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Hydro Mad Kush Grow

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Mad Kush!

Flogro500 - E&F 17l.

Medium - 75% cocobounce 25% hydrocorels

Tent - Homebox XS 60x60x120

Lights - (2) 250w HID/HPS

Nutrients - Canna Coco A+B, Cannazym, Sensi Calmag, Rizotonic, Cannaboost

Strain(s) - Mad Kush feminized

# of Plants: 4

Yield : ? :)



Veg - 4 weeks, topped once on the 4th-5th node.


Being flowering for about 2 weeks and they grown out the tent to fast.. but its just a fun experiment and i will be bending this bitches to make them fit in.. :)


I will be uploading pictures from day one next update. peace





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Hiya smultronsoda! I grew some Mad Shack freebee and vaping on some right now lol. I think I like the sound of Bubba in there a little better than Shack, primarily because I am an Indica guy first. Don't get me wrong, Mad Shack is great, but I like pain and nausea relief the Bubba brings to the party. I wish you the very best in your grows. Thank you for sharing, nice to meet you! Peace.

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Mad Kush is awesome herb! Very strong. Would be a shame if this one never showed up in the shop again. Good luck on yer grow and take care.



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Time for a little update!


They grew out the tent verry fast, so i bought a new tent (75x75x200) and now they can grow a little bit more :)


3+weeks in bloom.. trying to hold ec between 2.0-2.4 but its jumping up and down some times. ph 5.2-5.8.









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Zup Rrrybody!


Hydro 1 (2 seeds) has been flowering for 23 days and Hydro 2 (4 seeds) has been flower 17 days +-


4 plants smells like lemon,pineapple,coffie,sour-ness.. dank fosho!! And 2 plants smells almost nothing, earthy / minty but i hope they will start to smell more.





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