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Hello. Thought I'd share some photos of this years progress. Everything was grown organic. Mixed supersoil and native at the bottom of 3x3x2 holes and filled the rest with ffof and native

and have only used tap water. I've never posted anything anywhere before so please bare with me and thanks for stoppin by. Pictures arent so great but I will take better ones later on.

First up is Extrema #1. Shes about 7' tall and reeks like musky lemon chem. A few more weeks and shes coming down. I actually sampled some after a caterpillar ate through the stem of a bud recently and damn. This stuff is POTENT.


extrema1 closup

extrema1 top cola


Next is Extrema #2. Shes almost 6' and alot more spindly than extrema1. She smells delicious. Like the milk thats left after eating a bowl of fruity pebbles. Was not expecting this kind of smell from extrema but I am very pleased.

extrema 2

extrema 2 closeup


Next up is Sannies Jack#1. Shes a little more than 7' and very bushy. I was gonna just leave the plants alone and let them grow naturally but Jackie grew so bushy and thick that I had to bend her branches a little bit to let some light in her. She started budding a few weeks ago and has kind of a lemony vanilla mint smell. Shes been an awesome plant to have in my garden.

sannies jack 1

sannies jack1 stock


Next is Sannies Jack#2. Shes also more than 7' and bushy. Been budding a few weeks but has more pronounced smell than Jack#1.

sannies jack2

sannies jack2 cola


Next is Sannies Jack#3. This one started getting a flattened looking stock where the main cola would be with tons of leaves shooting out at the top. I think its called whorled phylotaxy but I could be wrong. Anyway it seemed like the plant was only putting energy into this so I topped it and now its growing good again. I have another Jack that did the same thing but on one of the branches. The plant stopped growing except for this one flattened branch that had a thousand leaves so I ended up cutting the branch off and it was fine after that. Heres Jack#3.

sannies jack3


Next is Mad Kush. Im most excited about this strain. I ordered these about a month into my grow and didnt get them in the ground until beginning of July. If I had started them in April they would be monsters. They are all in between 4 to 5' tall. I got this one in the ground a little before the others and its just under 6'. The mad definately improves the structure. They reeked of skunk in veg but now they all have a kushy berry coffee menthol shampoo kind of smell. They actually remind me of the Sannies Jack smell except berry instead of lemon if that makes sense. One of the best smelling strains Ive grown for sure. Again, sorry for the crappy photos. I'll get more pics of the other mad kush later.

mad kush1

mad kush1 main cola


Next is Mad Shack. This one stayed pretty short at 3'. Has a citrus cream smell like esco's shiva description. I love it. I dont think its the same shiva in the shack cross but Im definately gonna pick up esco's shiva in the near future. Sounds like a winner. And heres mad shack.

mad shack

mad shack closeup


Next is RM Willie Nelson#1. Grows like bamboo. Probably 11 or 12' tall. Sandlewood and lemongrass smells. Beautiful plant. Got a long way to go with this one.

willie nelson1

willie nelson1 stock


Next is RM Willie Nelson#2. Not as big as Willie#1 but not small either. About 7'. More lemongrass smell.

willie nelson2


Next is OG Kush. Came from a seed in a OG clone. Smells dank. Not very big. Put it in the ground late. Very healthy. Wish I got it in the ground sooner.


og kush


Next is DGT C99. Lost alot of seedlings in the beginning because I tried DGT's germination technique. Ended up with one c99 and it grew RETARDED. The only plant Ive had problems with. I was gonna throw it out many times but I really want to try some c99 so Ive kept it around. Im glad I did because even though its still a freak its looking better now than it ever has and it just started flowering.


C99 gumby leaf


Well thats all for now but I'll definately keep taking pics and posting them. Thanks and take care.

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Very very nice. Thanks for sharing.

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From Willie Nelson to Extrema -- that's about as wide a spectrum on weed buzzes as you can get!


Looks like you'll be getting some serious yields. That SJ looks like she could yield a pound of manicured bud without a problem.

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Very nice LD, love to see the fat girls outside. Looks like lots o trimmin come fall.........good job !!

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Hello. Today I've found quite a bit of mold spots on my extrema1. Caterpillars are a major problem around here. Very difficult to get rid of. Ive got trichogramma wasps and green laced wings to control them a little bit but the caterpillars are still wreaking havoc. My question is should I keep removing the mold as I find it or harvest extrema a little early? Shes got about 2 weeks left and I would love to let her finish out but I dont want to lose it all to mold. Even the main cola is starting to get a few brown spots. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Just for the record LD, I was not referring to the pretty girl in the photos, but the plants. As for the mold, you might have a look at Mr Dirts thread where it is addressed

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Yeah, check out the remedies Joker talks about in my thread. He's a wealth of information. Green Cure might be the way to go.


I didn't have a fungus that I've seen on weed before. I think it's septoria, which is something I sometimes get on tomatoes.


My hat is off to you for growing the WN. I love that stuff, but I just can't fit in an 18 week veg right now. I've got a couple of seeds left, but I'm afraid they might not be viable anymore.

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