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Scrog Blueberry sativa, vanilla sky and kf backcross?

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So I am about to start up again and am interested on the idea of scrogging but I am not sure if the strains I have would be the most lucrative grow. I have never scrogged before but I have a friend doing right now, and I have some pretty good ideas on how to implement it.


I am going to grow blueberry sativa, vanilla sky and a kf backcross thanks to the freebies. I am not sure if they would grow better as stalks or whatever.


I will be using a 400 watt CMH in a tent 4'X4'X6'. Using organic sannies nutes and probably in 3 - 5 gallon pots.


the last grow I had was in very horrible climate and was sufficiently nute burned but hoping that this round goes a little smoother.


Any advice is much appreciated!!!

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Yes they will all fit perfectly in SCROG, especially the Killing Field and BB Sativa and Vanilla Sky, as far as i know those strains they will love it.

But maybe it will be a smart solution to make a preselection before, running a "normal grow", to see how your specific genotypes will react.

Let us know the future ;)

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