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Mt. Hood Huckleberry FEVER 2x75 T-neon BIO

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Hi there all!



today i kick started this thread alive, for u all to enjoy.


The setup will be;


Secret Jardin Dark Propagator (60cmx90x60)

With a Tneon 2x75w for lighting (Vegging + bloom too)

Mini fan from winflex with a Prima klima (160/240m3) for exhaust


So for everybody's understanding; This is A micro-fluo grow.

i willt take clones that will become mother(s), that will hit a 600W flowering area,this will be months from now

cause for now it is occupied,almost finished in there, and another grow is already planned to be there..


the reason im posting here instead of micro fluo section, i wanna keep the infos about the huckleberry close to each other, keeps it easy.. also i would like some help to pinpoint the phenotypes im dealing with.

my first time really doing so, i know u guys cant smell/touch , but together we should be able to figure this out..


and still;


It's a glorious occasion!




Now back on track;


Two seeds are currently in Spongepots when they are live and kicking they will go to, 3 galon root pouches (basically the same thing as smartpots)


these are Filled with gold label special mix light and a bunch of ingredients for a very healthy stable soil life.









All the extra's that went trough the soil that aint clear on picture;

BAC Bio granules

sannie's bacto

symbiosis mycorrhiza's

Worm castings

Perfect start


when i was done i threw over some bacto and added some water it,

but in between of that, some black lines apeared on the area where i threw the bacto kinda strange..

i did not actually see this happen cause i walked away for a couple of mins,

here u can see for yourselve's;




But on to the next thing;

here we have the spongepot's enjoying there glass of cola;




And a shot of the seeds themself :engel







and as a last shot with the enlightened buddha on the background overwatching for a safe journey;





Hope you people are enjoying this,

leave a message, ask a question ,

for now ima call it quit's its getting late



Be safe and healthy all!


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Hi Frshjee,

I wish you a lot of succes with this grow!


The root-pouches are looking like russian heads. :whistle:

I´am not a fan of the smart-pots or these root-pouches in a cabinet-grow,

they will let the humidity rise in the flowering stage.

But you aren´t flowering, so it will be ok.




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Damn bro, very nice. Hope you get 90% fems, 10% males. Then you could make seeds and hook me up! (FOR NOVELTY PURPOSES ONLY, MAV!)

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yeah dude, please send in open pollinated F2's as freebies for all of us to enjoy.




i too wish you all the best with this organic grow. all of the stuff you are using

makes me wet my pants in excitement. the resulting product will be so NYCE :icecream:

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/vito will be a front row crasher in this threat.



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Hello all!

thanx for all the reactions!


@ torsti ;

Indeed they do looked like russian heads :P

only thing missing is the fur!

and thanx for the heads up about the humidity i did not know this,

although it kinda makes sense, i am flowering in this setup too , so i will keep it in check!

this is my very first micro , so things like this to know are very helpfull!


@ indican;


Im very happy (and lucky) to be able to grow this awesome line of genetics.

i would be very pleased if i can get 70% female out of the pack , if it where on the looks of the seeds;

i think it could even be 80/90% (now off coarse u cant tell by looking at the seed with regular seeds) but they look so good and healthy.

this round how ever i picked seeds wich i "Expect" to be female.

Prof P is sending in some Mt hood huckleberry F2 freebees, so i feel a little bit less obligated in means of time to do a pollination, i wanna take my time learning about breeding and such!


@ santero;

thanx for taking a chair m8!

if a male does pop up with these first two seeds a pollination will happen and u will be the first to know this! , but as for now i do not intend this to happen, but lets wait and see whats in these cards!


@ Vito

Lets make sure the seat u grabbed to enjoy from this is a lounge chair!

nice to see you here too m8, thanx for popping by B)

I wish i had your macro lens sometimes man!

earlier i took like 25 photo's but like only one shows what u guys need to see! ( that will come in a moment)


@ station good to see you here m8, hows that jackberry x ko kush working out?

we be seeing a smoke report?? or i missed it already? excuse if i did :likken:




so now we got that out of the way;

i got some very good baby news comming up :dribble:

barely 24 hours have passed, and BOTH cracked shell and came out of the closet,

very fast and very good statistics , even with only two seeds :o :P

think even fastest that i personally saw


and like i said i wish i had a good macro lens or something like it for moments like these

but i came up with this , and still very clearly visible all click for full size!; enjoy the first baby photo;









Aint it lovely?!


guys im gonna speak u again soon!

take care & be healthy all!

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Hi there all!

small little update.

today the little baby's went into a bigger world!

altough its still micro by our definitions ..

got some photos to mark the process for you all, not gonna make a big update this time!



so lets bring it;


two photo's from before the transplanting ;





this one is only a day older and look at the growth it went trough!










any comments on the lights?? is this to far away or what do you guys recommend for 150watt of tneon??








u can just see them enjoy it , atleast i can!













what an adventure!

Huckleberry fever!

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Looking good. Hardly stretching at all; your light must be about where it should be. :)

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thanx for checkin in m8!

well there under the neon light for a few hours now..

only repotted them into there this afternoon.

so if the lights to high we would not even notice yet in forms of stretch

im gonna bloom these in the 600W area when they have both showed sex quite fast; and where both female.

makes life a little bit less complicated over here!

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that's the stuff :)


these t-neon you can put even a bit more far away and the still provide a very good start.

i use 2x55w and keep them around 15cm with same results. your little ones sure enjoy the

nice lights, mate ... some truly beautiful little babies already.

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Two moar baby photo's for you guys!

i really love the elegance flair from baby seedlings!

hope u guys enjoy it just as much.


