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Cheeseberry Haze mini-selection

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Hi Og's :wave:


About a month ago, I put 15 Cheeseberry Haze in eazy plug for germination for a little selection and try to find something as beautifull as Warrenbuffet black pheno :yummy:(what a beauty!).

This grow is in earth (Gold label Special Mix Custom) with BAC organic line, in 6l pots and rain water.

I use preventively neem oil during growing stage, and sometimes a little Vita race from plagron.


15 6l pots is the max I can get in my bloom box, hope to find some nice phenos.



After a week under TN 2x55w


First leaf



9 days after the first leaf appear


I accidentaly break the apex of one of the Cbh, but fortunately one leaf is still ok, she will recover well. :whistle:


gallery_7488_3884_921.jpg gallery_7488_3884_9507.jpg

Growing for 17 days



The amputated one, with logicaly 2 apex. It was close^^


gallery_7488_3884_37516.jpg gallery_7488_3884_104766.jpg

After 17 days it's time for new earth. They go from 1l to 6l pots still with Gold Label Special Mix Custom.

Still only water at this stage.


gallery_7488_3884_94398.jpg gallery_7488_3884_79566.jpg

After 22 days of grow.


gallery_7488_3884_5602.jpg gallery_7488_3884_47195.jpg

After 26 days of growing, a day before the 12/12 switch.







The who's who


(Sorry too much foto's, the next is following)

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Cbh session continue and the bloom was now launched about a little more than 15 days ago from now.


A bit after the switch, first sign of sex appear (pretty fast) after 8 days I was able to eliminate the males.

I manage to keep one cut of one of the male for further experimentation, I choose the most sativa oriented (#3).


The males - F+8:



Balls showing fast












The abused males


The females - F+8:









For the moment my favorites are #5,8,and maybe 4 but it's early.



The selected females at F+12


As there is still some place (I think) in my box, I will put a Mt Hood Huckleberry mother plant to complete the room. I'll show you that next up (real time this time ;) ).



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Great thread! Love me some CBH and will be following along.Looks like you have a nice selection of ladies and gents. Got a little CBH project going myself too.,i just love this strain. ~Mack.

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good luck, everything looks super healthy, keep it up! i'd love to hear / see more about the huck kush, I've got a few seedlings started, I'll take whatever tips I can get.

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Hi Mack, thanks for stoppin' in, will look after your cbh project. :nerd


Hi Lavie, I'm a big fan of your work! Thanks for your kind word and no problem for sharing, "un juste retour des choses" as we say usually! :D


Hello RM, I don't say a lot here on this board, but I'm lurking a lot and your grows are on my preference list ;) Thanks for your comment ;)


Hello Samyboy, thanks, I'll try to keep it nice and healthy! ;)

Concerning the Huck kush in fact it's a Mt Hood Huckleberry (I was lucky enough to catch a pack of the limited edition, you can see them in my CCK/DHD thread in the dynasty section if you want). I grow her earlier this year, and as there is still some place, I put this one in flowering this week with the 7 cbh. I don't know much about the Huckleberry kush growing tips, sorry can't help. :unsure:



I realize I forget a lot of details on my growing technique and spaces, so here's a little bit more :



Cut / Mother plants / Grow:

Darkroom DP90 (60x60x90cm)

TN 2x55w starlite

Extractor pc fan 12cm on a DC12v transfo

Small Heating greenhouse


Flowering Box :

Wood DIY Box + mylar, l60 x L102 x h160 cm

Ballast Digistar Gavita 400w

Gavita 400w HPS enhanced bulb

Sylvania 250w MH bulb (don't use it this time)

Small Diamond reflector

Honeywell 30cm Fan

VK125Q 275m³/h extraction

Passive Intraction 2 holes Ø125mm

Filtre CanFan 400m³/h

Switch Davin DV12

Small oil radiator and dehumidifier if needed


Growing Technique :

Earth + rain water, 1l pot followed by 6l

Gold label special mix custom (50% special mix / 50% coco)

+ Megaworm Plagron (2/3 bunch)

+ Piranha

BAC organic line :

Bac grow

Bac bloom

Root stimulator Bac

Bloom stimulator

Organic PK

Preventively 2/3 spray of neem oil during growing phase and early bloom

+ 1/2 spray of Vita race (formerly Phyt-amin from Plagron, foliar nute) in growing phase and first week of bloom


I'll try to update this thread regularly, so see you soon :wave:

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For the moment my favorites are #5,8,and maybe 4 but it's early.



