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2 x Black Domina (Kannabia Seeds)

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First i was not planning to make a new report (I am in a very deep depression).

But i will try to make one en keep it up to date.


Violence, even well intentioned, always rebounds upon oneself. (Lao Tzu)



Light leak is fix.

I was hooping to do the Mt.Hood Huckleberry but i am in need to have fast some medicine (Outdoor it still in the planning).

I have choose for a killer fast flowering strain.


So here the Black Domina ((Afghanistan x Ortega Canadian) x (Northern Lights x Hash Plant).


The sprouting of the seeds.

Some art.











Some time later new earth is use and like always sannie style (Symbiosis mycorrhiza, 2x Buffertablets and Sannie's Bacto ) + Piranha (Advanced Nutrient) and some White Widow (humboldt).

All in Gold Label Special Mix Custom.


I did kill a under container from and auto pot system.

Now i will try to give water from under.



Yesterday there are fast growing kids.




Will shot the CCK male today i will try to get some pollen of it to play with.

Is the first time trying.

Why? the plants are so beautiful that it is hard to kill it (There are living to).


Strain of the day.

Peace Maker (Super Skunk x White Widow).





Now i will




= out on the space shuttle.




/Vito :wave:

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Good luck Vito.

Those auto-pots suck ass.

I've grown out Kannabia's afrodite. I liked it, nothing amazing genetically just a spin on SKUNK

Interested to see how the domina comes out compared to the original cross.


Grtz HC :P

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Dear HillCrest,


Same here i don`t like the auto pots and now its a cheap way for me to give water from under with the hand.

The other auto pots will be use outdoors for some chill plants :) but not with organic nutrients and never with cannabis.


The Black Domina from Kannabia are not on sale and i did take the cross info from the sensi seeds Black Domina.






The CCK #1 male.







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High Vito,


Sorry to read your in a depression. Hope you sort it all out soon!

Get well soon bro!


I'll be watching along with your new grow.

Your first picture reminds me of a scary allseeing eye :D


What are the plans with the CCK male? Are you gonna try to preserve some pollen for later crossing ?


All the best!



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i like pictures of male cannabis plants (males are equally beautiful than

females, imho). and i love how they look in your picas, vito. you always

make me feel very warm when you post stuff like this, mate :icecream: thanks!!


i am in for the black domina-ride and fasten my seatbelts. if the genetic-

makeup is the same as sensi's, they will rock all of our socks of, for sure.


don't let yourself down. my depressions are always overcome with growing

and smoking nice viarieties. i hope this works for you also, and very fast ...

keep your head up and you cabs green, my friend :)

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Hey Vito,

come on, heads up and go for it again! :tu

I hope that you´ve got more luck in this round.




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Hi there m8 im on the frontrow again :icecream:


the light leak u had sucks obvious.

but damn the flowers on those male do look nice.

and i have to agree with the all seeing eye comment of lexn!

stunningly familiar.


as for your depression ; i hope you overcome it soon!

myself am dealing with this too.

i find that keeping your spirit strong and do's/means of things positive really helps tackling it slowly


Keep it up m8!

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Dear Lexn,

I am going to try to preserve some pollen like you say.

Lol the all seeing eye.


Dear santero,

Thanks we still fighting against it but sometime i get tired form it.

I have lose 3 time everything in life (Car, home, work).

But writing about it helps allot.

Let hope this threat become a safe ride ^_^.


Dear Shake'N'Bake,

You welcome.


Dear ,

I will try to keep my head UP :).

And we will go for it big time.


Dear Frshjee,

We all the people on the front row raise there hands.

The eye seeds was funny i like it to.


About the depression i am off the pharmaceutical shit (Did use 7 pils a day) for a year now so i allot of learning about feeling and my thinking world and the ADHD with the depression is sometime to must.

But Vito will never surrender to the depression again.






CCk male.





Yummie Bubble ...



I did shot some BHO 4 strains are make not for me i only help the nice men he never did it.

Here it was still getting the gas away ore how it call.






More bubble



:wave: /zODd



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Every time i look at your pics man,i feel better,so you and your pics are antidepressant for me.I have problems also with depression(PTSD),but lately found that running thru the forest and looking what i eating help me with a problem,also growing, give me power to overcome this hard time.Greets from DJ :hug:

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Dear Don Joe,

Thanks for the support and nice words.

Making photo`s helping me to forget the bad stuff but not always.

But i will never give up the fight ^_^.


For the CCK male fans some new shots.








The Black Domina are a fast growing strain men oh men,.





BHO form the BHO topic.


I did make a coco`s cake.



BTW this is art people you when you think is not please use the link to real ART








The photo`s will rule you mind tonight hell yeah.


Olie drome rulez.


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that bong looks out of this world!

for sure it brings u there, hehe :dribble:


looking good, very nice male picture's.

they might not be wanted; but they aint ugly!


keep it up,

wishing u big buds, very fast! :j

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Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. (Lao Tzu)




Dear Frshjee,

The pipe is not my :( i am looking for some tools to smoke oil.

Manbye some day.

But i did order some other stuff (Oil Dome Bong Attachment 18.8mm, G-Spot Glass - Pure Bowl Cone).

More male shot add ^_^.



