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90 watt LED grow

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A belated thanks to you, Robo. Thanks for popping in. It was a good holiday season this year. I gave away a bit much pot, and find myself out now, but there is more coming up.


I was hoping to have a stellar grow for my last round of Lemon Skunk, but it's not so. Although decent, I had to go into low pH damage control, quite early on, so it's not up to its full potential.


Here's a couple of the nicer looking ones. A little over 6 weeks 12/12, so about a month to go.




The new godbud plants grew out nicely, and this weekend was time to mark and clone. They all had about 6 or 7 nodes. I decided long ago to take the tops for clones. I am still undecided whether I will flower the plants, or the cuts, which will go into small ( 1 liter ) pots. It would be kind of cool to flower the cuts, and for once grow some uncut specimens. Maybe get a look at what a SOG type situation might look for the future.


Anyhoo, here are the cuts. 24 hours old. The mother plants were originally planted in grow mix with light organic solid fert. and LIME! They are looking healthy, but I know they are hungry. I didn't want to feed them until after I took cuts, so now they will be ready for some food @ next watering time.



Here are the plants. 10 out of 10 seeds sprouted, and I destroyed a triploid at planting time, in favour of having 9 plants ( 3 per pot ) I numbered them from short to tall, #1 being the shortest. Will the taller ones be males? So far, they are pretty much in order from #1 being the one I like best.











I sure hope all of the cuts root OK. If not, I still have time, and the side branching should come on pretty strong now. Regardless, I will not flower anything without a solid clone of it growing in veg.


BTW, the exact genetic lineage of this strain contains some unknowns, and more than one breeder claims this as their own, with differences in genetics.

This is Jordan of the Islands God Bud. He doesn't specify his genetics, but I think Seedfinder is the most reliable, overall, in a speculative kind of way. lol


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lol, thanks again, Robo. It has been awhile. Growing is kind of like the army... long periods of complacent boredom marked by short bursts of frenetic activity.


Glad you like it Whazz. :) Hopefully there's something that stands out, and makes my choice easy. Looks like there will be a variety in growth patterns, anyway.


*edit* I took some crappy shots of the plants, so I thought I'd try a nicer one of the big fat leaves


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I have too many pics on this page, so I'll add a couple more, lol.


The Lemon Skunk in flower proceeds on par with my last round. I was hoping to pull everything together for this last round, but I was kind of mean to them again. I've also been robbing out of them pretty hard. Think of it like eating baby corn, he he he. (I'm just a slave to my own whims)


In other news, the little chunksters grow nicely.

It's been 6 days since I took the cuttings. I took a wee chance, and gave the plants a full feeding just 3 or 4 days after their major topping. I was a little concerned that it would be like slamming the door shut on an accelerating person, and they'd get burned, but they were hungry enough, and they're really feasting on those nutes. Definately a heavier feeder than the Lemon Skunk; it would have burned at this stage.


I never have had any problems in veg. It is in flower where I've failed my plants, but I have hopes that the stupidly simple addition of lime at soil mixing time will put me a huge step closer to smooth, healthy, care-free grows. We will see. One day I will show you fear in a handfull of dust. ;)


Here are the cuts. Can't call them clones yet, hopefully next weekend I should be able to.



A shot of the chunksters to show height difference



An overhead. The three in a triangle in the middle are numbers 1, 2, and 3; my favorites so far. It's kind of cool growing an Indica. I dig the fat leaves.



I think that the smart thing for me to do would be to put the clones into flower, and tend / train the big ones for mother plants. That way, I could get some timely clones to play with for the next round.

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Thanks for stopping by, Plasma. Here's some more from the Blue Max Diner.:)


I haven't been excited like this for awhile. Should have an interesting grow coming up.


The veg room is pretty full



I was concerned about what effect topping would have, but the little Indica's are responding well. With a good long veg., these might be good as single plant bushes; maybe I won't even need the screens.



I got thinking that with 9 plants of mixed sex, this first round of flowering, although being important as my selection round, will have pretty puny yield, so to fill in the gaps, I'm going to put these Peshawar Afghani's in there in small pots, with very little veg. time.



Every time I clone, there are always 1 or 2 stubborn ones. I'm sure that the 2 in the bottom center will find their way, but it still bugs me. (especially because one of them is #1. )



So far my growing has gone pretty good. Never any problems in veg. I think I've been having the classic pH drop that the addition of lime will magically cure. It would have been better to have a disaster right at the start, but I think that if everything comes off OK next round, I can have a good base recipie to tweak.


