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Cheesus / NewBlueDieselxPurpleBud / BigBuddhaCheese

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LEEEX, what are you doing to me, man?

now i want the cheesus in my cabs *LOOOL*



congrats for your nice grow and thank you for your cool reporting, bro :)

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Thanks RobinHood and Saxo (and Santero, i was just typing and your comment came in :) )


They are drying nice and slow. With my previous summer grow I could jar the buds already after 9 days with the KF's for example.

And the 'early' chopped ones arent even close, they still feel moisty on the outside. Hope it will contribute to a nice full flavour. :)

I check daily for any weird signs of mold of any kind. I would kill myself iff it goes wrong now still.

But I it looks positive :P Still afraid of jinxing myself with cheering to early :D lol


Well Cheesus turned out quite nice, the problemchild cheesus amazed me the most( think she will yield the most of the 2). The other one kind of dissapointed me, doesn't look like a nice yield on that one. But smells both similar and very strong.


On 2 trips to amsterdam I sampled: Moby Dick ( greenhouse ) and Hawaiian Kush ( green-place ). Both tasted exactly the same and there was quite some time between the two trips. So I'm guessing some unknown fruity cut was passed around and shops made up names...


When I smell the Cheesus plants, that memory of aboved named buds popped my mind directly!


I was almost forgetting the NBDxPB, that late one starts to freshens up a bit, the funky muskyness is fading a bit and turned into bit more 'fresher' scents.


Also curious what the overall yield is gonna be. In my opinion it looks less then previous run...

Oh well, let's wait and see :)



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High all,


New Blue Diesel x Purple Bud ('early')


10 days drying : 23gr.


Time to jar








And some fingerhash :P




Smokereport will be done all together, but I got a sample ready for tonight :P.



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Thanks Blowsterke,


When I last said, they were not even close to dry. Well I maybe exagerated, the early Cheesus will be getting a final manicure today and then jar her.

This after 11 days. So I guess I saw it wrong, the last days they crunched up nicely, on the outside.

So later on I will post some dry pics.



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I'm no great judge of growing, but you've improved dramatically. That is some seriously nice looking shit. Good work, man. :)

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Thanks Wrecks,

I do my best!:)


There is a little setback, I could only manicure the topbuds. They were dry enough already. The buds in the middle close to the stem need some more time, so I hanged them up again.


So a little delay on the 'early' Cheesus budporn :innocent:



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dead on, wrecks.


lexn is rocketing off here ... kudos, mate :)

thank you for this nice reporting. awesome.


many greetings,


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Thanks everyone for the comments!


You're not rid of me yet in this report :P

Here's part 2 of dry budporn


Cheesus (early, front) : 17gr








Cheesus (later,in back) 31,85 gr







Big Buddha Cheese : 21,2 gr









New Blue Diesel x Purple Bud (late, in back) : 32 gr








Will post smoke reports and my general experiences later on.


Also got a nice bit of fingerhash again. Not much but super sticky and black.

Enough to roll 2 mélanges with it.


Already supercharged some NBDxPB(late) which im puffin on now after whole evening of cutting the buds... :icecream:

And wow! what a difference with the early nbdxpb already!.... :dribble:


Jars are filled again :yummy:





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Thanks Saxo!


After a little while of trying to think over how to describe everything, I decided I'll post it.

It's kinda hard.... The best way would be Iff I could smoke with all of ya'll :P lol

But I will do my best.



New Blue Diesel x Purple Bud 1 front:


Smell: In the jar she smells very citric with some kind of stink to it

Taste: Very smooth, most taste on the exhale. Comes in more citric/fresh and leaves a mild stinkymusky / fruity blueberry aftertaste on the tongue.

Effect: Feels more high with some stoney hints. Trippy sometimes, sight can be a bit 'hazey'. Moderate hitting but my eye-lids turn into hamburger buns *lol*. swollen red eyes. Can be functional for over the day I guess.


New Blue Diesel x Purple Bud 2 back:


Smell: In the jar she smells musky fruity blueberry/grapefruit

Taste: Big greasy taste that layers nicely on the tongue. It's like a greasy smoke on the inhale. Very fruity blue-ish taste with some muskyness I can't really describe.

Effect: This one gets me nice and calm/stoned. Also swollen eye-lids and red eyes. I had some times I really felt the effect getting stronger and stronger after I finished the joint. Can be overwhelming when you need to do stuff still.


Cheesus 1 front:


Smell: In the jar somewhat a fruity pineyness mix with some cheese. I can also find Big Buddha's description of lavender a bit.

Taste: Very in the background kind of taste, it's nicest on the tongue after a hit. It's like chocolope in some way. A fruity choco bubblegum cheese in a soft lavender blend.

Effect: Functional stoned / High, effect creeps more. Slower hitter.


Cheesus 2 back:


Smell: Very similar to the other one, maybe bit more pungent.

Taste: Also similar but a bit more pronounced and pungent.

Effect: Similar


Big Buddha Cheese:


Smell: Stinky fresh cheese

Taste: For me that typical cheese, very pronounced. I could find some Santa Maria hints in there. That funky sweetness but now with some fresh creamy cheese on top.

Effect: Fast hitting, stoney, smiley sometimes, could also be functional sometimes.




Overall very pleased with everything. But I would loved to saw them go a little longer. But imo they were ready to put them out of their misery :)

My expectations were completly wrong. The Cheesus which I expected of yielding most, yielded less and vice versa.

I was expecting some Diesel hints but till now not really pronounced. But still no complaining :P


About the growing part. I guess they grew quite easily on pre nuted soil without to much nutes. Maybe I should have started bit earlyer on feeding.

I did found a male flower on the Cheesus (front). Think from the stress she suffered. But no seeds found.

Also luckly no mold found, with a climate that is not that optimal. Maybe thanks to an early chop.


Anyways, thanks all for watching along and commenting.

Till next round!



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