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435's Easy Daggabutter

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So this is my take on 'Cannabutter' *cough* Daggabutter.


It's very simple, no double boilers or needing to stand by the stove for 5-6 hours. What you will need :

1 pot

1 container

A paddle spoon


Cheese cloth





With regard to amount of water it does not really matter. You will in the end, separate the water from the butter. But a nice guideline and the way I do it is, 2part water, 1 part butter, 1 part dagga. With regard to unsalted vs salted butter, unsalted is prefered. Although If you buy salted butter just put it in a pan, reduce it down over a low to medium heat for adleast an hour, skimming what ever raises to surface. You then have Unsalted butter.


To save time I bought unsalted butter



Water brought upto boil



In with the butter



One butter has melted, lower the heat to medium you want a gentle simiar, too much heat you burn the butter! (placing the stove on a higher heat does not reduce cooking time).



Everytime I load up my Volcano I save the bud that was vaped



You want minimum 3 hours cooking time over medium heat, set a timer at 15 minute intervals carry on your day but go back every 15/30 min to check on it



about halfway in



You will notice that to the surface that scuff comes up, use a spoon and keep scooping it out,



After your 3 hours pass allow mixture to cool



Once cooled Place cheese cloth in SIeve And strain into your container, Squeeze all the goodness out the cheese cloth!!!!!! Take this mixture place into a freezer


You will end up with this, allow to thaw seperate butter from water. Ready to use.



I go one step further though, above mixture goes back into a saucepan and is left to reduce over low heat till all water evaporates.



End Product




Homemade Blue Mountain Jamaican Cappuccino, freshly baked bread thick layer of Cannabutter on top



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Very good! Clarification, very important step that should never be overlooked. Thanks for sharing. Peace. :)

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Thanks for the tutorial 435. Step by step instructions take any guess-work out of these projects and give the maker more end product to enjoy.


After harvest I think I'll give your recipe a try.

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