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Alpha Mix is a professional soil mix, formulated by a noted European agronomist and blended from carefully chosen organic ingredients.

Alpha-Mix is blended from:

  • Careful selections of black peat and white sphagnum peat extracted from sustainable Baltic sources.
  • Natural lime.
  • Pure worm casts.
  • Blended organic nutrients for early growth.
  • Volcanic lava sand for enhanced drainage.

This is a sensational development in professional soil formulation. Alpha-Mix is significantly drier than other soils on the market. It is designed to offer maximum aeration to the root zone and to resist waterlogging. This is the characteristic that delivers faster and more vigorous growth, and is a product of the careful professional approach to the formulation of this product.

  • Professionally formulated for Growth Technology by experts.
  • Supercharged with organic nutrients for explosive growth.
  • Contains lime to stabilise pH.
  • Designed for optimal aeration of root zone.
  • Contains pure worm manure for long term fertility.


cost not known, !!! hahahah

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Doesn't sound too bad... but when you can get biobizz or pro mix, why bother experimenting with some unknown stuff?

Do people really bust their ass trying every brand of dirt out there?


And beyond a general ratio of ingredients... how does someone compare one soil to another?


Peat moss

aeration ( pumice, perlite, vermiculite, ... )


yucca / aloe vera extract to condition soil


I mean... if it's 95% of the same ingredients, do people really expect a huge difference in price? most organic growers have a stash of amendments they use... soil has to be mixed before it goes into a pot anyhow

Mix A + extra B & C vs. Mix B + extra A & C after a few weeks fermenting in a bin... it's just dirt


every soil is going to need some EWC, bone meal, mycorhizae, lime, kelp, extra perlite or something. I haven't met a soil that was perfect out of a bag, as long as folks understand what each ingredient does, and how to get to harvest with healthy plants, that's all that matters


I love companies that announce an amazing new product that sounds like everything else on the market but won't post a price... like anyone is going to spend their time caring about their new soil discoveries when every other store carries a real brand in stock - with prices!


Are you looking for a new soil inkog? what are you using now?

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are you telling me! i have used bio bizz by the pallet. i also reused my biobizz dirt by removing top 5cm of dirt and topping up wth my additivee plus a little fresh. my dirt was better than bio bizz all mix.... i used it 15 years.


the soil mix, is copy ,,, or similar to the B.A.C DIRT..


maybe a calm down friend. always remember there is somebody round the coner that will weee hahaha on your chip reason being cause he's better than you. thats life. little humility goes a long way pal.


all the best


ink,,,,, :rolleyes2:


@same boy,,, i mean this in a nice way.( dont use any dirt at the moment) :book:


this company sell a lot of stuff direct to huge horti groups


i mite add also if nobody release product or thought about the adventure, then perhap we would never see an great new thing in the areana. it up to use to sift through the crap, and get down to the truth..... to find the truth you need to do your home work.


and test as well, or have inside info. :punk:




Growth Technology LTD










then just add a bit of fresh dirt on top job done!


plus some other stuff.. that the basic sarting point

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