is a soft hash one with a hit of cheese and some earth taste.

Did cough on the second balloon but the temp is @ 220.

The steam is not really dense but is this a hippo dress like a nano dwarf.

When this hit you it`s klapBOM.


The Feeling,

Holy steam this a complete poison gas in the home of Vito/zODd.

You will not see it and almost not smell it but damm it hits you hard.

And with this kind of poison you can hit me every day polm poison hell yeah.

What a big up is that you can fill so many balloon and the steam will keep coming.

I lose the track of the balloons i did fill.

All the pain is away but the same count for the brain it`s game over.


EHLE hash steamroller.


The taste,

When you plan to suck the steamroller with the hash than i wish you goodluck.

This really a heavy hit.

The taste of cheese and some earthy taste will be there.

After a while there is some lemon taste to.

The taste stays for along time in the mouth.

But it`s real sharp but who care`s.


The Feeling,

After the fist hits i become weightless in a atmospheric space and i am floating big time ppfff.

Where am i is the first thing i think off so really lose the way.

This a real body effect and don`t make any plans.

This polm have a bigger body hit then the oil 50/50.

This a great one for getting some sleep or pain relief.

Don`t use it when you have allot to do after the smoke.




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Posted with wrong account, i'm with friends !

It's Jim :)


Hello Vito !


Very nice reports :)

Keep on the details ! They are very interesting !! :)


I'm looking forward to buy a vape, and your reports keeps me looking more intensively :)


Wish you the best !



Edited by Françoise

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Dear Jim,

Great to hear and I think using a vape is the best way to enjoy cannabis.

if you want to know something about the Vapes i own please let me know.


I own a Arizer Extreme-Q, Verdamper ("The Vaporizer"), Volcano Digit (Solid Valve), Vapbong, Vaporizer Vapir NO2 and the Magic-Flight Launch Box.


I will be more then happy to help with some info.


And all the best to you to.




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complete enjoy.



We need some sound.

This one is not solid as a rock but stoned as a rock.






Grow by Mister K

(The One F1 / sannie's jack)

The Green Pheno (sannie's jack DOM).

The screens i did make some extra shot in honor of sannie seeds.








Find the purple Kristal :lol:


One more search.




The smell,

A little bit off a diesel smell.

And some spicy flavor.

I was thinking here we go again with the sour/lemon haze smell but Not this one.

So i am really happy.


De Verdamper


The taste.

petrol with alot of spicy en a low level of sweetness.

The taste is not complex like allot of the new strains today personally i think that is a good thing.

The sweetness is hide far away and i think you only will taste it with vaporizing.

The steam is nice and real dense like a Sativa not that heavy for the throat.

After some Bowls in De Verdamper i did cough some.


The Feeling

It start slow and it start with a real high/uplifting feeling.

After some time the stoned will hitting to.

I want to do every thing but only when i can doe it sitting :lol: so is a nice mix feeling.

Now it`s time to vap the De Verdamper empty this is not a complaint.

But i like to say damm De Verdamper is a nice tool.


Volcano @ 205 oC / 478 K / 401 oF,


The taste.

pppf this a bit harshly the petrol/diesel taste it dominant on this at 205 oC / 478 K / 401 oF.

The spicy taste will stay some time in the mouth.


The Feeling.

operation vulcano drop.

Push button A to start check-up.

1 meter balloon : Check.

205 temp : Check.

Chamber full : Check.

9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0 self destruct.

:lol: sorry but this how i feel it`s a strong and hitting hard.

The taste is so great you keep filling the balloons till you are to late and then *BOM* you will see a allot of tweety birds floating around you head.

After a heavy high you get a stoned feeling in the mix.

The feeling is like when you move you head to one side and when stop the feeling keep goingon.


G-spot steamroller with herb iron (Joint this time),


The taste.

I did make a joint to lost the way in me head it was the last real night i can get so stoned (Vietnam is a No No for me).

I did use a RAW paper (People that know the vaporize session @ zODd will know what is mean with losing the way).

This way not a easy job to burn this killer stick down.

But it`s up in smoke (Cheese and Chong :lol:).

When burn the spicy with some sweet /wood but not realy sandalwood taste is realy strong.

I almost lose my lungs with the coughing.


The Feeling.

Some nervous feeling in my under tummy and i hate that feeling big time.

But it can be that i must fly in some time.

Strong strong strong this once again nice and strong.

You will keep smoking.

The shoulders are relax but i have a hard time to focus on a thing i lost the thoughts and every time i thinl what was i thinking.

After a second smoke the nervous feeling in my under tummy is away.

Not fear and No Paranoia feeling or Anxiety.

Every thing is mellow and there is some drive to get creativity.

But that not so great like the Kali Haze.




De Verdamper nice and soft smoke and the same goes for the feeling.

Volcano allot harsly to smoke the stoned in the high is a bit stronger.

G-spot steamroller with herb iron total K.O no it`s a nice mix with a bit of a stoned in it.

When doing at day time stuff and you like to do it the mellow way this is the one.

Lesser for pain relief or for sleeping.


No there are no report for 5 weeks sorry but /zODd :wave: off.



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Thanks Vito :)


Yeah, more i read about vaping, more i think i'll soon quit tobaco .. at least mixed with weed :) (i enjoy smoking a cigar sometimes)


Already tried one table vape, don't know the name though, it uses a halogen light to heat air that then goes thru the weed, with ajustable light height and heat.

I must confess i really enjoyed it !! The taste was beter, the "smog" was sweeter than a joint, but it took longer to feel the high, think it needs at least 20/25 minutes to "finish" 1g of weed that fits inside :)

Cool if you got time, not if you want to smoke "fast" before you go out, or when you come back home to eat in the middle of the day :)

The price too was a bit prohibitive, like 300€ or something in the like.


The one i'm looking forward is the MFLB Magic Flight Launch Box :)


It got 2 things i want in my wape :

- Seem hard to break !

- Can be used outside, wherever you want.


A friend of mine bought one, he's satisfied with it :)

I'm waiting to give it a try :)


In the past i tried the glass light bulb method, which is ok, but makes you look like a crack addict :)

Even built a home made "table vape", using chemistry electric digital heater, and a sort of pot, round base, that fits in perfectly, with 3 holes on the top (1 big to fill in, and 2 others for air in/air out :) Worked ok, but not beter, nor worse than the light bulb. This time it turned you in some kind of mad scientist making some strange drugs experiments :)

The taste was not as good than in the vape of my friend :)


Thanks for your reports, i'd be interested to read what you think about MFLB :)




PS : almost forgot to mention, those pictures are really mounth watering ! Smoking some Kolossus with a friend right now, looking forward to KF ;)

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Dear jimbp,


I will try to write some info about the MFLB sorry will be tomorrow really busy with packing.

It`s easy i already did a report @ wietforum.


Nice to hear you like the photo`s that make the effort wort it.


Vito / zODd


For the macro`s freak .







And for some more strains in Macro shots my album Cannabis macro`s sit back and enjoy.


:wave: /Vito

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