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Autoflowering Gambians

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Gambian Autoflowers.

How did it happen?




In 2008 a friend visited "The Smiling Coast" of Africa, and brought me some seeds as a souvenir.

No way i could grow them outdoor in Holland, but a cross was made with a Lowryder#1 and in march 2009 I had these two females out of the f1 seeds, partially pollinated with by an f1 male, grown indoors.










So I got the seeds out in time to take the f2 outdoor in may.




That became a huge freak show with tall plants, dwarfs and hermies.






I was able to select the plants that autoflowered, and had the most "african" appearance to

make f3 seeds.




In 2010 I searched through the different pheno's,






And grew some more outdoors, and had a hard time finding the proper male.




You can't keep clones of autoflowering plants, just store pollen for a while.


I took a long break from the project, but picked it up last summer, and grew them twice indoors under 250watts HPS. They showed sex after the 4th node, got about 2 feet tall, and the last few f3 plants were these:







That's the history of them in a nutshell, I have a detailed topic in Dutch on it,

with many pictures, also from their home land.




So far I kept back-up seeds of every step in the process.

And have about 250 f4 seeds to do the next, bigger selection.

I will have room in my cabin in about a month, then I'll do about 20 indoor. the rest goes outdoor, in the garden at the end of may.


I recently shared some seeds with a few Opengrowers, and they might show their plants here very soon.

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WOW....very nice to see your progress with the gambians,FotH :specool those F3´s looking just gorgeous...Chapeau!!!!!

btw: to clear it up,the first Pic was taken in January1999 at Coconut Island,northwest Gambia, not in 2008 :j



It´s Time to visiting "The smilin Coast" again,especial now as they have introduced the 4-Day-Week (3-Days-Weekend) :jump: :jump:

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Hi Saxo,


I forgot you sent me that picture.

Thanks again, you see I use it well.


Tomorrow the foreign embassies also must close their doors.

Some don't like it a bit.


About the plants, the last one took the longest to finish, the other one had the thickest buds.

And I found a plant that tasted extremely fruity/sweet.

And kept the seeds from these three seperate.

They are selected to go indoors soon.

Maybe become different "lines" and be joined again later on the proces.

Who knows?

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Hi there!


well, i'm now an Auto Gambians #F4 seeds happy grower.

i've received the seeds on monday and put 10 of 31 in germination for the first test. an indoor one.

today, all the seeds are open and in soil (Canna Bioterra) and i'm waiting to see them poppin' up to there ground....

they're under (and between) T5 and turbo neon, 18/6. but i think about putting some of them in 12/12 wit hps (1 or 2 females) in the begin of the flow to see what's going on.


pics from the start. no visible plant now...


ten in



you can see the size of there first home (7x7x8cm). after they will go on 11,5x11,5x21,5cm pots.



they're not alone...



to be continued...

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Rollit is very busy this weekend and in a hurry,

but had time to make and upload this picture, but no time to rotate it.

He tells me seven plants have shown their heads.




You can's see them all clearly on the picture, and some still wear their helmet.

More details on monday by the man himself.


They have a very short veg time ahead if them,

so if you can avoid any stagnation in the early stage, you'll make the most of them.

You are doing great, Rollit.

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back yesterday evening, all are out.... +1!!!

when i've received the seeds, one was opened (crushed!?) and i've putted it in a pot.

and it's alive!

so, 11 Gambians Auto F4 on the way :




i'm waiting for few days for more roots to put them in bigger containers...

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looking goood,rollit :verrygood wish you a nice run with those Auto-Jamba´s

i´m on my Sofa allready watching this one

:bier :spliff:

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Hi guys,



@ Saxo : i'll do my best to be the best nurse i can ;)


@ FOTH : night : 19/20°c mini - till 99% HR (no night fan and many plants now...)

during the day : 25/26°c - 60/70% HR



2 or 3 seeds should grow here (west pyrénées) in few months :



between 5 and 10 other in this 2x8m greenhouse, with vegetables.



the actual batch feel healthy.

and yes, they like T-neon & T5!

i'll make pictures of the roots when i'll re-pot them...

few hours ago, in there night :


i'll take a picture tonight, in there middle day, to see the evolution (it should be visible).


to be continued...

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Man, Rollit, you literally take this project to to ha higher level!

With even a small test in the wilderness, nice plan.

What's the latitude of the greenhouse?


Thanks for the details on the indoor climate. For the record.


The last picture puts a smile on my face,

and i'm in love with the one with the pointy leafs in the middle.


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the greenhouse is in my garden, almost the same latitude than Bordeaux. most inside the land.

i put my old soil in, and chickens stay sometime inside when it's raining or cold (so, guano..). it's clay under.

i'm waiting for April/May i think.


in the Pyrénées, the altitude is 400m, the soil is clay and humus, and is alive :

mushrooms ('cèpes') are growing near the vegetables, 3 times last year!


some of the actual seeds are doing there 2nd nodes... i'm waiting for few hours to pics them, they should be bigger ;)

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We already get 13 hours of day light at the first of may over here.

If you want to use the greenhouse twice, do a cold test in april,

and a hot one in july.


Being able to see them grow "while you wait" is always a great joy.

And these are not lazy.


Any details on the chicken?

There are some chicken-breeders on this forum too.

Let's not forget them.

Anything for views!


Keep up the good work!

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i'll see later for the chickens :lol:


quick update, all the Gambians show a second node :






i decide to put 5 of them closer to the T5 :



depending the reaction i'll put them earlier in bigger pots (and so, closer to the lights).

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Rollit has been busy, and repotted the plants today.










He used nice deep pots, I like them.




I think he moved two to his growroom,

the rest back under t-neon.

One or two more under HPS when they show sex, to compare what works best.

But Rollit will give more details later.

I think he's busy with his Green Poison.


Never a dull moment!

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Jah bless I&I! ;)


GP is drying.

a Bob birthday harvest is a good sign!

a little break now..


i take few minutes to share some pics and give details.

i've re-poted them with only Canna Bioterra+, without water. the soil was middle wet.

and give them few hours later, during their day, 100ml to each one of rain water+biorhizotonic+subculture (tricho+bacto)+Biovega(1ml/L)

like FOTH says :

i('m waiting for tomorrow before to) put 2 under hps 12/12.

2 others as soon i see sex.

3 or 4 under T-neon 16/8h, and 3 or 4 under 400w MH 16/8h too.











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Thanks for the details, and what a diversity of light regimes.

I see you also gave them a seriel number.

Never thought of using a white maker like that.


Was there much difference in root growth?

It's a good selection criterium usable at an early stage.

In case you ever want to do that.

But it looks like you got your hands full now.





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Hi there!


yes, their is much difference with the roots.

i've noticed the two which are most rooted.

(the white pen is a kind of 'tippex', quick dry and easy to move from plastic.)


i move two under hps today (n°1 & 4) :




we'll see, but last time when i've moved 5 gambians closer to the T5, they haven't grown like the 6 others little far away.

so, at this moment the two under 400w hps are 80cm from it with a spreader.






the rest stay under T-neon and near T5.

we can see some with two K.O. Kush behind growing well with straight leafs (+ 2 crappy and the 3rd weird. a mistake from me?!)

so, a good environment i think.





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more pics...


the n°8, the best rooted one.

the leafs seem larger than the average...



most of them look like that :



as you can see previously, the two under hps are from each pheno.



tomorrow i water them with the same tea like yesterday.

the 5 directly under T-neon. the last T-neon on the right is a flow one...


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they're running with EMs too now.

3rd node appear on two of them (n°8 & 10)


under T-neon









under T5




under 400w hps (60cm from spreader/bulb)





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