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Building a mothership with style

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Hey over there! :wave:


So this is my first post here, glad to say "hello" now! I'm growing for two years now, with heavy interest in biological and chemistry aspects (actually studying chemistry). Apart from that I love the plants we care about, no clue ;-)

While I've always been in another board till now, I started to look for something else and hope to find a place here. Seems to be a friendly, active and interesting community here.


Now I hope that I'm able to contribute something and want to share the plan of my "mothership" with you. Last year I decided that I want my own motherplants - not just that it's practical, this is also a great precondition for crossbreeding later (hopefully this year).


I) What did I want?



Perfect for my OWN necessities!

Style! (I literally hate those ready-to-go homeboxes)


That means: A rollable box with the measurements 40x60x80 (depth, width, heigh - unit is cm, I'm not that familiar with inch etc.).

Material is wood, 1,9cm thick (stable & less noise).

Finish is a nice coat, I chose dark green laquer.


My shopping list:


+ Chipboards (1,9cm thick, measurements see below)

+ Woodscrews (4cm & 1,9cm length, I chose brass - looks better, doesn't has to be filled afterwards)

+ 4 Rolls (take care when buying, max. weight is usually declared)

+ Doorknob (I chose brass too, perfect addition to the dark green)

+ Hinge (for the door)

+ Laquer (for inside (matt white) & outside)

+ Light trap (staying stealth, pvc tube with 90 degree angle in it, see below)

+ Screw hooks

+ 2 magnets (strong one, e.g. Neodym, for the door)

+ Joint filler (I chose acrylic for bath, anti-mold)

+ Thin wood or carton (3mm thick is enough, two times [60cm-1,9cm]x5cm, as door-lighttrap, see below)

+ 2C-Adhesive (2 components..)


My equipment for this box (the things that should find placer in it):


+ 345m3 fan

+ Step-down transformer for the fan

+ Thermostat

+ 180m3 Industry ACF

+ 2x36W fluorescent tubes




The Plan:






Small/additional stuff:








I made the holes for air condition (light traps for fresh air and the hole for the fan) with an end mill, diameter 12,5cm (fan) and 10cm (light traps, per hole).


So, with the tailored wood we can prepare it for the laquer. Let's grind the surface and esp. the edges!





II) Laquer - Inside







After all holes are made (You can see an additional small dot below the big hole for the fan - this is for the cable, don't forget), we can cout the inside. I chose matt white, best option in my opinion. Chipboards can swallow a lot of paint, esp. in the inside it may be necessary to coat two times to get a perfect reflecting white!

Also be sure to let it dry COMPLETELY.



III) Getting things together


First I screwed together sidewalls with floor&ceiling. Just make sure that it's a 90° angle, then the rest will fit like a charm

:) Important: Put the sidewalls BETWEEN ceiling and floor - not beside it. This was way you can still put some weight on the box without being afraid of lack of stability.








IV) Fine-tuning and outside-laquer


Before applying the laquer, you should make sure to have a perfect, smooth surface. This way it will become a great looking box. Becoming a edgy, blotchy box is not what I wanted to get.

After coating the rolls have to be applied.














V) The Door


Mechanism of shutting:

For me this was a serious question, because my box should be as stealth as possible without looking gross. This way shutting should be "automatic" and seamless. Best option for me: magnets!


One in one corner of the door (just choose a borring bit the size of your - round - magnet and drill a small hole. With the 2C-Adhesive place the magnet inside this hole) and one on the inner side of the door-lighttrap, see below.







Now we can screw the hinge with the box and the door with the hinge. Pay attention that you place the hinge absolutely seamless and "on-angle". This way no light will be able to escape on the hinge-side. Apple the door-knob for sure.







VI) Light Trap


Before putting in the tubes wrap some very close-meshed garment about the holes (e.g. pantyhose or doubled fly screen). This way insects, dust and dirt will stay out.







Now.. That's it, the rest is up to you. Sorry for my middle-rate english, I'm working on it!


I hope this helps as inspiration or whatever. I love my box and like to share my ideas. Below a picture of my equipped box, extended with a seperate fan-box, filled with insulating material. Like this my box is absolutely calm and I can work right beside it.


So far,





Edit: Screwed up the images, fixed it, sorry :)

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welcome to open grow, very nice parent box I really like the fact you added the wheels.

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That is an excellent guide IntoTheWild

Welcome to opengrow.


Im getting all kind of funky ideas from this mothership!


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Thanks! Glad you like it. :wave:


Yes, the wheels are quite practical - the box is still not that heavy, transportation of the box couldn't be easier.

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The whole mothership is well designed and thought out, very nice!


Welcome to OPG, this site is alot different than "those other sites"


I'm sure you will enjoy it here

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welcome aboard,ITW :wave:


Great Box there,Sehr Schön!!!! you put a lot of work in it,as it looks like :tu

(no worrys,your english is fine ^_^ )

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haaaaa, that looks awesome and the assembly is really nicely put up here.

i like it ... selbst ist der mann *hehehe* welcome to the opg-boards, mate :)

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