One of the two seedlings turned a bit purple in the stem,

anybody know if this is cold related or genetic related colouring?

the other one is perfectly green so im a bit doubtfull if its the temps causing this..



anyday soon im adding wind to their life's; i dont like starting this in the very beginning of their life

i dont know why really works out perfectly fine tough!


here the two picture's i talked about;






and the one turning a bit purple at stem;




My little baby's :wub:

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Awesome NASA found life at the planet Frshjee.

There call this new life form Mt. Hood Huckleberry.




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High Frshjee,


Wish U all the best with your babies! I'll be peeking in sometimes for some Tneon action!


The colouring purple on the seedling is no biggy normaly, maybe it's a bit of a coldshock of the moisty soil surrounding it.

The soil of the greened stem one looks bit more topdry. Don't know, just thinking here...


Either way, it will survive they look healthy and happy babies!



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Hello all!


some update action again :icecream:

Im starting to get the hang of taking photo's a bit , taking less shots for satisfying results.

i added wind to their lives few days ago , and they are thriving on its soft touch!

also today they received there first fake rain on there leaves, pure tab water im guessing they will love it!



Temp's are a little bit lower as i would ideally want them to be, but the little tent is in front of an heater from the house , so there should be little worries, currently the meter gave two reading ; one in the upper level out of the light wich was close to 21 Celsius the sensor under the light lying on the soil; gave an reading of just over 25 celsius.


so we can make an educated guess about the real time temps the baby's are dealing with.


i would say that would be between 23-26 Celsius !



@ kaya man; Welcome man! sit back and enjoy the fun :icecream: !


@Vito ; YES THEY DID! its evolving into a higher understanding of consciousness AS WE SPEAK! :dribble:


@Lexn; thanks for stopping by there are going eagerly , the temps are not perfect as i mentioned and a little bit of colours remain, but im not worried about any of this at this point!

growth did not stop and they developed really nice!

i did take some note's from this too, and with that we will start the photo presentation!


Enjoy all!!




The first one;

the first single leaves came with no fingers or mutations and are currently 6.5cm from tip to tip!

the leave set that that came after, was an 3 fingered set, witch measured 8,5cm from tip to tip.







The other one;

the first set of single fingers; also came out without mutations and currently is measured at also; 6.5 cm.

the set with 3 fingers that followed however measured 9.5 cm and has a little bit more width to its leaves;





So far very outstanding i would say!


Internodes are very compactly placed, suggesting my light is in the good range!





there about the same height, but i forgot to take a measurement of this





as you can see they got some fresh water between the photo's!

gives some awesome shots opportunity's after the rain hits..;

& i dare you to try to count all the drips!





They look very sexy after they received a shower,its hard to believe this can turn out to be males after looking at em like this;









And again there chilling in the artificial lights like everything is cool;







With that one we are pretty much finished for today!

so far everything is going very good lets hope it stays that way :icecream: :showoff:


ill keep u guys posted!

be safe and healthy meanwhile!

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Hi there folks!


back again with some pretty shots!

they really started to take off now , real sexy!


today i Fimmed the little ones , (fuck i missed)!

that will encourage them to branch like crazy without loosing the main bud's.


@Profp ; Thanx for checking in! awesome piece of genetics you've produced!! its an honour :dribble:


@kayaman; how many drips till it drove u crazy :yummy: ?


@grofasta; thanx for stopping by m8! a little bit of envy is healthy; but just a little!


@eliya; For sure they are; cant wait to start cloning and putting it to flower, drives me crazyy!! :dribble:



one of the two has alot more width to it, its about two times the other one.

and its leaves are hudge!



as you can see here; its already producing 7+finger leaves






but it has some strange fingers in the bottom branching, im sure this will wear off in next set of leaves! they are already doing this if u look closely;







and this is the other one; a little bit harder to see is the difference between the two ;





but also very sexy and compact internodes;





little bit of a vague shot but it gives a picture to compare for the width of both the little ones;









after getting intimate with the scissor they look like this;






and the last one of today;




they are loving it!



speak u guys soon , be healthy and safe!

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Still counting, grazy I was already :jump:

But these are some very healty looking plants... they will take the fim very well I guess :wave:

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High Frshjee,


Any update on the babies?

They are probably nice young adults by now ?



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they looking great so far ,Frshjee......

i tryed fim´ing few years back,but i got only two new branches :rolleyes: (same result with topping),so i don´t did it again......

Update Please !!! :whip: ............... :popcorn:

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Its been a couple of weeks since a update indeed!

i did uploaded some photo's a week ago, so u guys wont miss out.


by now the baby's became young adults indeed lexn , i took some clones of them too; four off each.

this will me my first cloning attempt so i was thinking that 1 of each should give roots to make a mom off if needed..

think that should be doable right?


also the by now quite big seedlings , moved into the space previous occupied by four moby dick's.

i switch the lights there to 250 w HPS

they now have a square meter for them selfs at the moment

i took away the V shaped net cause it will take forever to fill with two plants.

im a little bit in doubt if i should scr0g in a normal net also..

they are only in 11L so i should not overdo the veg time i guess

i was thinking about letting them overcome recent stresses;new habitat, also anotother go at the FiM (i like to keep the main but intact) and ect, and then start blooming, if enough clones make it in time i might even bloom 600W but as of now for the two of em i think it's too much..


but enough, lets bring some action;



lets start with the clones;

as you see no perlte but rocksxD










some oldier pictures of seedlings;











got some fungus gnats in the place, ordered some nematodes that will take care of the situation with fly traps..;




and then the frsh pictures;






and a look at the fimming;gallery_2566_3054_864364.jpg







and that where all the photo's for now, i will get new ones soon!


thanx for stickin by all:D

be safe and healthy:D

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