To be specific, what I was doing was adding quite a lot of peat moss, based on some sketchy pH testing. That, and the presence of some organic solid ferts.,and mineral nutes was giving them a low pH condition later in flowering. I've had lime on hand all along, too. :(


No pics of the Lemon Skunk. It's fucked up.

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I have all of the colours of the rainbow today. :)


Cuts are looking more like clones now. Much slower rooting time for this strain. Probably another week until the last one shows visible roots, then I'll plant them out.




I took the LS down. Results were less yield than before. Couldn't be 100%but I'll smoke it. :)

Now they have some room, so I switched the flower lights to 18/6, and I'll flower them in a couple of weeks. So far, #'s 1 & 2 remain my favorites, and coincidentally have shown their sex first as well. Especially even growth and strong preflowering on #1. One of the smallest plants, but I have a good feeling.


No decisions yet, though, except I've decided (after much tortured thought) to just destroy all males.



Today I'll plant out these Peshawar Afghani freebies I got from HD, and flower them along with the GB's in 2 weeks. They'll probably want to get super tall, so I may have some fancy dancin' to do later on.



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Hello again. :)


I've done a bit of work, and thought I'd post up what things look like now.


3 out of 9 GB's turned out to be female. I destroyed all of the males and their clones.

Here they are



This is #1. From the start, this was one of the smaller plants, but my favorite, because of it's structure, side branching, and even growth. They describe GB as being a smaller plant, and that is a fact. This is just fine with me. I want aroma and flavour, and by all accounts, it has that in spades.

It is planted on one side of the pot, and I''ve leaned it over, so it doesn't look even, but it is.



Two surviving clones. (why would the one cut that didn't make it have to be a female?) Ah, well, #1 will be my baby anyway.



I've planted out the Peshawars into their final home. This will be a trial by fire for my soil (less) medium. If they make their 10 - 12 weeks in these little pots, I think I'll have it made. A fair bit of turkey manure and amended alfalfa meal in there, so I'll not be feeding them for quite awhile. Not until they show they need something, anyway. They seem to be digging life so far.


One looked a little sick, so I destroyed it, just for good measure, leaving 11 total.



They are kind of nice looking plants, I think



In these little pots, it would be pretty easy to create a miniature isolation tent within the flower room, so I'm thinking I just may collect some pollen from 1 chosen male, and make a cross which would be an F1 Godbud X Peshawar Afghani. Is that correct; F1?


Could be a good meeting. GB is 80% ( +/-) Indica, and PA is 80% ( +/-) Sativa. I would call it Sweet Chariot.... but I digress.


I was a little concerned that quitting smoking pot for awhile might take the steam out of my activities in the grow, but I am a gardener after all, as I've found no lack of enthusiasm, and I feel good and happy bopping around in there. I enjoy watching growing things.


Thanks for the look see, if you are here, and until next time, happy growing, everyone! :)

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Yes indeed, Robo. Yes, indeed. :)


And to further that sentiment, my mother warned me about fast women, but....



8 days 12/12


Jordan of the Islands - God Bud(hereafter known as GB)

pre-flowering was very strong when flowered @ 6 weeks veg. Quickest I've seen in my rooms yet. She was just bursting to go into flower; not much transition time here. Kind of a thick sweet musky smell when caressed :wub:




Malberry - Peshawar Afghani

These are really sucking up the turkey juice. Very thirsty, and I can only call it explosive growth, and not too stretchy (yet)



I wasn't expecting too much difference from the old Lemon Skunk, but I can sure tell I'm growing something different now. :) Me likey. :)


Just wait until my next update, and I will show you fear in a handfull of dust! (I'll probably blow it later on, so I want to revel in my time, lol)

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Hell with it. Selection is over. This one is just so pretty, and it was selected as my best prospect from very early on. Flowers at the drop of a hat, really symetrical growth, very strong side branching; this is the mother.


Cloning seems a little tougher and longer with this strain, but I`m sure hoping to stick with it, and figure out how to get these little plants to fill my flower stations.





The Lemon Skunk I was growing cloned very easily. These GB`s (mostly Indica) take alot longer, and this concerns me a little. Although I had 90% success my first time with these, any general tips on cloning Indica`s vs Sativa`s would be appreciated. I know about devices (aerocloning) just looking for general observations or specific preparation of cuttings.


Ciao for now, friends. :)

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Hello again. So soon this time.


The GB's flower fast. Fun watching an Indica go. :) The Peshawar Afghani's are growing like bad weeds. No sign of sex yet. Guess they want to bulk up first.