I will pay a closer attention to the 11 leaflet one (Left - Second row) :wub:

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Héhé thanks for this tip!

Realize I was wrong saying 5,8 and 4, as N°8 is a male^^

May I ask you what you have in mind when you notice this, I mean is this the expression of the cheese, or the blueberry, or the lady cane ?(I choose this answer^^)

I think it's the n°5 but have to verify that tonight.


Thanks, I'll cherish this one :tu

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May I ask you what you have in mind when you notice this, I mean is this the expression of the cheese, or the blueberry, or the lady cane ? :tu

The expression of a tonic and heathly sativa influence plant on my experienc. My last ""11" is one of my Anesthesias, and as she looks almost similar, the 11 leaf one was more potent and productive. Since i noticed this few times, i do love the 11 club :)

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Hi Opengrowers! :yummy:



Last week it was Flowering +20, it grow a lot since last up and I've been obliged to bend some of them to avoid the carbon filter and the top of my box.

There is one pheno who stretch moderatly and is now around the 70cm high, the tallest is more than 105cm (without pot and before bending))

Definitly the #5 is à 11 leaf one, there is also 11 leaf one some others (#15, #13) but it is less obvious.


Unfortunatly I discover some male flower beside the #4, not a lot but I see them a bit late and will surely have some beans.

Must be due to high temp° (sometimes a bit more than 30°c, for one day or two) and also a bit too much fertilizer).

Some show eagles claw on the top leaves, because I shorten the watering frequency and not the nute frequency, but nothing too seriou s I think.


Nute program :


A bit before the switch 12/12 : 0.5ml/l grow + 0.1ml/l roots

A bit after : 1ml/l grow + 0.1ml/l roots

F+8 : 1ml/l bloom + 0.5ml/l pk + 0.1ml/l bloombooster

F+14 : 1.5ml/l bloom + 0.5ml/l pk + 0.1 ml/l bloombooster


I also put a little mother plant of Mt hood Huckleberry to fill the empty space, not sure if it's a good idea.






Small MhH





gallery_7488_3884_41092.jpg gallery_7488_3884_256.jpg

Full box. On the right, the N°2 or 15. Big stretcher also





gallery_7488_3884_3607.jpg gallery_7488_3884_7300.jpg

#14 and #2

gallery_7488_3884_16714.jpg gallery_7488_3884_200522.jpg

La #15 with some eagles claws, same for the #5.

Mon espoir à propos de ces serres d'aigle, c'est qu'elle disparaissent dans d'énoooormes buds longues comme le bras! :lol:

gallery_7488_3884_127843.jpg gallery_7488_3884_103170.jpg

#10, the only really small one and the #4, too bad she got some balls



gallery_7488_3884_46307.jpg gallery_7488_3884_26199.jpg

On the left some curly leaves and on the left a banana hidden in the bud (#4)


The bended girls





Found another one with some balls, the #14, see it a bit late again and will probably have some seeds.

Decides not to remove them and try to wath them.

Beside some T° problem due to some hot days, I also have to dehumidify the air, or I got some H° peak (up to 70-75%) but the dehumidifier does increase a little bit the T°, not easy to stabilise.


Watering frequency vary from 2 to 3 days, with fertilizer every two (or three) watering +-.

the small mother plant



gallery_7488_3884_78135.jpg gallery_7488_3884_106.jpg

Overall view, better .


gallery_7488_3884_96104.jpg gallery_7488_3884_100537.jpg

MhH mother plant and #15 and #14


gallery_7488_3884_28349.jpg gallery_7488_3884_32560.jpg

Cbh #10 (more indica) on left and Cbh #2



Cbh #13 et #4



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Looking good.


