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Hi everyone,


I've been lurking around here for a while,learning from so many people that are kind enough to share pictures, research and time. Enough of just sitting back, time to participate!


This is going to be the second run in this setup, I have a little OCD so I can't stop adjusting everything. I'm always trying to improve things, one little thing at a time. I've got a DR120 with a 600W HPS for flowering. We currently have 6 ladies under the light, they got between 2 - 3 weeks of veg and have 2 - 4 weeks left in flower.



I just upgraded the fan from a 6 in booster fan to this 420 CFM monster... It's actually dimmed to 40%, and my temps have dropped 2 degrees directly on top of the hood. Not too bad. It's actually 78 degrees and 45 % RH inside the canopy.


I've also got a 400W 4ft T5 that I use for seedlings, clones and vegging. Hopefully we'll be able to keep a bonsai mother or 2 as well.


The plan is to set up perpetually so I can pull 1 plant out of flowering every 2 weeks.


Currently in flowering, we have 2 Killing Fields ( the limited FEM freebee batch ). Both show more color than my lavender plants! I won't start to describe the smell, but if you've seen KF grows, or heard Sannie describes the smell and taste, it's exactly it. Strong, dark, complex smell.



I took a sample last week, I couldn't even let it dry for 3 days... This is going to be some TASTY weed for sure if that sample is any indication.


KF1 has 4 big tops and looks similar to some phenos I've seen grown here.



KF 1 - The sample came from one of her lower branches. She has some of the biggest buds in the tent!


KF2 is a bit of a mutant. She started by being twice as stretchy as a seedling and has had smaller, crimped leaves. I think it's a trait from the blueberry side... . Flowering was slow to trigger and then it stretched way too much, so it got it's dose of supercropping.

While I'm not expecting much yield from this girl, it could be an 11 week pheno, so she could put putting on a little extra weight next couple weeks. KF1 look very promising, I definitely see a full pack of KF in my future.


I also have 2 Sugar Punch that smell like... i don't know. WHAT IS THAT SMELL SANNIE? I think it's naughty candy canes... It actually smells sweet and you just want to stick your nose in again to make sure you just smelled candy.



SP1 - Another early sample I took, this got to dry for 3.5 days, when I ground it up, it filled the room with sweet smell. I was surprised him much this smelled for some uncured, early bud.


SP1 is falling over herself from the weight of the buds, I supercropped the branches in the wrong direction a few weeks back, so that didn't help. I've got a couple sticks helping her out now.


SP2 was made a little too branchy, between topping once too many times and structure, this girl takes 1.5 times more room, the buds are smaller. My fault.


I've also got a beautiful Jackberry X NYCD ( regular seeds ) that actually smells like fruit and a little fuel. The JBD is starting to show a little color on the lower buds... The nights can get frisky, so if the genes are there, the color will show. For a freebee that I could find nothing about, it sure looks great... And it's looking like it's going to finish right around 7 - 8 weeks.





For the next round, we have to pop some seeds. One of each:


Kollosus ( fem )

Mad Shack ( fem )

Sugar Punch ( fem )


I'll also pop 2 KO Kush in hopes of finding / keeping 1 female.



That's the veg closet with the T5, it's currently empty, except for some seeds that will go in those sponge pots once the temp drops a few degrees.



Next update I'll build the SCROG screens I plan on using for the next round and report back on a larger, riper sample of SP1.

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Thanks for all the kind words everyone, hoping to get an update up tonight, all those seeds are now up and above ground! :smoke for 5/5 germ rate ( thx Sannie, Esko, Knutsel and co. )


The SP is a beautiful hybrid, it shows great vigor and some really solid genetics. I've found my 2 phenos to have weaker branches than the KF or JBD but dense, sweet smelling buds with curly, short, thick white pistils.

I'll do a feature on the 2 SP ladies tonight.



Looking good Samy! Those KF look very healthy. Can't wait to see the SCROG.

I'm working on the screens still, and those seedlings still have a few weeks, so no rush. I'll take pictures tonight and share.


