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Thank you guys for the kind words. :) That really brightened up my day!


Respect out to you!!!




20x Mad Kush, 150L Light Mix and a big ass carbon scrubber for the 550cbm/h Torin have been ordered. The next one will be MAAAAD! :)

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Resistance is fertile :P


If it wasnt for my DARN new neighbours Id have gotten 20 Anesthesia and 20 Chocolate Rain again. But this next grow has to fill the stash until next fall and I was hesitating to gamble with reg seeds. I just hope that the Mad Kush is a good fem analog to the Anesthesia. :)

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Hello mates!


Long time no see. Sorry for abandoning the thread completely but I was very frustrated with the grow. Today I harvested after almost full 10 weeks with all plants intact. They looked quite "done for", some almost yellow from bottom to top. Sorry for the lack of pics, I need to recharge the cam first.


The result is quite interesting.... some thoughts:


-I was really suprised by the Manala Bomb (she was the plant of which I cut off the head by accident while getting her out of her shell). She really really got fat for a Automatic, even in 12/12 she was yielding on the winners side. I guess she harvested about twice as much as a standard Extrema plant. To be honest... she almost looked like the promo pics from Barney Farm. Every stem was full of buds and a Cola of its own.

On the other side: After 10 weeks of bloom in 12/12 and about 3-4 weeks veg in 24/0 she was still one of the greenest plants. I would not recommend this plant to be grown outside as a second wave plant if you work with autos. She should be planted early as she indeed goes into bloom automatically but needs alot of time to finish. In an outoor automatics grow with limited space and several waves/circles of plants I would use her as a first wave plant to be done while its still summer and dry.


-The Extremas had 1 very bad yielder, 3 moderate yielders and one huge yielder. If you are interested in indica plants... grab a handfull of seeds and select your winner. This weed is crazy strong and has NO ceeling at all. I would like to compare her a bit to Anesthesia potency wise but the taste is more "mainstreamish". I find her amazingly "heady" for an indica, meaning that she is quite hypnotic. Also she is very calming and good for late night smoking but still I experience very little couchlock. I wouldnt call her "functional" but rather "psychedelic" than "couchlocky".

Great plant... I love her very much and she has took my heart in a rush!

(Fun Fact: I marked the plant that had been burnt in the first week of veg due to a hot bulb crashing down... she was the ultra big yielder... pure coincidence of course, dont burn yer plants :) )


NO HERMIES even tho I treated them very badly.


-The Mad Shacks have performed well again like elite clones. I dont understand why Sannie does not make em a normal seed in the shop. I still dont like the taste (francinsense/old church) but the plant itself is a wonder. Heavy heavy heavy yields, very sturdy and LOTS of keef on every part of the plant.

This freebe is stronger and heavier than most of the stuff I smoked/growed from Barneys....


-The Channel+ stayed VERY VERY VERY short and had only little stretch. Not all plants had heavy yields but the one that did was my best yielding plant. The other two were a bit smaller in yield than the average Mad Shack. So I guess selection is the key here.

The big plant really had a crazy big ass top cola. It looks (I will make pics) like a big fat triangle...a massive Ganja warhead. The smell while harvesting was gutt-wrenching pungent. Strongest smelling plant in the lot. Very "cheesy" and "poopy" on the living thing. If the smoke is good I will take them on my "look for a mother list", just like the Extrema. Heavy yielder, very quick bud growth after week 6. Instant budding and "Blowing up" over the course of one week,




I have yielded quite a respectable ammount of bud. While using Light Mix I still only used ferts (in boom) for four times. My plants went basically on a starvation diet after week 6 as I couldnt decide to chop or not. For this constant status of being underfed the Manala Bomb, the Channel+ and the Mad Shack performed extremly well. The Mad Shack was the plant who seemed to be unable to recognize that I only used 300W in the first 3 weeks of 12/12 and almost no ferts.... she just bloomed and bloomed and bloomed like a hero.


If I had to do this experiment again, I would use the 300W in the first week, change to 600W for 2 weeks, go back to 300W in week 4-5, use 600W again in week 6-8 and change back to 300W in week 9-10.... but honestly.... toooooooooooo much hassle :)


Ill go back on the HPS train and leave the low watts to the high skillers.



Pics will follow! Smoke reports also.



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