This is another Esko strain I need to try. Plain old Cheeseberry is a favorite of mine.

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That setup is just to cool...great job man!



@Mr Dirt....I have the strain and why I keep putting it off I don't know....sometimes just to much candy in the store. :)


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First, sorry for the lack of news!

Second : Thanks a lot Misterdirt and BQ! mean a lot even if I didn't show often :D


So to summarize quickly I'm now at F+66 tonight, the babies are ok and beter than a long text, here's some shots since F+20



At F+27



I also put a cut (small mother plant in fact) of Mt Hood Huckleberry from an former selection, I didn't give him enough time to take place in his new pot I think but you'll see it's not that bad. To fill the hole^^



At F+45



#2, on of my favorite


gallery_7488_3884_83274.jpg gallery_7488_3884_85865.jpg

#15 on the right, and #14 on the left, this one had some balls around F+15-20, nothing since this time. But as i didn't see that fastly enough, there's some seed here and there.


gallery_7488_3884_50675.jpg gallery_7488_3884_44052.jpg

MhH #7 beginning to cover well, and Cbh#13 the taller and the more haze oriented I guess.


gallery_7488_3884_53897.jpg gallery_7488_3884_14676.jpg

#13 again


gallery_7488_3884_43163.jpg gallery_7488_3884_52822.jpg

Finally the Cbh #10, beautifull silhouette


Now at F+55


gallery_7488_3884_82977.jpg gallery_7488_3884_71390.jpg

Cbh #4, also got some balls in early flowering, more than #14, and thus it's the one with more seeds


gallery_7488_3884_4676.jpg gallery_7488_3884_63492.jpg

Cbh #13, different smell than the others, more spicy I think.


gallery_7488_3884_34871.jpg gallery_7488_3884_61812.jpg

Cbh #14, Nice one, with a good fruity smell


gallery_7488_3884_79851.jpg gallery_7488_3884_42972.jpg

Cbh #10 she inflate well^^


gallery_7488_3884_5138.jpg gallery_7488_3884_57590.jpg

Cbh #15, one of my favorite also with #2 and #14


gallery_7488_3884_19703.jpg gallery_7488_3884_68685.jpg

Cbh #2


gallery_7488_3884_91360.jpg gallery_7488_3884_72192.jpg

Cbh #5 a little disapointed with her smell, too vegetal for the moment, something beside but can't tell for the moment.


gallery_7488_3884_85441.jpg gallery_7488_3884_76737.jpg

Mt Hood Huckleberry (#7) begin to color well :sm3: and with a smell that match well with the berry/fruity smell of the box :sm12:





It's not finish, i've got more foto's but it's just too much for this post ^^

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And finally last foto's taken at F+61 :


gallery_7488_3884_74408.jpg gallery_7488_3884_47128.jpg

Cbh #14 with a small coloration on some buds


gallery_7488_3884_3262.jpg gallery_7488_3884_24323.jpg

Cbh #10


gallery_7488_3884_2979.jpg gallery_7488_3884_23218.jpg

Cbh #15 and #2


gallery_7488_3884_19427.jpg gallery_7488_3884_51599.jpg

Cbh #13 and MhH


gallery_7488_3884_43211.jpg gallery_7488_3884_33325.jpg

Cbh #4



I've been a little irregular on the nutes, little bit too hard during the strectch and maybe too low just after that, so right now they are quite yellow but it'll be ok I think. Guess there's around 15 more days to go +-.

The smell in the box is incredible, and some buds are quite beuatifull, think I like a lot this strain even if I experience some balls promblems in early flowering.

For the moment i don't think I'll keep #4, but for the other it's tough^^.


See you soon!



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ace report, thank you for showing and sharing your experiences.



really nice, mate :popcorn: ... i love the artwork a lot as well :punk:

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Hello San!