Everything looks very nice, especially those plants! mmmm

Thanks, they're on their final couple weeks and some of the leaves are fading, rusting... I always have doubts with the leaves, is it normal or did I fuck up. I always have to resist the temptation to adjust. Slow and steady I hope.


Great colouring too in the KF, deep purle, those are the most beautiful

Both of the phenos I got are amazing, I'm going to buy a full pack and look for the pink pheno as well. Looking for keepers with Sannie's gear is such a pleasure. Not like the waste of time hoping to find 1/10 or 1/20 for some hyped up crap. I'll close my eyes, pop 1 seed from Sannie and call it day if I want, there are no bad ones. Some very special ladies ( and guys ) to find for sure though.


keep them green :welcome:

grtz carper

I'm trying! but a few leaves on the Sugar punch are giving me attitude. They have entered the last couple weeks so I just have to keep them alive till then, it's nothing serious. Pics tonight!


good luck with this round , hope you will yield good!

Thanks, me too. I got a better feel for the environment I'm growing in now, I think next round should be a substantial improvement...

I can start by using my surface area better and leveling out the canopy. One thing at a time... kind of

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Splendid pictures, Samyboy.


I'm watching your KFs. They look

fantastic! The ones i received did

not fare as well. I will be ordering

more soon.


Thank you for sharing,



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Looks like you have an awesome setup and some great genetics coming up!




Thanks, the setup is very simple and accessible on a small budget.

I'm trying to keep down to basics: carbon filter, light, evac. Pots, plants, ventilation. Organic light soil, worm castings, buffer tabs and 1 part organic flowering nute.


Ventilation, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to environment control, hopefully Cali weather lives up to it's reputation and does the work for me. I plan on kicking in an AC unit when the weather gets hot / if the humidity gets too high and I worry about mold.

I need to replace the fan that's in there with something bigger.


Right now I have this Clip-On Oscillating Baby Model which is perfect for a veg closet. It moves air great, but it doesn't have the penetration that I feel I need for when the canopy gets dense.


The genetics... yea, it's tough enough deciding what to buy from the shop, but when you can only pop 3-4 seeds... I only hope to do the genetics justice



2x KO Kush on the left. On the right, from top to bottom: Mad Shack, Kollossus and Sugar Punch Fem ( all fem )


This was 2 days ago, they should be going in veg pots by tomorrow night.


Splendid pictures, Samyboy.


I'm watching your KFs. They look

fantastic! The ones i received did

not fare as well. I will be ordering

more soon.


Thank you for sharing,




Thanks Chupa,


The KF is great so far, the buds aren't as dense as the Sugar Punch but they put on bud so easy, I know that a well tamed Scrog can definitively pull a pound and change of KF under a 600W. I heard they could be a little nitrogen hungry or could have issues with magnesium, I haven't seen any of that. These girls are from a test cross sannie made, not the regular KF fems. I believe that KF #7 was mother and father to this cross.


If anything they look like they could take an extra buffer tab in each pot and an extra dose of nutes compared to the SP and JBD which showed their nute limit.


Here is a crappy pic, but still:


The smell is just ridiculous when I open the tent. It's strong and makes you say : WTF is that smell? Strong as if I were growing some Skunk#1... but dark, musky, fuely smell, it's something else.


Next update the seedlings get moved... I'll try to take the ladies out of the tent for some decent pics not under HPS.


Be safe

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Alright, here is a bigger update as promised.


We started seedlings last week, 6 days later, I transplanted to small pots. ( I use yogurt pots that I've been saving forever... finally get to use them )


The soil is Sunshine Advanced #4, it has added trace elements of good stuff compared to the regular Sunshine #4. It's also supposed to have a more acceptable PH range. The soil was prepped with some mycorrhiza fungi and we watered with some Bacto a little bloom nutes to get everything started.



From left to right: Kollossus, Ko kush, Sugar Punch, Mad Shack and Ko Kush.


When we up-pot, I'll mix in 10 - 15% of Organic Worm Castings and 3 buffer tabs per 5 gallon (19 liters) smart pot.