14 days 12/12





Not much to add. I'll update again when there are flowers on all. See you in the movies. :)

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Hello. I've started to make this post a few times, then said fuck it, but I just want to get this off my chest. The God Bud is out. I'm taking too long to root cuts and not giving them enough light, so my chosen mother actually started flowering, so I was looking at stepping up my cloning game, or backing off, because I can't be waiting for plants to revert all the time. Too bad, I was kind of looking forward to it.


In the meantime, I have this Peshawar Afghani to watch over. It is Sativa, all right. Stretch is on the orderof at least 5X, more like 20X on the side branches, some of the ones that were non-existant are over a foot long now. But I like them, and I'm having fun trying to tame them.


Apparently my stock memory card didn't like a few pictures taken, uploaded, then deleted right away over and over, because it is pooched. I have to get another soon so I can take some pics.


I guess anything I say I'm going to do must be taken with a grain of salt, because I end up changing my mind alot. Believe it when you see it. :)

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Winter still has us in a death grip. A pretty wicked blizzard just rolled through over the last couple of days, closing highways, and destroying my commute to work. I'm OK with that. :)


So, what the hell am I doing growing out full blood Sativas when my jars are empty? Plans within plans, my left hand does not know what my right hand is doing.


These Peshawar Afghanis are very interesting to me, anyway. I'll be trying Sativas again in the future, they've helped quell my fears.


Here they are, put into flower very young and small. They look a little different now @ 6 weeks 12/12


Two in this pot with some LST. No topping.



Single plant. There were two, but one was a late showing male.



Big leaves



All in all, not the situation I intended to be in at this time, but at least I have something to work with as I lay plans (sure, sure) for my next main squeeze.


Cheerio :)

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Hey all. Guess I'll be the poster child for how NOT to organize your grow affairs. I should've just stuck with that dirty old Lemon Skunk. Nothing wrong with it at all; tasty and potent. Anyway, I carry on with a plan and high hopes.


I have two stations with Peshawar Afghani. One I lost control of and severely pruned and lollipopped only a week ago.

Ready to laugh your ass off?



The other one is a single plant, and I kept this one as even as I could with supercropping, tying, twisting, etc.



Just about 9 weeks 12/12 for these now. Probably another month to go. The upside is that I'm not seeing any "pH burn"

They may just stay healthy for the full flowering period.



I really liked that Lemon Skunk, which was only half skunk, actually. I am excited to be growing a 100% skunk. I'll grow this strain forever, for now.


Here they were a couple of weeks ago. (pardon the skin; I had a hard time holding the lights and camera for this shot)



Here they are this morning, a few days after transplanting and initial training. I laid them down, then topped them, in hopes that the side branching will be triggered.



As you can see, I have a ways to go. I have one goal in mind right now. To get a few successive harvests 8 weeks apart, or so, with healthy plants, and really get some supply bulked up, then maybe I'll think about growing something else. If I get sick of smoking it, I can trade an OZ for an OZ of some fucking Kush.


I have no garden at my place (but I own my house, so this will change)which is a bummer, so I really am enjoying growing pot. I just smoke the fruits instead of eating them.:)


Been thinking of making life easier, too. I think I'll be doing this for a long time, so I want to make some drain tables to lose the trays, suction gun, and turkey baster.


So yes, I'm kind of fucked up, but I'll just keep on plugging with this Skunk. I'm not going to call it Orange Bud anymore. I'm growing Skunk! I think maybe not in the same league as the gear from Sannies Shop, but I'm kind of an old timey bastard anyway. I like old reliable stuff.

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Look Ma! No buds!



A bit better. Quite the rats nest.



Probably another month to go at 9 weeks of 12/12. I think it will be unremarkable, but too early to judge. It is pretty much pure Sativa, by the looks of them.


Skunk. Grown to 10th node, then re-potted, trained and topped. Side branching is definitely responding.



Thanks for coming out, I'll be here all week. Try the Swordfish. :)

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Growing is gambling, as you show once again...


Don´t forget: Control is not all , it is better to play around with changed condtions and see what´s on the surprise menu than to sit down and thinking: It´s totally not like I have planned it and I will stop breathing untill everything is changed!!


Good vibes for your grow.



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Thanks for the good vibes, Smile. :)


I will have to be more methodical next time I decide to start growing a different strain. As you say, it can be a bit of a gamble.


Here's an update from the Casino Royale;


The Skunkers are very homogenous. They are all responding the same to training with roughly an equal number of side branches, stretching about the same. I think it's going to be tough to choose a mother.


Here they were about an hour ago.



I want to take as many cuts as I can in a week or two, so here they are now.



Here's that Peshawar Afghani @ 10 weeks 12/12


Pistils are all still milky white. They say 10 - 12 weeks flowering time, but I think that is a bit optimistic.



... no one knows for whom the dice rolls :)

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