Temp 24,1 degrees / max 26,4 degrees / min 20,4 degrees

LV 44 % / 55 % max / min 38 %.

Testo after 500 ml water from below 70 mBAr (Thanks Torsti).


Black Domina #1.

Length 5,4 cm.



Black Domina #2.

Length 7,1 cm.



The CCK male.






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If you look into your own heart, and you find nothing wrong there, what is there to worry about? What is there to fear? (Confucius)




temp 25,9 degrees / max 26,2 / min 21,5.

LV 49 % / max 57 % / Min 38 %.

Testo 80 mBar.


Those are going at warp speeds (zODd hit the order more "Black Domina Reg" button).


BD #1.

Length 6,4 cm.


BD #2.

Length 7,9 cm.



Group hug.




Nighthaunter Present --> The Shoreline (Devil's Harvest) (Superskunk X Northernlight) show ^_^.









vape.gif + smiley-6.gif x hookah.gif + smiley-smoking-bong.gif = icon_wanker.gif the world but respect good people.







Some wake up sound (It`s loud).


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The faults of a superior person are like the sun and moon. They have their faults, and everyone sees them; they change and everyone looks up to them.





temp 25,5 degrees / max 26,9 / min 20,6.

LV 44 % / max 52 % / Min 33 %.

Testo 120 mBar.



9.8 days since Black Domina - BD #1 has been in veg

9.8 days since Black Domina - BD #2 has been in veg


Black Domina #1

Length 7,6 cm.



Black Domina #2

Length 9,7 cm.



All power plants.




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Vito, I wish you were near me to show me how to use my fuckin camera!! You take some of the best shots ive EVER seen!!!! You should work for the pot mags bro, seriously.... Or any mag, your pics are THAT GOOD! Glad you're part of this lil community we got here!


Much respect!


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Very nice pics Vito... hope your depression will left with spring.

What do you use for camera, pics are very detailed and cleaned.

Sure you love the Gold label custom and all mix, me too !

Edited by hiwatt

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We should feel sorrow, but not sink under its oppression. (Confucius)




To start some.



This from a Royal dane the weed is a bad smoke but in Dab is a great one.

The BHO is allot lighter then the SSH but photo i a bit bad.



Here a beter Royal dane BHO.




Dear Shake'N'Bake,

Happy to share the photo`s.


Dear Indican,

That my dream shooting strains for work maybe one day.

This community have all of my respect to.

A community is made by the people using it.

And if you have something to ask about the photo`s please do.


Dear hiwatt,

Nice you love the shots.

The depression is still there but fighting against it.

The camera i use is a older Cannon EOS 300D and for the macro`s i use a Tokina AF 100mm f/2.8 AT-X Pro D macro (Canon).

I never use the name Vito or a phone to sent messages :) so sorry it was not me 'Vito" AkA (Bubba01, zODd, "Lady" Snowcat, SBunite, BsX, BeShareX, RunRunShaw, HsiaoHou, Go~Fuck~A~Duck).


I Love Gold label custom + sannie way i really love the taste of strains so BIO is the only way.



Now the plant sorry for the writingspam.


Temp : 23,9 degrees.

LV : 41 %.

Testo : 160 mBar both plant did get 500ml water from below.


Will top them at the 5 internode

BD #1,


BD #2,


BD #1-2,




Smoking dab.


Some Hash with BHO from NL.


And some Lemon Haze.



Have a nice evening all and a good and healthy weekend with allot good vibes and luck wishes form zODd.






All photo can be asks and i will be happy to share the original formats for no profit use.

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Hello, Vito. :)


Cool update, as always. Those plants are looking really nice.

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In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of.(Confucius)


Dear Wrecks,

We try every update to make some of it.

I am happy that The plant are going well.



Damm main PC die both SLI cards ..... :( .

The better photo`s need to wait now.



The Black Domina having a problem there was a bird in the room and now the top are away lol.

Top at the 4 inter-node.

Black Domina #1


Black Domina #2



Black Domina #1


Black Domina #2


Black Domina #1-2 light on.


Black Domina #1-2 light off.



And still looking for Concentrate Nails 18mm to buy here in Holland any one knows a shop in Amsterdam Thanks.



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Thanks for the answer Vito, I've edited my post, I'm a bit confused with this thing.

You made a so nice work mate... vaporizing all this great stuff may put you high on the cloud ! :lol:

That Black domina look perfect, are they fem beans i guess Kannabia only make feminized now ?

Have you already tried Sensi seeds Black domina before for comparing ?

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Dear hiwatt,


No problem for the answer when it happens to my I like to know it to.

I really enjoy vaporizing different strains and my home is in the clouds ^_^.


It`s my first Black domina grow i did get the seeds form pato (Kannabia seeds) (Very nice men) I for what i know are these not on sale.


I don`t not try the Sensi seeds Black domina but if the plant go like there go now i will grow then later this year.

And i going to try S.A.D S1 sweet seeds.



Temp 24,9 / max 27,1 / min 21,4.

LV 45 % / max 57 % / min 31 %.

Testo 100 mBAr.


Black Domina #1

lengte 9,6cm.



Black Domina #2

lengte 11,3cm.



Group shot.




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