In the meantime, we look at the bud that is flowering:


This is JBD ( Jackberry X NYCD freebee ) :




1 of 4 tops on this lady, they are actually pretty nicely filled in, hard to tell in this picture.




She doesn't look like much in the photo, she smells delicious, so light and fruity, berry and citrus with the sour kick of a little fuel.


She's an easy feeder, knows how to drink her water with care and responded well to topping. Did i mention that she gets color? I took a sample and 4 days later when I smoked it, I had purple in my bowl. Here is the best shot I could get, it shows a little color, believe me, behind that green, is some rich purple. Very sexy.




This is from halfway down the plant, nothing huge, this bud would be 1/2 gram dry, I'm thrilled with how frosty it looks in person.


But nothing is as frosty as SP1. The Sugar Punch is dense, filled twice as far down as anything else and as a layer of trichs. I had to take a picture from the underside to show how filled it is.




Sorry for the ugly pics, but it shows how well she doing. Again, 4 tops on this plant that look just like this. She looks like the biggest yielder of the group. I sampled a bud from her sister, SP2, and it knocked me on my ass. Looking forward to the finished product.


I started working on the SCROG screens for the next round. It's made of PVC, about 2ft X 2ft ( 60cm X 60cm ). I drilled holes in the pipe and mesh wire through.




I will build 4 of these, and should be set. Thanks to Wazzup for some beautiful pics of his individual screen that inspired me to make my own.


nice! Here is some inspiration for your scrog and scrog net:









Simple yet effective.


Thanks for all the comments everyone... I'll try to keep regular updates, if anyone has any questions ( as if I have answers lol :whistle: ) or any criticism, I would love to hear. Here to share and learn.

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Nice going there m8.

clean looking buds!

love your american build it your self attitude (ScrOg net) :specool

but im a little bit weary of the blue binder that keeps the pvc together;

it looks like a substance that could release some fumes (if heated); that could (possible) be bad for your plants in the long run.

im not a specialist in toxic fumes of any kind tough! so if this turns out to be completely safe i'll be happy too!!

just pointing out a little detail that could raise questions later if in an early stage overlooked


keep em green is the morale of this story :dope:



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Nice going there m8.

clean looking buds!

love your american build it your self attitude (ScrOg net) :specool

but im a little bit weary of the blue binder that keeps the pvc together;

it looks like a substance that could release some fumes (if heated); that could (possible) be bad for your plants in the long run.

im not a specialist in toxic fumes of any kind tough! so if this turns out to be completely safe i'll be happy too!!

just pointing out a little detail that could raise questions later if in an early stage overlooked


keep em green is the morale of this story :dope:




Hey Frshje,


This is a good point, about the glue for the PVC pipes. I think that the temperature for fumes would be high enough ( 100 F or more ) that the plants would suffer from the heat themselves.


The glue is silicone based and it says on the bottle that it's safe to pass potable water through. I'm not the kind to trust bottles, but I think my use is less demanding. Also, I plan on removing the excess with a razor blade and cleaning all the PVC with soap / bleach before it ever goes in the tent. Their really shouldn't be any glue exposed to the environment.


But your original premise is still true, their is still the possibility and the unknown. Perhaps I should have used epoxy instead.


If anyone has any knowledge of this or of an alternative way of gluing / making screens, I love to try different things. I chose to do this because I had a hard time finding light fencing that had wide enough holes or was affordable ( $75 for 100 ft is the minimum I could find )

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Sorry about the late update...


Things are a little slow over in the grow room, each lady goes at her own pace... I need to clean up a bunch of shit around the grow room and build a drying rack, so that's up next.


Enough talking:


This one of the buds from KF1. She's a lovely lady. Deep purple all the way through. No crazy cold weather or additives, she's been like this since day 1 of flowering.


The Killing Fields has smaller trichromes, kind of like Jack Herrer actually. She is still covered in trichs though:


She smells as sexy as she looks. From the samples I took, I have no doubt that this I will going for the jar of KF first. The biggest favor I could do myself is buy a full back of KF from the shop and look for a mother.


