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Autoflowering Gambians

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Too bad LaVie deleted his pictures.

But now Rollit shows a whole bunch of fresh AutoGambianHaze plants in his new topic,

And Blowsterke also grows three of them.

Good luck to the both of you.


Last winter I made F2 seeds with the NLx-plants of post 171.

Next step is to find the 25% that will autoflower, then select the nicest to make F3-seed.

So I put 100 of them in dry pitpots called eazyplugs.




The seeds are bigger then the holes, so I used a screw to push them down.




So I just need to water them, when I think the time is right.


The selection will be done outdoors, and we can narrow it down quickly,

as 90% of the plants will go on the compost heap after about a month.

The soil in the field has been recharged with soil activator and Ecostyle nutes,

so I'm ready to go, just waiting for better weather.


The seeds of my biggest GambiaRyders of my outdoor field are being tested by a volenteer.

And all ten seeds germinated, eight of them are now above soil:







They enjoy the outdoors in the sun.




More about them soon.

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A few days ago.I watered the prepaired eazyplugs with a solution containing Sannie's bacto.

Here's the result so far:




About 80% germinated, I hope a few more come up today.

Nice weather is predicted for the weekend, so we'll transplant them into the garden very soon.

They'll be ready in the middle of August.

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Sun is shining, the weather is sweet, yeah

Make you wanna move your dancing feet now




You said you used bacto for seedlings Fool, how much /L do you use bro. It's a new product for me, i'm using it since a couple of months but i'm careful with sedlings and cuttings. It is written 1g/L for cuttings and seedlings on the package, is it not too much?




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Don't know, Silva.

I use the tiny spoon that comes with the bacto.


The F2-plants for selecting autoflowers are outdoors for more then three weeks now.

The matrix looks like this:




The first few weeks were cold, but now it's much better, and they started to grow recently.

I expect the auto's (25% of them, according to Mendel) to show sex in about two weeks.

Then 90% of the above plants will be eliminated.


Meanwhile, in Belgium:




Four Autogambians in one pot.




All four are female.


I hope to get a report from Ireland soon.



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The eighty plants in the small field grew well, the past few weeks:




Gregor Mendel was right, about 25% of them are flowering before the longest day.




After taking the above pictures, I pulled out about 25 smaller plants.

So there are still over 50 plants left.

A further selection on these F2 autoflowering Indicans will be done next week.



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Four AutoGambians together in one pot in a garden in Belgium:




All four the same size, and flowering at the same time.

More or less uniform, it seems.




But one of the plants topped itself, it makes three main buds now.

Did I see that before, at Rollit's?


Three more AutoGambians together with two other outdoor plants a few miles away from the garden:




Pigeon poop helped the plants to grow tall.

The two plants on the right side (called "mega-auto's") were planted early and are about 180 cm (six foot) tall.

The three AutoGambians were planted later.

Two of them are exactly like the "four in a pot".

But the third one is a giant.

Here you see the two "normal" AutoGambians left on the foreground:




And the big Autogambian at the rear, in the center of the picture.

So that's also six foot tall already.

I saw something like that before, there was a giant in the F2's

That was a male.

All seven autogambians in Belgium are female.


The summer is about to begin, so it looks like excelent timing!

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Thanks, Silva, the seeds of the Belgian plants were made by my outdoor females and pollen of Rollit's males.

The Belgian guy is a good grower, and he has a male AutoHaze (asian pheno) to make some seeds for next year.


Today I eliminated most of the plants you see at the pictures in post #182.

Six females and three males survived the massacre to make F3 seeds of this autoflowering Indica.

Here's two of the females:






And the nicest males:






More details later.


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Here's two autoflowering Gambians in cold and wet Ireland:






Inside a greenhouse/pub.


Meanwhile in Holland, close to the North Sea, maybe even below sea level, are these two AutoGambians:




The male wll be consumed soon, in the form of tea or maybe a smoothie.




Nothing is wasted there, "Ons bint zunig!" is the way of life in that area.



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interesting story so far :) great work!

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i had autogambian seeds. I can't grow outside but i gave some beans to friends in west France (Bretagne) and they probably popped them (I hope so!) , with auto columbian (colowryder by JGL) beans too.


In next july i will go there and see how they grew, i will take some pictures.


I would love to grow those beans myself, i'm so frustrated!




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Thanks EcB.


I hope the plants will grow in the land of Asterix and Obelix, Silver.

Never heard of Colowryder, do you have a picture or a link?


Meanwhile in Belgium:




Four in a pot.






One of them is a "selftopper".






And the grower expects the biggest yield from that plant.



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YOu are doing some great work FOTH, keep it up and sexy looking autos you got working here...

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Thanks, Starinhazy.


I got a message and picture from Ireland: It's a girl!




Another can of beer was probably opened in that greenhouse.


Meanwhile, it's raining cats dogs in Belgium, so the "four in a pot"was moved indoors for a while.




The message: Flowers keep coming, and they smell fruity, all different, from sweet to sour.

I Pollinated some of the buds with Auto Asian Haze and Auto Sour Diesel Haze, last week.




I hope the weather gets better, and they can go back into the garden soon.



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An update on the plants in post #185:




The two "choosen" females got about 60 cm (2 feet) tall.

Plenty of seeds in them.




The males did their work.




I collected some pollen of them and froze it, to be able to make a backcross to (a sister of) the NL-hybride grandparent.



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Thanks, Shiska.


Here's the autoflower that got the pollen:




Plant is about six weeks old, so about two months to go

She was in 2 liter soil since sex and under 2x18 watt TL-tube (1 coolwhite, 1 warmwhite).

Along with seven other plants.

So 4,5 watt for this plant.

20 cm hight,




Spring time is near, and some autoflower growers start early.




These are pilot plants in a greenhouse,.

Biomonitors for a bigger batch, later in the season, to see if the home made soil mix works well.





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This summer's autoflower project (same way as in post #188 on the 22nd of may 2014).


About 100 F2 seeds of Autohaze x Neville's Haze were put in spongepots, and about 75 came up:




They were transplanted into a small outdoor field at the end of april,

and today it was time to cull the plants that do not show flowers yet.




I alread had thrown out a few, when I remembered to take a picture of the group:




This is my favorite:








And here's the best looking male:




I kept two males, the second male shows coloured balls:




There are eleven plants left, nine females (the Mendelian ratio, 25%) and two males.




At the beginning of july I will judge them on bud formation and smell,

Some could be dumped then,

but for now they got some space, and less competition,

while the summer is starting.

They might get a thundershower tonight.


Here's a result of last year's auto-field f3-seedmaking, grown in a cement bucket in a greenhouse in Holland:





Also in that greenhouse, an AutoGambian in full soil.





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Holy what the hell!


This thread has got seven kinds of heaven in it.


I can't believe what I've just seen.


Talk about diversity.



Just what I need to take my mind off my little first world problems...



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Thanks, bluebach.


Here are a few more pix from Ozzie's greenhouse.


Auto-Gambian, started in a small pot, then transplanted into full soil:




Another Auto-Gambian. This is plant is from a batch of fem seeds that I recently made.




Germinated in full soil at it's spot, no transplanting.

Below the top of it.




Also in that greenhouse are the products of post #182, Autoflowering Indicans, NLA x Top44.

He grows a few in cement buckets, and here's one in full soil:




And a detail of it:





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