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Knowing How To Know by Idries Shah

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Hi folks i was looking for some coin i stached away and found a book of mind that i stated to read again.


I had already read Mr. Shah's small but defintive work " the sufi's " very lomng ago. from that book i stated to expand my limited knowledge on sufism . i have read a few of mr. shah's books to include the commanding self, learning how to learn

and also 1 of his brothers books on the topic of sufism. btw he and his brother differ in their views somewhat, yet with that said they combine to give you what i would call a fuller understanding of the many facets of sufism.


Ok so i have said all this to preface this post.


I alwaya seem to get annoyed by phrases that we use in our society that don't make much since at all when examined critcally. many of them go in the exact opposite direction of what most established norms hold as legit.


for instance the phrase i may dislike the most.


" you can't have your cake and eat it too " Now i know what's it's supposed to mean; but why make a phrase like that at all.


Last i checked if i have cake and can't eat it. it's either not my cake or it's not doing me any good. :thumbsdown: if it is my cake, why would i have it if i were not going to eat it or give it to someone else to eat? :whistle:


So with that said i will post up a few short except from the book that will hopefully make you think or act in a more reasonable matter inviting more positve karma into our lives.


besides the way this stuff is worded is very much like how i used to be able to speak without thinking about it so hard, so at least folks should be able to understand this dude slightly better then my normal banter. :showoff:


here's one of my all time favorites in the book. thankfully i have stopped trying to prove things to folks who don't want to think for themselves; and even treat them more kindly then in the abrupt way i used too.




Q?. I cannot accept your statements, as I have not experienced the states mentioned or received authoritative assurances that they exist. Can you convince me or provide proof?


answer: Fortunately i do not have to do either.


If you demand experience without the preparation which alone makes it possible, you are preventing yourself from

experiencing. Almaot anything I might do or saywould only, in such a case as yours, strengthen your existing prejudices.


Al Ghazzali, who was as great a Sufi authority as any, has said in the Alchemy of Happiness:



" There can be no greater foolishness than to deny the reality of something only because one has not experienced it. "


It is not I, but the classical Sufi masters who affirm and authoritatively confirm the reality of Sufi states. They constitute the authentication and a verification.


No Sufi activity of which I am aware aims at conviction. Sufism provides information and methods, not controversy and debate. Sufism is studied by means of itself.




Speech and Silence



Q? Has it not been said that 'Silence is better than speech? If this is so what do Sufi's use words so much?


Answer : Silence of itself can not be better than speech. It all depends on what the silence is for and like what the speech contains or can do. Superficialist and hypocrites flourish in an atmosphere where slogans like this are used instead of knowledge: as when for instance people insist that it is 'better to smile than frown' - when a good man is frowning is better is better than a bad one smiling. This is an important question, because mere appearances and slogans pass in most cultures for reality and conceal ignorance while opposing truth.


In his chapter on 'Speech and Silence' (Revelation of the Veiled) Hujwiri a a thousand years ago reported an anecdote about this:


"Abu Bakr Shibli,' he relates, 'was in Karkh one day when he heard aqn imposter say: "Silence is better than speech".'


Now, because Shibli was accustomed to telling the truth and was in no way intimidated by externals and hence not a hypocrite, he was able to reply:


'Thy silence is better than words, and my words are better than my silence: because thy speech is nonsense, and thy silence is a fraud. And my words are better than thy silence, because my silence is patience and my speech is knowledge.




i hear folks talk BS every day and say it like it's legit. then try to convince you that there B.S. is good for you too lol.

i have learmed to steer clear of most of them and do not usually make any comments to do. Yet, sometimes it seems i find myself forced to speak on this or that if only to clear the air of all that crap the local village idiot is spewing.


i have also learned to speak to them in shall we say manner that won't get hem so riled up trying to defend the indefenseable lol.




why does it matter to me you may be asking yourselfs. simply cause i know that anyone who has direct/indirect contact

with other beings on the planet can also affect what happens on the planet.


we influence kids & other adults all the time. we often don't even think about that as we do outr own thing so like i tell some of my younger relatives. think and act in a way that includes other folks and how you affect them by what you do and don't do. :wave:


So if you'd like to post some real life (don't have to be yours) anecdotes on phrases that suck or circumstances that

only exist because we let them ... feel free.

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Good post friend !!

The smoker of fine erbs,becomes a seeker of sorts like a sufi.

but the sufi is not distracted from his path, untill it leads him to his celestial home.

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Often people will preface a statement by saying "to tell You the truth" as if to infer that most of the time they are not telling the truth.

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