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Smoke Report: Herijuana x Lemon Thai (HLT)

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Well folks, the results of my pollen-chucking experiment are ready to smoke at last. :yummy:


Some basic info:


Parents: Two Herijuana females x one Lemon Thai male. Obtained from Sannies/Fusion seeds.


Grow method: Grown in 3g/11L hempy buckets with coco fiber as the medium, under 600w MH/400w HPS lighting, CNS17 nutes.


Flowering time: 10 weeks.


Yield: Moderate to good, follows the Heri in plant and bud structure, but there is some improvement in yield compred to the straight Heri.


Cure time: 3 weeks (couldn't wait any longer).


Problems: Throws nanners, one of the females used had the trait, other female is clean. Will require some careful work to select a mother. Somewhat mold sensitive.


Appearance: Solid chunky buds with tons of trichs, as seen here:







Odor: Strong penetrating bitter lemon/chemical reek. If you take this out in public, people gonna know right away...


Taste: Mostly that bitter lemon taste, with something I can't quite identify. The taste will stay on your lips for hours, even overnight.


High: Strong body high hits as soon as you release the draw. There's a little bit of head high, but not really that noticeable...until much later. Very very slow creeper effect, you won't even feel it coming until you realize you've been staring out the window with your mouth open for at least 15 minutes.


One bong hit: Good strong high that lasts a couple of hours+, I'm able to concentrate and do things if I have to. I don't want to, though...


Two bong hits: Physically clumsy, strong visual effects, aforementioned staring out the window, can't concentrate to save my life.


Three bong hits: Too much. After an hour, I had to go lay down for a while. Dizzy, slightly nauseated, seriously wrecked. Very intense introspective thoughts and emotions. For hours.


Keep in mind that I am a daily smoker and have been for many years...decades even. This is some of the most sneakily powerful smoke I've ever come across, and I would NOT recommend it for the occasional smoker. Even experienced tokers may have trouble with it...


Medical effects: Good pain relief, some appetite stimulation.


Tolerance build-up: Hard to build a tolerance when you can't do more than 2 hits at a time...



Conclusion: My objective was to improve the taste and yield of the Heri mother, and I believe I accomplished that. I was hoping for a very strong high and I got that in spades, I just wasn't expecting to take almost an hour to fully hit...and since I crossed it, I get to name it.


HLT...Heavy Lemon Thunder :punk:

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Congrats on your cross. That's a nice report; sounds like killer weed. :)

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Sounds like the smoke is worth looking through a few seeds for a mom.

That nug looks positively delicious and sounds seriously strong

stronger then the Herijuana? Sounds like it's got a strong stone and good trip too

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Thanks guys, glad you liked the report :)


I've passed a few samples around, gotten good reviews from most folks, they like the taste and the strong mixed high...although one lady thought it was too trippy and confusing for her.


I'll work on this strain some more, picking a hermy-free mother and back-crossing to a HLT male for a fresh set of seeds. That's something for later, though. Right now, it's Lady Cane time...

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what a great report feroce, had me laughing with the 15 minute window stare lol. Is it wrong that I gravitate towards only strains and pheno's that do this too me? lol. It looks fantastic.


Thanks for sharing:)


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