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Vito`s BHO run to space!

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Some BHO that i make for a friend that is very ill.

BIO skunk, Peace Maker and O.G kush is use and i did taste i and pppfffff heavy.


Photo are from the BIO skunk run.

Here the gas is still removing or how i write it ... ^_^.






Bread with peanut butter any one?



Now i know is very bad to praise you self but hell This is what i call ART!!!!!!

If you think that this is not art here a link with really awesome art.









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hay dude how much trim did you process, and what are you hoping to get in yeilds.


looks very good,,,, always a pleasure.

ok pal all the best and have a good one.




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Beautiful oil. I find it so much more attractive when using a non-polar solvent.

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Dear inkog77,

I did not weight this run.

Was more of a test for some one.

But he likes it allot so next run i will make a complete report with photo`s and weight.


Dear El Tiberon,

Same here.

BHO looks awesome from close.




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