Thanks a lot for the com, like your work and artwork a lot! :tu

The artwork is not mine unfortunately, It's just a nice font taken from Dafont (nice free fonts there) but photo's are mine ^^ ;)


I hope they'll finish well, I'll try to give you some news soon, around F+75. I think I'll cut (depending on trichomes of course) around F+78 something like that.



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OK you've convinced me -- CBH will be part of my next order, probably joining Silverfields in the every lengthening line of seeds waiting to be sprouted. Oh, and freebies...


It's kinda sick when you look at the freebie list and start checking off the ones you already have to decide which you want. I may need more Blue Santa, though. I didn't get a cut of the god-like pheno.

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Great grow & report Mojomolo!! Solid narration too, I might add. Maybe a smoke report in the near future??


The Ladies are looking delicious.. nice fat, sticky buds with lots of color.


For people that like to grow a lot of cannabis, a few seeds here and there is not a big deal... besides, you never know what kind of greatness may be lying inside of one of those seeds!!


Looking forward to the next series of flowering pics.

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Hi OG's


@Misterdirt : héhé I'm pleased to push you to the store ;)


@DesertGrown : Thanks a lot, I'll be there for the smoke report in some time!

About the seeds, you're right, it's not a big deal finally and seeing what it became I really can't complain ^^


Because you like it, some fresh shots taken tonight :lol: at F+67 (except for the MhH who's at F+53 if I'm right^^)


gallery_7488_3884_73628.jpg gallery_7488_3884_63018.jpg

Mt Hood Huckleberry shining and smelling gooood. :yummy:


gallery_7488_3884_61554.jpg gallery_7488_3884_71989.jpg

Cbh #14 who's continuing to color a little, I think that beside the balls she got in early flowering it's maybe the #1, about the smell, the density, the trichome covering.


gallery_7488_3884_49659.jpg gallery_7488_3884_70640.jpg

Cbh #10 and Cbh #13


gallery_7488_3884_74886.jpg gallery_7488_3884_8719.jpg

Cbh #15, quite dense also, but with smaller calyx, well covered anyway :dribble:


gallery_7488_3884_36184.jpg gallery_7488_3884_81549.jpg

Cbh #2, a very dense one, with a very good smell, in competition with #14^^


gallery_7488_3884_58765.jpg gallery_7488_3884_24952.jpg

Cbh #5, the vegetal smell begin to transform in something going more on the pine/haze side, maybe it'll be finally a good one.


Observing the trichomes tell me that it become slowly cloudy overall, but maybe a little bit more than a week to go.



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OK, You convince me too, it's time to crack my CBH on the next run....they've been in the fridge too long. The Mt Hood Huckleberry looks awesome....hopefully you got clones or made seed because it's one of the discontinued Dynasty strains, you have something no one can get anymore! Thanks for sharing your grow. I know I said this already, but your setup is to fuking cool!


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very nice pictures and report+presentation Mojomolo.

Enjoy the smoke.

Sorry that u had a bad cbh haze one, this may not happen, even on high temps.


Grdz e$ko,

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@E$ko : Hello master! thanks a lot for your comment, and of course for your work! The small problem I encounter with some male flower in very early flowering is maybe due to a little N excess I give to them, It was not much but the mistake I make is to let them flower to far without seeing them. I keep a cut of the 7 females and also 1 male for further selection in better condition, I think I'll give to all of them a second chance, I'm not good for choosing the right one^^. Don't think I'm not happy with your fantastic Cbh, I'm in love with all of them! ;)


@BQ : héhé I'm pleased you like it, will follow your Cbh! Concerning the MhH I keep 4 female phenotypes from 1st selection, I also keep a male for a while but as he made some female flowers in the mothers box, I finally didn't keep it (maybe a mistake^^) so no more F2 possibilities but I will surely try to make some cross later with the females (If possible^^).


@MrGreenJeans and Foodstuffs : Thanks guys! :)


I'll give you some news soon, the cut is close and will be made around F+75 something like that, maybe a bit more for some of them.



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