We've got some ( younger ) but lovely ladies to keep us company as well.


It's a little warmer than I would like. I pour water on the bottom of the tray, the rocks help keep the humidity for a couple days.


For some pics of the individuals:


Kollossus Fem:



Mad Shack Fem Freebie:



Sugar Punch Fem:



And the KO Kush ( Regs ):



I have two KO Kush going, hopefully I'll get 1 female. ( Last time I ran popped 3 and got 3 females )


KO Kush 2:


They are setting into their pots, the next week should see good growth.


Already some roots showing:



Next watering gets a good dose of bacto, that stuff is like crack for plants.


Anyhow, that's all for today. I leave you with a whole shot of the veg space:




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Hey all,


Time for an update:


Sugar Punch 2 was chopped and hung to dry for 5 days or so. After a quick trim, we have small, dense nuggets. She flowered just about 8 weeks.


They smell sweet, and should only get better with some cure. Not a big harvest on this plant, she was very branchy and streched out too much. She took lots of space but was much lower so she did not get good light penetration at all. These buds are DENSE, hard little foxtails and dense flowers inside.


A solid haze hybrid. Late at night , I smoked, after 2 bowls, I layed down on the floor and many thoughts came to my head. The high was stronger than I expected: strong imagery in my head, old thoughts I'd already had, very serious matters. Not very fun, but seriously introspective. Not dumb down at all. The next morning, I smoked 2 bowls and had a great time. Strong high, all in the head, no pressure in the ears, but you can feel the buzz in your eyes. This could be some productive weed or just a great day smoke. NOT FOR NIGHT USE. I think I'll give her a fair test after 2 weeks cure.


Sugar Punch 1 has been chopped and is now hanging. This girl was the smallest when I switched to 12/12 but filled in so well... I'm sorry I don't have a clone. I have more seeds though! :icecream:



The buds aren't as dense as SP3, and she doesn't have the foxtails of SP2, we'll see how they come out when it dries. Regardless, how bad could that be?



Looking forward to a joint of this:



Before I hung her, she got a trim. I pull everything I can off with my hands. The rest, we'll trim with the cutters when it's dry.

I remember, I used to look for trim and buy it from growers... now I throw it away.



I wish I had time / space for hash, some of the sugar leaf is worth keeping for sure. Thinking of getting a pollinator and throwing in all my good leftovers. Anyone have any experience with that? I need to think about : dry or wet weed in the pollinator? How long does it take to process an ounce? What kind of cleanup does it take?


Next update I harvest the last 3 plants. Sugar Punch 3 and both Killing Fields. They are enjoying 2 days of darkness before the poodle trim. See ya soon



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Been too long since an update. Sorry folks.


The flowering for round 1 is over, I've been harvesting ( trimming, drying, trimming, curing ) for 2-3 weeks. I do a little at a time when I get home from work, so it's slow work.


Great way to relax at home, trim while watching a movie or talking around the dinner table... why not?


In the meantime... we transplanted the new round into 5 gallon Smartpots.


Mixed up a little soil, very simple:


2 parts Sunshine Advanced Pro ( leftovers from last time )

2 parts Roots Organic ( trying something new )

1 part nice long fibrous Coco coir ( I found this to help a lot with the water retention for the Sunshine Pro without slowing growth at all )

1 part Worm castings

3 Buffertabs per 5G pot

mycos & bacto


I'm looking for a way of sourcing more base ingredients and mixing more of it myself, makes no sense to me to buy bags of soil when I'm mixing it anyways and changing the consistency.


I've been researching many organic "solutions" to my list of improvements. Last round I noticed that some chuncks of soil were not absorbing water... so 1 thing led to another...


I went from yucca extract to neem and kelp oil, to silicon and aloe vera leaves... and organic tea brewing and mycrohizae production facilities and so on...


I'm looking at making 3 kinds of tea as micro nutrient sources, prevention against disease, bugs and mold. And of course, most importantly, keeping the soil and soil life happy and healthy.


