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2 x Black Domina (Kannabia Seeds)

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vito, we'll have kung fu- and eiga-nights. i'll bring my harddisk with

2TB of only japanese movies and you can provide chinese-movies.





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Hello inkog77,

I am happy to.

Next grow i hope it here in Vito home is allot of troubels.

But if i have the change it will be 2 x Mt.Hood Huckleberry or Karamelo or when the BD is a vgood smoke/vap 2 x Black DOm.


Hello Wrecks,

Same here hope next week to hang it dry.

I will make a report of it.


Hello santero,

Sound like a aweswome plan.

Have alot of chinese/Japanese food en thea.

I like the samuria movie from end 1950 and the alot from 197X like zatoichi (Have them all), Lone Wolf and Cub, The Seven Samurai (i like the movies from Akira Kurosawa), Throne of Blood, 47 Ronin, Musashi and the list wil be endless here.


But mabye a weekend better lol.


Some more 1600 x 1200 resin shot just hit the links (Is at wietforum no 3rd party shit).


Resin love 1

Resin love 2



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There are some problems here so i did harvested today (Fryday people in home fixing things, en tomorrow a niece here that going to life here for a year).


Black Domina #1








Black Domina #2.






New grow will be start when i have money for earth and Buffertablets.

The strain will beKaramelo (Kannabia) feminized.



The end.



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The BHO of the Black Domina.

The strain it`s a very strong one and i love it.





Good for sleep, pain and depression.



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hey vito,

man the pic's in this thread will make me come back and save a few of them, and put ypour name on them so i do not forget they are yours.


i have been thinking about my depression issues & which type of marijuana is best for me. i love the indica plants with their couch lock style stone.

Yet, i feel that when i smoke them i'm not in as pleasant a mood as when i didn't have depression. i have been thinking about this for awhile now too.


so i will go after genetics that make me feel happier, giggly & light hearted. so more euphoria will be what i'm gonna hunt for. The strain that i didn't pay much attention to is now the one i want very badly. but no pure seeds as it is the clone only Happy Brother. i have 5 seeds of that in a cross already, but they are pale ones. i was promised the HB & once i can get back into the game she will be one of the first i ask for.


i also didn't really appreciated a clear high as i had never smoked anything that gave this type of feeling for many, many years. i will explore those types of genetics in more depth now too. never thought i'd be headed in this direction with the sacred plant, but that's the beauty of this species. :wave:



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I will try to make a report next week.

I have a S.A.D S1 now to but need to dry some longer.


Outdoor i try to test a Vietnamese and 2 Lieu Hanh F2 pheno`s to check how the uphigh is from those.

I understand i think what you meaning with a to uphigh when not feeling that good i lets you going to think more and make the feeling stronger.

And some have a underbelly feeling (that what i get).

The back Domina is a very nice evening smoke every time i vaporize some i get a smile on me face and i did really enjoy games, music and movies.

It did tone down my thinking and feeling but not that must that you become empty or feeling less i hate that.

But when vaporize later on the nigh and you are lying down it almost like you use a sleeping pill.

I have 2 pheno an hasj taste and a fruity taste and the fruity one is the most like the S.A.D S1 that one is really sweet.


Oops almost a report already.

Hope that i write proper.



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