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POTW 2012 - now open for votes!

POTW - Can we have your votes please?  

63 members have voted

  1. 1. The 8 finalists

    • Polochtron - NL#5 x Haze
    • Robogro - Durganchitral
    • Big Sky - querkle
    • Smooth - casey Jones
    • Santero - brimstone (wifi x pestilence)
    • Silver Surfer - Jilly Bean
    • Drip-n-wet - chucky
    • TheSamyBoy - Sugar punch

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thanks Phuuu, E$ko and all the people who appreciate this picture.


I would be happier to win this POTM with a Sannie's or a Breeder's choice's strain, they are so amazing genetics! May be next time! :D (I have a clorfull Jackberry running actually in my grow tent :D )


But big up to this JB plant who is definitely something special in look, smell and high.




I love Jilly Bean, the smell is awesome, and the high is very euphoric, and very, very recreative.

I had some pheno (as this one) with a very candy smell, something like Fanta Orange lemonade, with a hint of anise and licorice, very very sugary.


Rock hard buds, heavy resin coating, awesome taste in a vape like vulcano or MFLB, but the taste is not so present in a joint with tobacco.


The high is balanced, very euphoric, with a body high touch. Yield is not very high, as with many Subcool strains. Flowering time is quick, 8 weeks, even 7 weeks for some phenos.


I crossed her with Sannies NYCD F3 (tall grapefruit pheno) and got the JIESEL, some phenos are very productive (those with NYCD grapefruity smell), some phenos have a fantastic mandarin smell (but low yield) and are JB dominant. I'm actually backcrossing one Jiesel (high yielding pheno with the typical NYCD smell) to Jilly Bean, to try to improve the yield and to get a more citrus fruit pheno. The Jilly Bean mâle i used (aka Mr Bean) is extremely resinous and has a strong citrus fruit smell. I crossed him to my cannalope haze melon pheno too. I hope that hermie traits won't be too present, but i'm pretty sure that I will see some. They appear only on top of the buds after week 5, when the appear.




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Winners have been messaged..... Just waiting on their choices of strains so can post on.


Silva gets a bonus prize also........ He can wait to see what it is ;)


Congrats to all that took part.


Grtz HC :P

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