As oppososed to when I plant the seedlings in the wrong soil and it takes me a week to figure out why they are so N deficient... That was the plain soil with nothing mixed in? ooops...


I'll grab some pictures tonight, I'm waiting for both KO Kush to show sex... only a matter of a day or two. All the Fems showed sex last week, big help that was!


Oh... and I've got some beautiful nugs to share with everyone too, I had heard that the KF loses it's color after it dries and cures. It's only been a couple weeks, but it's still as purple as ever.

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cant wait for these picture's m8!

im struggling too with soil mixture's atm

im likin cocos very much, but atm i have 3 bags of gold label special light mix..

and got some great organic things to mix trough it,

also im gonna try Bio-char to keep the whole thing fertile for longer periods sounds very promising


anyway im patient for those budshots!

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Thx for the kind words. Camera being a pain. Tonight for sure.


I bought tons of good stuff today:


Dyna gro pro tekt silicon

Dyna gro neem seed oil

Seaweed extract powder

Humic acid sp 85

Mycorrhizae granular

Lily of the desert Aloe

I'm going to build a brew bucket with some PVC and 5 gallon bucket, can't wait to make the soil come alive.


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I've had camera issues - the screen on the point&shoot had it's backlight go out, it's impossible to see anything on the screen.


Backup cam has to do for now...



I'm still vegging, probably only for a week and half or so more, they're getting a little bigger than cute... Can't have a jungle!




A month and a half ago when I first moved the plants into a small veg pot, I had made a mistake: grabbed the container with the plain soil instead of the mixed soil. I should have reacted when I saw that the water wasn't draining properly in those pots, the soil wasn't treated with yucca or aloe vera, no worm castings or any the buffer tab dust i mix in the soil for the small veg plants. Within a week they were pale and showing rusty leaves.


After transplanting again into the right soil, all the plants recovered, but I noticed the Kollossus looked like it was asking for for N... so I top dressed with EWC and watered with bacto and she loved it. The next week, I did the same and only then did she have the deep green that the other ladies had. She is a big eater, but she has the powerful growth too, you can really see where she puts her energy.


The KL was also the first to show sex - that always wins a warm space in my heart when I know I can trust you. Before they show sex, I always look at them a little sideways. I don't want to build any relationships if I'm going have to kill him if he turns out to show male. So thank you for allowing me to stop stressing about that early.


It's not something I usually hear about people breeding towards, but for some of us that only run a few seeds at once, having a plant that shows sex early is really nice.


Speaking of showing sex - the Sugar Punch showed second, a couple days behind the KL ( it's a FEM, but still... no pistil = no trust ), I'm still waiting for both KO Kush to show sex... I think the dense stinky one is male and stretchy one is female ( kinda opposite to the norm I know.. ) and for the Mad Shack to show ( it's a FEM too, so I'm willing to let it slide a little. )



Few bucks in PVC and some plastic covered metal wire ( twisty tie material you get in grocery stores ) I got a whole roll of 100s of meters for $3.75. I use it for eveything.


The Scrog screens have been built and I just dropped it down ontop of the KL. I could have set the screen down last week and have her work her way through, but when they are still smaller, it's my last chance to move them around and adjust the space, so I didn't want to lock it down too early. She bent her stem without complaint and reacted to the screen great, she should fill 35-40 % in a week.



This was a 2 days ago, by now, she's already putting out new growth and reaching up for the light again.



Kollossus underside... I'm removing a few small leaves everyday to keep the air flow and to concentrate energy up top... She seems to react well.


I'm going to give both the Sugar Punch and the Mad Shack their own screen too. The KO will either go under a shared and very long but narrow screen or if 1 turns out male, it'll also get it's own screen.



Anyone recognize the "giant leaf pheno" Sugar Punch? She looks similar to the Sativa pheno I got last time. That plant was a great yeilder and definitively the high worth keeping out of the 3 that I ran.


And the Mad Shack


She got big pretty fast, great little bush, but a nice structure too. Anyone have experience with the stretch with the Mad Shack?

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