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Hello hello and thanks for coming by and commenting as always. I'm enjoying some Pineapple Express right now and don't feel like thinking too much, so I'll just leave this update to the pictures.



Jackberry x KO Kush #3




Jackberry x KO Kush #4


Harvested at 53 days of 12/12.



























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kicking myself so hard right now for not getting these freebees. imma hurry up and grab the star kush before thats gone also


Not bad for freebies! I bet you'll like what you get. :)


I got some of these and I need to pop them. :) Damn those look tasty dude.


Please do a smoke report when you can ;)






Yah, they've been a pretty pleasant surprise. I'll have a #5 update shortly, along with one for the Chocolope. For the most part I plan to give these a decent cure and then I may share some around along with some smoke report forms. I'll definitely come back to update the thread with whatever I end up with. I have enjoyed some of an early alloted portion of the #3. No cure on it, just a (slightly hastened) dry, but it provided a nice, relaxing high. Besides for a calming effect, I also felt like it had muscle relaxation properties.

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OK, here is #5. I'm partial to this one so far. Harvested at just over 9 weeks - 65 days.


































I found one spot like this...


Also several scattered bananas, mostly in the cola. I'm not sure if these are a result of running her to her limit and/or heat stress, which was a brief, recent factor for some plants (see my upcoming Chocolope post and future Sannies Jack update).


I'm looking forward to trying this girl. She was a pleasure to trim. :)

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OK, here's that Chocolope. This is her at around 62 days...
















Shortly after these shots were taken we had an air conditioning problem. It was out for about two days and things got hot and humid. Following this, I noticed mold growing on the cola of the Chocolope and one one other cola in another tent. I also noticed a flush of bananas on some (but not all) plants in the tent the Chocolope was in (including the Chocolope). The mold was just in the cola, so I tossed it, pulled the plant and harvested within a couple of days.


She really was a yielder, and should have some decent weight even without the cola. Nice, dense and sparkly buds.




(This is a mini-Bic for reference)


















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I see you got some more hash.Thanks for the pics,ENJOY!




And by the way, these pictures look better if you click on them. The site is sizing them down a little and they lose a bit of clarity, at least on my screen. :wave:

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And by the way, these pictures look better if you click on them. The site is sizing them down a little and they lose a bit of clarity, at least on my screen. :wave:


I will. :wave:

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I'm back to update with some clone shots. I know I owe a smoke report still. I don't have that, but I'll tell you this much. The #4 yielded very poorly, if I didn't already mention that. I've already gotten rid of that girl. The #5 was a nice plant and I have two clones of her. However, the clones were taken during 12/12 as soon as she showed and as I grew them out the clones acted stressed (I guess?) and basically began to auto-flower. I've got them under 24 hour light now in an attempt to "re-veg" them. The bud looks nice but to the extent that I've tried iy I don't think she's the winner. The #3 appears to be that winner. I've had her curing for over a month now and the smell isn't wowing me, but I like the high. Seems to me to have a noticable muscle relaxing effect - calming and relaxing bud without being really heavy. More pictures of her after the Chocolope. :)


And speaking of, the Chocolope was awesome. I believe I mentioned that I got the seed for this plant while trimming a friends'. It was the only one found on the plant. Now, I've never been a particular fan of the Chocolope I've gotten from him - not my favorite of his strains at all, though it did smell nice. Also, the one I grew lost some weight to mold and I thought I heat stressed her a little as well, so I wasn't expecting anything fantastic. Damn fine smoke though. Very clear, head high. Really, really liked it. Looking forward to these girls coming down...


(oh, and I probably made the pictures too big again - so they'll likely be slightly distorted unless you click them)


Chocolopes at 37 days of 12/12












Jackberry x KO Kush #3 at 37 days of 12/12

















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Guest UfoDisclosure

Looks really great smoke. Haaa I like those dense indica buds

I imagine the nice blueberry taste and stone effect with the hard hitting and earthy coffee taste of the KOK

It just can't be average!

For the Chocolope, as I've never smoked/smelled it, I really cannot imagine

Everybody says it's excellent, Esko included I think

But the description "beware they need a lot of room" really dampened my envy

I know it's a sativa haze hybrid that doesn't smell or taste

anything like a haze, with a chocolate underlying fragrance, but that's it

And while I'm really a huge fan of haze plants,I don't know if I would really like to smoke something that taste like chocolate, as Kush like dark flavors are not what I prefer either

Give us a bit more details! :unsure:


Anyway keep it up Herbgrower :)

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Nice girls Herbgrower and good size they are.I will lurk little bit,look very interesting in your tent.


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i read somewhere that the chocolate thai in the chocolope is not real and

that it was merely a bagseed everybody agreed upon naming "chocolate

thai", because of the smell and taste. no "real" haze in there but neverthe-

less, a great heady buzz, imo.


well, anyhoo, ... the chocolope is a great plant. a kind soul gave me 5 reg-

beanz. gonna pop them sometime after the BBI-project/holy princess-run i

want to do next.

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Some Jackberry x KO Kush buds. These are the #3, the only one I still have. The two buds on the left are from the most recent harvest and the two on the right are from the seed-plant (first) harvest.




This plant has really grown on me. Not the most in-your-face herb that I have, but it has a very calming effect that provides a sense of well-being. I also notice a muscle-relaxing effect pretty consistantly. And she does have some punch, but you can still go about your day. Very nice, good for treating anxiety and probably depression, IMO. It also helps a bit extra with muscle-tension related migraines for reasons stated.


I have some out to patients now and am interested to get some feedback. I have a growers' tollerance (speaking of which, I need to pack another) so this may be knocking others out for all I know.




Nice, dense buds. Pretty quick to trim. Moderate yield, quick flowering. For now at least, she stays. :)


Oh, I forgot to say thank you everyone for your nice comments. It is gratifying to read, especially coming from the great growers on this forum. :)!

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Well...#4 and #5 are girls I guess. This makes me second guess myself on my culling of #1 and #2, but what can ya do. :)


These two don't seem nearly as nice as #3, which is sending out bunches of pistils now, but I'll let them do their thing and see what they have to offer. Might pull some clones off of them in the next week just for good measure.


Ive done this before with herijuana. The first 2 i popped i swore they were boys. The last 2 were going the same way and i meant ot chuck them but enough time went by first and i realized i was wrong.Happily wrong i might add.


Ive still got 3 more of these freebies and the free kush in storage

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Excellent journal...very much enjoyed reading through it. Great work!

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herbgrower, you had a nice gooey grow there. those nanners may have been from pushing her to far. may be she was just saying, hell I gotta pollenate myself before I die. grat grw.

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